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  • Schwarzwald's speech in Leviathan.
    • Schwarzwald gets another one when he posthumously gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Alan Gabriel when the latter hijacks Big Duo. Verbally ripping the sadistic cyborg apart before Big Duo devours him.
    Schwarzwald: You! You possess the foolishness of both man and machine.
    Alan: SHUT UP!
    Schwarzwald: It chooses one who controls the power of God, created by man. One who is able to arrive at one truth. That's not the case with you!
  • The show's music:
    • Sure Promise, which is so awesome it's the Big O's battle theme in SRW Z, and Stoning, the song that plays over Schwarzwald's Moment of Awesome. (It was used as Iron Chef Italian's theme on the Food Network version.)
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    • The Holy as well. This music is one of the best and most iconic tracks of the series.
    • Stand A Chance.
    • Apologize.
  • The Military Police get one in the first episode of Season 2, when they actually manage to knock down a foreign Megadeus and buy Big O some time.
    • And again at the end of Season 2, when the Military Police rebels against Alex Rosewater and Big Fau.
    • There isn't as large a focus on Dastun or the Military Police in Season 2, but what is there progresses Dastun's character to the logical conclusion. Dastun struggles with having to choose between his duty and aiding Roger Smith, while simultaneously struggling with finding a way to support the city no matter what when he has to compete with a giant mecha. Not only does he ultimately decide to stick to his own principles, choosing to be both lawful and good, but he finds himself repeatedly helping Roger Smith and Dorothy Wayneright on the ground, helping civilians and saving the protagonists after their incursion with Alan Gabriel. In fact, he's a large reason why Fau is ultimately beaten, and not just because he openly opposed Rosewater to save Roger Smith; in an earlier episode, he gave Angel a pep talk about duty that spurred her to keep going on, which ultimately led her to reset everything.
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  • A big flaming something is about to crash into a section of Paradigm City. Big O is the only chance that section has to survive, but the Chrome Buster Cannon didn't work on it. Where lasers fail, Sudden Impact prevails.
  • With a bomb attached to her, Dorothy jumps on a car, drives it with her foot, and times it just right for a truck to hit it off of her just before it explodes.
  • Even though the Mind Screw was high, it is undeniable that the finale was awesome, especially Roger's speech to Angel.
  • Norman Burg really is the greatest butler. Whether he's fighting off a horde of robots, just preparing dinner, or picking up packages on his motorcycle while a giant Christmas tree is attacking, he can do it all.
  • The final fight against Big Duo, the last true, full fight of the show. Even though the Dominus is Alan Gabriel this time, he's shown to be a bit more clever than Schwarzwald was piloting Big Duo, avoiding a lot of the attacks that Big O was able to use to even the odds last time. Though Alan technically wins, special attention needs to go to why. He got a cheap shot when Roger Smith thought he finished Big Duo off. He only won because Roger didn't notice he was still active, which, to be fair to Roger, is understandable, given he blew off the head. The second half of the fight is even more impressive because Roger Smith is fighting at a handicap; during the first half, a shot Big Duo got in disabled Big O's right arm. Roger works around this by intelligently sticking to Big O's strengths as a Mighty Glacier, turtling up behind the left arm's arm guard and deflecting Big Duo's attacks until capitalizing on a wild swing on Alan's part, allowing his next block to throw Big Duo off-balance. This gives him the opportunity he needs to grab Big Duo by the head, drag it to a nearby building, slam it against the building, and unload all his wrist-mounted gatling guns on the head. Sure, Alan might have won, but Roger Smith got mighty close just by utilizing basic strategy.
    • Not to be outdone, there's only one person who can finish off Big Duo. The ghost of Schwarzwald himself shows up, takes control of Big Duo, tells Alan to his face he isn't worthy of the Megadeus, and has Big Duo eat Alan alive. This by extension means that, despite their animosity, Schwarzwald viewed Roger Smith as a worthy rival, had massive Villain Respect for him, and decided that he was far worthier of the Megadeus legacy than some crazy killer too big for his britches.
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  • The manga adaption is also full of awesome moments. A low-key one happens early into the manga when Roger Smith goes to negotiate with some bank-robbers who've taken policemen hostage. He steps forward, hands in the air, and declares he's unarmed so that a man with a machine gun will let him in to talk terms. The man fires on Roger and only manages to get a glancing blow on his cheek and shoot off his glasses, all while Roger stands there unfazed before patiently explaining that he has nothing to hide. That this is a low-key moment of awesome for the series should say a lot about just how great The Big O is.

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