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Awesome / Knights of Sidonia

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  • Tanikaze killing the first Gauna in 100 years.
  • When two hundred and fifty six Garde pilots broke protocol to rescue Tanikaze and Hoshijiro after the former went to rescue the latter.
  • Any time Tanikaze gets to use a new weapon system, he slaughters Gauna in droves.
  • In the final episode of season 1, when Nagate is all out of ammo, except the one bullet Ren gave him to avenge En with. He manages to use it to destroy the Benisuzume (Ena-702) WITHOUT A RIFLE, by using the show's only Rocket Punch.
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  • Tsumugi, who actually has more kills per encounter than Tanikaze himself.
  • While overshadowed by Tanikaze and Tsumugi, the other pilots definitely qualify as a Badass Crew.
  • The whole S2E4 episode. Tsumugi mauling dozens of Gaunas, the Sidonia army kicking ass with less casualties than it used to have, and Tanikaze using his booster as an improvised missile.
  • Episode 12 in season 2, after The Cavalry arrives to destroy the countless Gauna attempting to descend on an exhausted Nagate and Tsumugi.

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