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As per Handling Spoilers, all spoilers will be unmarked! Proceed at your own risk!

  • Io Flemming's Establishing Character Moment: An entire squad of GMs was destroyed by mere 3 sniping Zeon MS. Io, whose GM was the first of that squad to be destroyed by Zeon sniper fire, later manages to pull off a Rick Dom jack by plugging its pilot with a pistol, and then has the nerve to brag about it to the sniping team before he leaves the scene. This Ace Pilot did what dozens of other Federation pilots couldn't, and in a Core Block, no less.
  • The very first test of the Gundam features an incredible animation moment: we see the Gundam strike a Zaku several times while it's spinning wildly... from the point of view of the Zaku. With each rotation it takes more and more damage—first its gun, then its hand, then its leg—until finally the Gundam unleashes the beam saber.
    • Also, a small moment where Io was playing drums in his GM cockpit... Spectacular.
  • The first battle between Io and Daryl is just one Gambit Pileup on top of another in fast succession.
    • The Living Dead snipers were led into shooting pieces of debris all over the place with explosives stuck into them. Io proceeds to melt their faces in short order.
    • Unfortunately, Daryl is very well positioned and takes a shot that has Io dead to rights. A THUNDERBOLT STRIKES, distorting the beam entirely.
    • Io races his way out of the debris field while Daryl tries to clear out as much of it as possible before it's too late. In the few seconds when debris blocks Daryl's line of sight, Io detaches the Gundam's backpack, using it as a decoy while sneaking up on the Zenon pilot. Cue Daryl's big gun getting sliced in half with a beam saber. But the place Daryl set his Zaku down upon is a gigantic solar panel. All it takes is just one flash-bang...
      • The anime version has Io grabbing Sean's disabled Zaku as a Human Shield and then blowing it to pieces with missiles, creating an explosion so large Daryl can't aim before the Gundam gets in close.
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    • Just the fact that Daryl was using a Zaku I in this scene. Not a Zaku II, a Zaku I, the most basic suit possible that wasn't even designed for combat.
  • The subsequent duel between two protagonists. In a universe filled with Super Prototype awesomeness, the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam and Psycho Zaku are really nothing more than a basic Gundam and Zaku II, albeit heavily modified and loaded with More Dakka. But the sheer destruction both mobile suits leave in their wake could probably make even Char applaud.
    • The battle that ensues, starting as a traditional Gundam dogfight to a deadly hide-and-seek among the ruins of Side 4 with both of them seeing through each other's playbook. When it was clear that Io will get the kill, A THUNDERBOLT STRIKES AGAIN, kick-starting the Psycho Zaku and Daryl back to life, allowing him to Sturm Faust the Gundam right in the face, forcing a tie out of the teeth-clenching battle by sheer luck.
  • Throughout season 2, it's shown that Daryl Lorenz is seen with awe by Zeon soldiers for his actions during season 1, though Billy Hickam questions if he's really that good. While Daryl did have trouble adjusting to using his prosthetic hands in a normal Mobile Suit, all doubts about Daryl's piloting abilities are put to rest in the last episode of season 2. Daryl, piloting an Acguy, is being pursued by two Dahle units through a ruined, flooded city. A destroyed suspension bridge seems to cut off Daryl's escape, but he persists. Firing thrusters to travel up the side of one of the towers, Daryl deploys the suit's frizzy yard to shield himself from the Dahles' rifles, leaving them no choice but to follow and attack with beam sabers. Daryl fires at the closest one, blinding it, then latches onto it, using the combined force of both their thrusters to get over the tower. He then kills the pilot, and throws the first Dahle at the second, crippling that unit and killing the pilot shortly thereafter. For all of Billy Hickam's skepticism, even he had to admit that it was impressive.
  • Bianca Carlyle's piloting skills could easily match Io's, and she's not a Gundam pilot!
    • In the first scene of Bandit Flower, the GM she's piloting is trapped in the claws of a fast-moving Braw Bro. She manages to break free and uses her Beam Saber to stab the Braw Bro in its eye, destroying it. And that was her eighth kill already!
    • In a later scene, she's caught in an underwater duel against a Gogg, one of Zeon's heavy amphibious Mobile Suits. Bianca is using a Guncannon Aqua, which gets two of its limbs clawed off by the Gogg. Even then, she still causes enough damage to the Gogg to disable it and force the pilot to get out. Afterwards, she rescues Io from sinking to the crushing depths of the ocean, and this is after her Guncannon is damaged!
    • In a previous scene, Bianca shows off her tattoos to show that she flew several major missions during the One Year War. Among them are Operation Star One and Operation Cembalo (in which she piloted a Ball. A BALL).
  • When Claudia and South Seas Alliance troops discovers the Zeon infiltrators' hideout and is about to plug the old nemesis Daryl in impulsive anger with a pistol for taking everything from her, Levan Fuu wanting Daryl alive steps in with truly frightening display of psychic power, forcing every single gun in the room, the Alliance and Zeon alike, to point at the floor instead of each other despite himself being nowhere near the rig.

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