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  • The atmospheric entry sequence in Macross Plus, set to Yoko Kanno's "Information High." Shortly followed by the final Isamu/Guld dogfight, the duel with the Ghost fighter, and Isamu rejecting Sharon's "Faster! Faster!" illusion when he hears Myung sing to him, the last half hour or so of Macross Plus is a giant Moment of Awesome.
  • The intro is no slouch either, though for a different kind of awesome. The scene is a prologue, set several years before the series begins proper with the music set to Voices, arguably the main theme of the show. How the scene is set up is awesome in an artistic sense as it takes "show, don't tell" to its logical conclusions. See [1].
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  • Myung Fan Lone is a human young woman who by all means has the right to break down due to the crap that her life has been, and who's desperately underpowered when compared to Sharon Apple's near-Goddess control of her surroundings. Then she decides to not angst anymore, escapes from the place where Sharon stashed her after taking control, knocks down two guards, and does what she can to stop Sharon from killing Isamu to give him "the biggest thrill ever". And as said above, she manages to break Isamu off from Sharon's illusions, saving his life. Action Survivor to the max.
  • The final dogfight between Guld and Isamu is probably one of the best aerial combat animation work of its time. It led some YouTube viewers to comment that 'if you don't at least attempt to measure up to this scene, then you're not really trying'.
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  • The fight between Guld and Sharon-hijacked Ghost X-9 is both this and tragic. Guld removes the YF-21's limiters and manages to match the horrifying maneuverability of the X-9, but it pushes his body beyond his limits and ultimately kills him. In the end, he still got the last laugh, as the YF-21 rammed Sharon's fighter after achieving target lock, destroying it in the process.

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