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Trivia / Knights of Sidonia

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Daddy" is quite popular for Seii Ichirou because of his benevolent personality.
    • Tsunbot for Teruru Ichigaya, a Tsundere Robot Girl.
    • Freckles for Kaoru Hazama, a recurring blonde third-gender pilot with freckles who was not named in the manga.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, siblings Arturo and Carla Castañeda voice Nagate Tanikaze and Eiko Yamano, respectively.
    • Also from the Latin American Spanish dub, brothers Emmanuel and Julio Bernal voice Norio Kunato and Ochiai, respectively.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: Stephanie Sheh and Johnny Yong Bosch as lovers? Never seen that one before.
  • Talking to Herself: Aya Suzaki voices both Shizuka Hoshijiro/Crimson Hawk Moth and her "daughter/niece" Tsumugi Shiranui, who fight each other. Averted in the Latin American Spanish dub, where Shizuka and Tsumugi are voiced by Andrea Orozco and Nycolle González, respectively.

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