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One of the special issues, in this case it was about the JRPG genre.
Loading was an independent Spaniard videogames (and also Anime) magazine published from 1999 to earlier 2000s (when its Spiritual Successor Gametype lasted a few years) originally published in both Spain and Latin America by the defunct Spaniard publisher Ares Multimedia (Gametype was published by Megamultimedia) with twelve published issues (plus some specials about specific games, companies or genres and a online anniversary edition published in 2014 published in PDF format)

What made those magazines so special was the fact both magazines were the few Western magazines that dealt exclusively about Japanese videogames (especially those who were only released in Japan), something who was extremely unusual in a country like Spain in that time. It was also notable for its no-punches-pulled style of writing, not to mention, unlike similar magazines, both magazines only reviewed Japanese games: Any kind of Western-developed not only were not reviewed, but also it were always criticized, to the grade to be self-xenophobic at times.

The brains behind Loading and Gametype was Sergio Herrera (aka Serukun, formerly Mr. Karate as he is a big fan of fighting games) plus a somewhat changing group of collaborators.

Loading was cancelled after Herrera and the rest of the staff had a fallout with their published regarding the awful distribution of the magazine and the fact they didn't get paid for writing most of the articles of the magazine, and most of the stuff went to another publisher, when Gametype was born (along other sister magazines: Anitype, Hentype and Yaoitype) but they lasted less time than Loading.


After a few years, Herrera managed to publish an anniversary edition, published in PDF format, especially dedicated to the remaining fans of the magazine in his Facebook page, and without changing his publishing style at the slightest.

  • NOTE 1: For the sake of clarity, all the names of the people behind the magazine will be published by Last-Name Basis or Full-Name Basis (or their online/magazine alias), when applicable.
  • NOTE 2: It also include tropes for both Loading and its Spiritual Successor Gametype as well, as both magazines shared the same staff and editorial style.



  • Author Appeal: Herrera and company are big fans of the beat'em up genre, especially from the Street Fighter and The King of Fighters franchises and many of the articles were about fighting games.
  • Brutal Honesty: None of the members of both magazines' staff liked to mince words regarding the topics they liked to speak, and they were incredibly nasty with their opinions.
  • Berserk Button: Herrera (the chief editor of both magazines) blatanly stated (and he still stands to this) which kind of stuff doesn't like to even speak in his magazines:
    • FIFA Soccer games
    • The Tomb Raider franchise, albeit he seems to mellow down regarding this, as he included an article about the artbook of the most recent reboot.
    • Doom
    • Almost any kind of Western-developed games, period. Especially American-developed ones.
    • All the Japanese games reviewed in both magazines were reviewed on their original Japanese names, NEVER under the names used in either American or European versions (P.E. The Resident Evil games were always reviewed under its original Japanese name Biohazard, Fatal Fury as Garou Densetsu, etc.). If he had to use the American/Western name, he throwed a rant regarding how the Western name sucked and that name was chosed by those "stupid Americans".
    • Censorship of any kind.
    • Moral Guardians
    • Bizarrely enough, he never had problems with dubbing in any Western language, as long the dub is good.
    • Also, he doesn't have any problem with Microsoft's consoles, despite being American-made, as long they had good Japanese games.
  • Occidental Otaku: Many members of the staff, especially the chief editor Sergio Herrera.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: A very egregious one happens in the 2014 anniversary issue regarding SNK and The King of Fighters, as the writer of the article, Luis Retamal (aka Kim Kaphwan) throws a giant two-page rant about how much SNK has decayed, just because the online mode from the console version of KOFXIII sucked.
  • Walls of Text: Both magazines were notable for including very, very long articles with even bigger walls of text, sometimes about simpler topics. This can be justified, as Spaniard online and printed media is very well-known for being notably verbose.

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