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Nagate’s unmodified humanity is also a Disability Super Power when it comes to pheromone production, which explains the harem
Nagate is arguably one of the least genetically modified characters in the story, and mysteriously, despite ‘smelling’ (normal body odor), he has no shortage of crushes.

All the other characters are genetically modified to adapt to ship conditions, along with the photosynthesis, it makes sense that their pheromone output is below that of an unmodified human.

Nagate on the other hand, is a natural human clone, for the most part. For procreation reasons, its unlikely the pheromone receptors were modified photosynthesis-capable characters.


Put those factors together, and you basically have one guy’s pheromones drowning out the competition.

The Gauna core is not actual matter.
The reason they can't be destroyed by any normal means is because they are in fact a lifeform made out of temporal/spatial distortions - a living wormhole whose other end is either very far away or in a different dimension altogether. Anything hitting them is simply transported elsewhere as there's nothing to actually hit. Their placenta exhibiting highly unusual physics and ability to regenerate in utter violation of conservation of mass can be explained if said "elsewhere" had a large supply of exotic matter that they may bring through themselves.

The origin of the Gauna
Some jokers like the Engineers from Alien created the Gauna as Attack Animal in some kinda war. The problem was, that after it had their enemies for breakfast, it had their creators for lunch and and humanity was the dinner, mah boi.[[like Diebuster]]

The Immortal Council knew something about humans outside of Sidonia
There were trying to ready the escape pods when stuff got critical, but where would they escape to? The last communication with another was seed ship was about 700 years ago. They were also talking about the survival of "Sidonia and humanity", but if Sidonia is the only seed ship known to Sidonia, why were they mentioning it separately? Something is not kosher here and maybe Ochiai tried transfer his mind into a Gauna-Human chimera to get to that other ship?

Why does the Gauna in chapter 25...
look like a Goauld?

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