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  • Any moment that the true power of the Turn A is hinted at qualifies for this. In one episode, for instance, Loran grabs onto a WaDom, easily three times as tall as the Gundam, and flips it with one hand.
  • Fran jumps in front of a civilian who's about to get wiped out by a mobile suit with nothing but her camera and threatens that she'll publicize this as a war atrocity. The mobile suit backs off.
  • The confrontation aboard the Sacktrager. The Sacktrager's crew refuse to help the Willghem undock, so Kihel decides to pretend to be Dianna and contacts the Sacktrager crew. Midgard forces Dianna to do the same. Dianna and Kihel manage to make their speeches with such perfect synchronization that the Sacktrager crew has no idea that they are two separate people and manage to convince Guin and Midgard not to attack one another after they leave the Sacktrager.
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  • Sochie using the Kapool to Fastball Special the White Doll against Poe's ship is both amazing and hilarious.
  • In episode 33, Loran, Aims, Sid, and Joseph are in a Race Against the Clock to sabotage Manupichi's gun emplacements before Guin just unleashes the Wave-Motion Gun on the city, civilian casualties be damned. With time running out, Sochie decides to take the Jalopy and Suicide Squads up the mountain to provide support—and to put the Militia's most valuable assets in the field so that Guin can't fire.
  • The finale of episode 34. Loran and Harry Ord pilot their mobile suits to the bottom of the Willgem in order to provide it with an extra boost so that it can make it to the Zacktraeger in time.
  • Episode 40. The underwater battle between the Turn A and the Mahiroo is pretty awesome, but then Loran's two friends bring in what looks like several pods of dolphins and other cetaceans to help. Yeah, that's right. Moon dolphins.
    • The ending to Loran's fight with the Mahiroo is pretty awesome as well, specifically how the Turn-A rises out of the water, while appearing to be a whale due to the cloak it's wearing, fires up its beam saber, and then charges straight at its opponent.
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  • Harry Ord kicking the crap out of 5 mobile suits at the same time, which he actually does twice over the series. He's also the first pilot to hand Loran a defeat when he battles him for the first time.
  • There's also Harry Ord doing the Bright Slap on Midgard with his mobile suit. It was powerful enough that it pretty much vaporized the guy.
  • Episode 44. The Dark History has been revealed, the city of the moon is in chaos, people are rioting, fires are blazing, children are crying, and how does Dianna react? By getting back into her traditional queen outfit and giving a speech to the entire moon that instantly calms everyone who had been rioting only seconds before down. This is doubled as it shows just how beloved she is by her people. Then there's the speech itself:
    Diana to the entire moon: To my dear loving Moonrace. I must apologize for allowing your insecurity, and I have no good excuse. However, it was my responsibility as your "Queen Dianna". What you saw was the miserable history of mankind. However, that is our heritage as the Moonrace. I wanted all of you to be aware of it. It was for that reason that I broadcast the data from the Winter Palace. We must be aware of it. As mankind always had the potential to repeat the Dark History's mistakes. Perhaps that is simply mankind's unavoidable destiny. However, it is my wish for us to overcome this fate and instead work together to build up a new history. We will show the people of Earth that it is everyone's duty! I would also like to relay this to the ten million Moonrace currently hibernating in the Winter Palace. From now on, there must be permanent contact between the moon and the Earth. Our ancestors lived life according to nature, grew old, and died naturally. That is how humans should live. I think that it is our turn to live in that manner. For this, we must borrow Earth's strength. Let our two people's walk hand in hand together now so that the same mistakes need never be repeated again.
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  • Loran's battle against the Bandits and Turn-X on the Moon, because this is where we first see what the Turn A can really do. Loran's flashiest trick involves turning completely invisible to escape the battlefield, then he flies back inside the colony and sees that Midgard has brought a battleship inside and is bearing down on the Earth forces. What happens? He pushes the battleship back, with the Turn A alone, and activates the Moonlight Butterfly for the first time to break down the ship's missiles before they can explode. And yes, this does mean the Turn A's thrusters outperform those of a battleship.
  • Loran's second battle against the Turn X. Loran appears to be doing well enough, but then Gym reveals that the Turn X can split into segments. He proceeds to unleash an epic Beam Spam against Loran and forces Loran to abandon the Turn A. Loran doesn't get it back until the second to last episode.
  • The ending of Episode 48: Dianna saves Phil's faction from the Ghingnham Fleet. She finally sets foot in the Soleil once more. Phil and Miran finally realize that they completely misjudged Dianna and swear their fealty to her once more. For the first time since Guin's betrayal, the heroes finally have a chance of victory.
  • Harry Ord's amazing battle cry during the final battle with Gym Ghingnham: "UNIVEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSSE!"
  • From the finale:
    • Corin disables Merrybell's Bandit with his vastly inferior Kapool. He proceeds to try to destroy the Turn X, one of the most powerful mobile suits in the franchise, by delivering a Rocket Punch to the crotch. While Corin is ultimately killed by the Moonlight Butterfly, he manages to save Loran's life. Doubly so, since we finally see what's been causing his madness towards the White Doll right before his final charge: his trauma from having survived an encounter with the Wing Gundam Zero. And despite that, rather than simply just having a Freak Out, overcomes his fear to make his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • The Moonlight Butterfly is an unstoppable weapon that has destroyed human civilization on at least one occasion. During Loran and Gym's final fight, the Butterflies go out of control. Such an occurrence should spell the end of civilization, but the Soleil and SUMO team are able to use their barriers to hold back the Butterflies long enough for Loran to stop Gym.
    • Loran fights the seemingly invincible Turn X to a draw and then defeats Gym in a sword fight despite only having been in one sword fight previously.