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  • Even though it isn't a Gundam that is stolen, it takes some amazing skills for a 13 year old (the main character) to: Grab hold of the flying mobile suit after landing on it with a parachute, fight hand to hand the ace pilot who is far older and is wearing a helmet, and after a brutal fight managing to take control of the machine underwater. It really needs to be seen to be believed.
  • In episode 9 nearly all of Uso's friends get themselves a CMOA; after Uso and Shakti are held hostage by Chronicle and his Zolo squad his friends come to his rescue. Odelo, knocks out a trained Zanscare Zolo pilot but gets overtaken by his buddy and he along Uso (who comes to his rescue) are about to be executed. Genki Girl Suzy riding on a lamb with a herd of them distract the pilot long enough for Odelo to get his gun.
    • Later in that same episode when Chronicle after pulling a Gundamjack on (Uso's Gundam) Chronicle heads back to his Zolo and is shot at by Odelo. Odelo is stopped by Katejina who says he's ruining her spy operation on Zanscare but he (like the rest of the audience) isn't convinced. Back in his mobile suit Chronicle threatens to shoot Odelo but he tells him if he does he'll kill Katejina at the range he's at.
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  • Though it overlaps with a major Tear Jerker, the kamikaze run of the Reinforce Jr. definitely qualifies, from all the defiant looks on the old guys' faces to the music in the background. Probably the most awesome part of it, though, is the long-overdue manning-up of the ship's captain, the fake Jinn Gehenam, who decides to go down with the rest of the bridge crew.
  • Way before Katejina went off the deep end, the third episode showed her calling her father out for hoping to save their own skins by selling out Woowig to BESPA. When her dad smacks her, she walks out on him. Said episode also showed her pulling her weight when she escapes with Uso and the baby he rescued after the building they were staying in got destroyed.
  • Peggy Lee throughout episode 25 continues fighting and trying to protect Uso even after the legs of her mobile suit get destroyed and her own legs get damaged in the process. At this point, the viewer is most likely expecting her to die in the episode considering the trend with the Shrike Team... and she doesn't. Peggy broke the trend going with the team, wherein any member who ostensibly received a lot of focus in one episode would be slated to die in that episode, but she survives into the end. Unfortunately, she dies fairly early in the next episode, but does so while actually holding Chronicle back. Peggy was the first member of the Shrike Team to physically tag Chronicle's Gundam in a battle.
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  • Despite generally not being a fighter, Queen Maria gets a moment in episode 26. Despite not being able to prevent Uso from being sent to the guillotine, Maria discreetly gives him a layout of the area where the execution was going to take place. How did she do it? She drew it on the inside of a bag of candy. This ends up saving Uso and Marbet's lives. Even more amazing, someone actually checked the inside bag to see what Maria gave Uso, but for obvious reasons did not literally check the other side of the bag.

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