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  • In "The Burden", Zenoa surrenders the remaining nuclear warheads to the White Doll, no longer caring which side wins so long as those weapons aren't used. When he leaves to return to the Soleil, Sochie—who up until this point maintained her hatred of anyone from Dianna Counter—insists on escorting him.
  • "Captain Gavane! Look and you can see, that no matter what time period it was, the Borjarnon were always active!" The humble Zaku and its brother grunt suits finally get some respect.
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  • How many families are reunited after Dianna decided to get a bunch of people from hibernation back.
  • Episode 44 has Dianna getting back into her traditional queen outfit and giving a speech to the entire moon that instantly calms everyone who had been rioting only seconds before down. This is doubled as it shows just how beloved she is by her people. Then there's the speech itself:
    Diana to the entire moon: To my dear loving Moonrace. I must apologize for allowing your insecurity, and I have no good excuse. However, it was my responsibility as your "Queen Dianna". What you saw was the miserable history of mankind. However, that is our heritage as the Moonrace. I wanted all of you to be aware of it. It was for that reason that I broadcast the data from the Winter Palace. We must be aware of it. As mankind always had the potential to repeat the Dark History's mistakes. Perhaps that is simply mankinds unavoidable destiny. However, it is my wish for us to overcome this fate and instead work together to build up a new history. We will show the people of Earth that it is everyone's duty! I would also like to relay this to the ten million Moonrace currently hibernating in the Winter Palace. From now on, there must be permanent contact between the moon and the Earth. Our ancestors lived life according to nature, grew old, and died naturally. That is how humans should live. I think that it is our turn to live in that manner. For this, we must borrow Earth's strength. Let our two people's walk hand in hand together now so that the same mistakes need never be repeated again.
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  • When Cancer Kafka and Muron Muron finally meet Dianna in person, she recalls their ancestors, and how great they were during her time, and praise their descendants for their loyalty. This brings both of them to tears. But Dianna likely did this because of Will Game, who she was unable to give closure to due to her disguise as Kihel at the time.
  • Meta Example: The entire series is the result of Tomino overcoming his depression. Tomino could've just as easily made another Gundam series with his Kill 'Em All mindset, yet he ended up giving us one of the most lighthearted Gundam series to date.
    • Another Meta example: Part of what helped Tomino cope was the art of Syd Mead. Something about it just put Tomino at ease. And then there is the fact that he managed to get Mead to do the designs.