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Headscratchers / ∀ Gundam

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  • If all Gundam Series happened in the same timeline and the colonies are changed out in different forms across the eras until the colonies are turned into generation ships to leave the solar system, wouldn't this mean a decline of resources needed to build space colonies? Even accounting for asteroids captured and brought in for resources, if 9 space colonies travel into outer space, this would deplete those resources rather fiercely. And then, there might also be some "natural" resource depletion like debris falling into the sun (or being actively sent on a collision course with the sun, like in Gundam Wing.) After a certain set of eras, there wouldn't be any resources left to build colonies. And according to NASA scientists, building O'Neill Cylinders might turn out pretty expensive.
  • With the massive death tolls and environmental damage from prior shows, the One Year War killed half of earth's population and Gundam X reduced the number to 98 million, how has humanity lived for so long with the global gene pool so heavily depleted and the sheer amount of damage inflicted on the planet?
    • The human gene pool has been depleted pretty heavily at other times (back when we were originally migrating to other continents, there was at least one time when the global human population was reduced to some thousands of individuals). Catastrophic, but not a guarantee of extinction.
  • In all the Gundam shows, surrounding tech such as computers and medicine always matched contemporary versions, despite the years between eras. Never mind Moonlight Butterfly, what caused this franchise wide equivalent of Medieval Stasis?
  • Why was the Dianna Counter negotiating with the government of Inglesia at all when the places they wanted to settle in were in Tejas and Floria? Guin doesn't have the authority to sell them land in other people's countries.
    • Inglesia seems like one of the few countries that has radio equipment sophisticated enough to do two-way communication with the moon, and selling land in places that don't actually belong to you is quite precedented in human history (and in-character for Guin, given his ambitions).