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  • Episode 26: Kinryu has a massive He's Back moment as he's revived by Basara's song energy just as Battle 7 is being assaulted by Gepelnitch. He jumps straight out of bed after being bedridden by a Protodevlin attack earlier in the series, taking an armored mech out into space all while singing Totsugeki Love Heart, and he kicks ass, even getting his old subordinate Gamlin to join in with a Macross Missile Massacre. He rounds it off by breaking out of his armor and blowing into the enemy battleship just as it's about to fire its guns at Battle 7. His mech becomes incapacitated after diving straight through the ship innards stopping just short of the core, but after casting Hot Blood on himself he gets it moving through sheer force of will then singlehandedly destroys its cannons from inside while yelling "Here's your Love Heart!" Gepelnitch is unable to fire his cannons, leaving Battle 7 with the advantage and saving the day. Unfortunately, this also qualifies as a Heroic Sacrifice giving Kinryu his Dying Moment of Awesome.
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  • The final episode: "I'm gonna move it today! The mountain! The Galaxy! Listen to my song!" Basara snaps out of the wide-area spiritia drain while everyone else is down and sings his heart out. It turns out not to be enough, as his Valkyrie is destroyed by Gepelnitch's attack, but in comes Sivil complete with Battle Aura to save the day. After a failed attack by Sivil, she becomes inspired by watching Basara sing, then joins in and they perform a duet Try Again. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Sivil got another Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 47, where she shielded Sound Force from a simultaneous attack from two Protodevlin, then drove them off with the aid of Basara's song.
    • Hey, what about Gigil? Getting the crap beaten out of him by two other Protodevlins, what does he do? He starts singing one of Basara's songs while trying to follow Sivil. Let's read that again: Gigil. Singing. Basara's song.
  • Hell, Basara is a walking, rocking Momentof Awesome. Firing a Valkyrie-sized speaker into the enemy ship's bridge and rocking out so hard Gepelnitch almost falls over from the sheer volume? Fuck yeah!
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  • In episode 28 Basara is desperate due to not being able to wake up Sivil nor being able to sing against Gavil and Gravil, which leads him to shoot a missile in rage, only for Gamlin out of all people to take the missile down and remind him that he should sing instead, Basara inmediately snaps out of it, his Sound Energy raises dramatically, and he joins the Sound Booster in midair, allowing him to repel the enemis with Holy Lonely Night, it has to be seen to be believed. Made even better by their later exchange:
    Basara: Hey, Gamlin.
    Gamlin: What?
    Basara: Raise your hand. *cue high-five*
  • Max's part in Operation Stargazer was supposed to be directing the pilots from the Stargazer, but when the pilots were blocked by Varauta's defenses, he jumped in his fighter. One minute later, he had reached the mission objective and placed the Reaction weapon, with the best pilots of the Macross 7 fleet wondering where all the explosions that had just broke open the enemy defenses came from.
    • To sum this up; in under a minute, he folds directly into the middle of a stalemated battle, outflies every single one of his subordinate aces (despite being in his 50s), shoots down just about all the enemy VFs, flies through a narrow tunnel while being shot at by lasers, and bulls-eyes the Big Bad in his secret lair, with the rest of the fleet utterly confused about the fact that the entire enemy force was just shot down.
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    • Max has another moment of awesome when he simply orders the Macross Cannon fired. At empty space. When queried on it, he replies with something along the lines of 'call it the intuition of a genius'. The cannon is fired and an enemy battlegroup folds in directly in the path of the beam. Genius indeed.
  • Gigil's Dying Moment of Awesome: he has recently begun singing in an effort to awaken Sivil, which, unknown to him, causes a build-up of Spiritia in him. This allows him to awaken his true Protodevlin body light-years away on planet Varauta... and he proceeds to Fold directly from Varauta to Lux, and gets into such a big fight against the other Protodeviln, in Sivil's defense, that he ends up killing Valgo and physically annihilating half the planet in the process!
  • Basara ends up defeating the Protodevlin Sivil using only his guitar. No mecha, no help...only a guitar and an amplifier.
    • As the description suggests, how many of Sivil's orgasms can you count?

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