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  • In the first episode, Kamille is beaten up by Titans Military Police. Later in the episode, he comes back in a stolen Gundam...
    Kamille: "Hey, Mister MP! Wanna know what it's like to be picked on by somebody bigger than you?"
  • Even though the operation didn't end up like the AEUG had hoped, the various mobile suits dropping to Jaburo from space was spectacular nonetheless.
  • Obviously, Amuro needs at least one CMOA in this series: The Adhumla, the AEUG's flying command center, is under attack from a powerful Federation Asshimar suit. Unfortunately, Char and Kamille are ill-equipped with shot ammo instead of bazookas. When the Asshimar is about to go in for the killing blow on the Adhumala's bridge, Amuro makes his big damn hero entrance by flying in on a cargo plane and ramming it into the enemy suit, throwing himself through the windscreen and forcing the enemy suit to retreat.
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  • Mauve Shirt Elite Mook Ben Wooder defines Villainous Valour when, refusing to allow Four desertion to hold his army hostage, he climbs into the Psyco Gundam and does a decent job of flying it, despite having no Newtype potential whatsoever. He then earns another one when, with all his mobile suits shot down, he orders the rest of his men of his ship, and crashes it into the Audhumla, shoots Four when she attempts to stop him, and goes out firing a machine gun turret at the MK-II.
  • In the Hong Kong arc, Mirai gains one via keeping her cool when both she and her and Bright's children are caught in a particularly terrible Hostage Situation: being put in a small boat near a battlefield, meaning that they can either potentially be killed by friendly/enemy fire or drown if their boat is sunk. Any person in her situation would've understandably freaked out, Mirai did not.
    • There's also the fact that in the same arc, Amuro demonstrates how much more badass he's become without a Gundam.
  • Awesome for a villain: Yazan Gable, a non-Newtype handing Kamille his rear in a 1 on 1 battle, using a mobile suit that only Newtypes were supposed to be able to handle.
  • Let's not forget when Haman Khan boarded Jamitov Hymem's ship being expected to negotiate, instead bluntly informing him that she's about to crash Axis, a giant rocket-propelled colony asteroid, into their headquarters. She rejects Jamitov's subsequent offer to revive the Zabi family, then tells him she is only after his life. After dodging a bullet aimed at her, she pulls off one of her earrings, filled with enough cyanide gas to kill everyone in the room, effectively taking the room hostage long enough for her backup to arrive and aid her escape. Not before she breaks the earring on the ground, killing everyone in the room except Jamitov and Jerid, who retreat. Haman-sama, indeed.
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  • The mere fact that Quattro managed to both barge into an Earth Federation government assembly in Dakar while the Titans are running amok just outside and not to mention revealing on live TV that he's Char Aznable and Casval Deikun ought to take a lot of sheer gravitas. A smaller but meaningful one goes to Beltochika Irma as she becomes an Intrepid Reporter who provides Quattro with the brutal battle footage that he needs to back up his case.
  • Jerid nearly killing the vastly more powerful Haman Khan.
  • In a sick way, "Casualties of War" is one for Yazan Gable as he cuts his way through the entire cast.
  • Also in "Casualties of War" Char, after being cornered in a damaged ship, proceeds to force Haman to retreat by blowing up the ship around him.
    • Which follows a moment in the previous episode in which Char kills every single Axis soldier with one shot from The Mega Bazooka Launcher.
  • Kamille killing Scirocco by transforming the Zeta into its mobile armour form and ramming it through the cockpit of his mobile suit. And in A New Translation, he doesn't get mind-raped in the process.
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  • Pretty much everything Haman does in Episode 43, which is rather aptly titled "Haman's Victory". The AEUG is forced to get Axis to help them destroy Gryps II before it can destroy Granada. Haman agrees on the condition that Char beg for her help and pledge his loyalty to Mineva. Char agrees to these conditions, and it's implied that he's crying from the Humiliation Conga when Kamille tries speaking to him later. During the battle, Haman shows up in the Gwadan to assist the Titans. Haman waits until the last minute to fire on Gryps II's engines, disabling the colony laser so she can capture it for herself instead of destroying it as she agreed to do. Haman tells Bask that the Gwadan's attack was an accident, knowing full well that Bask can't call her out on her Blatant Lies without starting a war with Axis that the Titans can't afford.
  • In the very beginning of Zeta, Bright tries to reason with the Titans over the collateral damage that could've been prevented at Green Noa 1 and how poorly they handled the situation. The Titans respond by beating him up for being a useless, back-talking civilian. At the finale, Bright has the Gryps Colony Laser captured by the AEUG and then fired at the Titans fleet, completely wiping out the remaining military strength of the Titans. How's that for a SWEET REVENGE?

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