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Trivia / ∀ Gundam

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  • Acting for Two: In order to fully sell Dianna and Kihel being nearly perfect doubles of each other who can swap back and forth at will, they share the same voice actress.
  • He Also Did: Mechanical designer Syd Mead is better known for his works in TRON, Blade Runner and Aliens.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • At one point in the draft of the ending, Dianna was supposed to be showing obvious signs of age. (She ends up using a walking stick, maybe, and sounds a little older in the final version.)
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    • Originally, Tomino wanted to include not just every Gundam series, but every mech series he'd ever worked on as well - this would mean that, yes, canonically, the Ideon, Zambot 3, and L-Gaim would have appeared and be part of the Gundam universe. That idea was shot down.
    • After Toonami finished broadcasting Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, they approached Sunrise for another series, hoping to get this series as well as After War Gundam X. However, due to Executive Meddling, Sunrise forced them to start with the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • Syd Mead had originally intended for the titular Gundam to have a much bulkier design. It was rejected but saw new life with it being reworked into the SUMO.