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From this moment on you knew the series would be awesome.

"All right, let's get started! This is a war between Gundams of epic proportions!!!"
Ali Al-Saachez summing things up.

Because whether you admit it or not, the Anno Domini timeline did go out of its way to be awesome... which is quite appropriate for a story that ends with saying "The childhood of humanity ends."

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    Season 1 
  • Setsuna in Episode 3: Can anyone else barring other Child Soldiers who hold their moms in high regard dismember an HRL mech all while being blinded by its arm?
  • Allelujah gives Sumeragi the location of the HRL's super soldier project base. Allelujah then makes the conscious decision to cross the Moral Event Horizon by killing everyone and everything in the base. So why is this a CMOA? Because he did it knowing that he was committing a horrible sin and was fully prepared for the Karma Backlash that would follow, all in the name of making sure that contradictions like himself and Marie never occur again.
  • From Season 1, Episode 5: "A Gundam Meister is never alone!"
  • Setsuna F. Seiei in Episode 5 of the first season. 'Cause nobody else has ever cut away the frikking clouds with a frikking sword.
    • Only to allow Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) to snipe down the joints between the gravity blocks falling towards Earth.
  • It's a bit of a running gag among some Mecha Fandom circles that the only way for a character to become popular is to kick a Gundam while in a "normal" mecha (most notably Graham and Sergei). This, of course, originated from Char Aznable doing just that in Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • An oft-overlooked moment in Episode 8; after a terrorist group begins bombing attacks and threatening to continue until Celestial Being ceases operations, the Meisters are on standby until they can find the organization responsible. They catch a big break, though, when three separate intelligence organizations leak them information, since the terrorists are out of their jurisdiction. Not nearly as cool-looking as any of the rest of the examples on this page, but it really ties into the series' message of humanity's potential when they work together.
  • Sergei leading the operation to capture the Gundams. Sumeragi was out-gambit at every turn.
  • Graham in Episode 18. Prior to this point, most fans pretty much assumed that Gundams were invincible, unbreakable war mechas capable of destroying dozens of enemy mechs at once. Graham goes ahead and proves them wrong by challenging the Throne Eins as it attacks a civlian factory all by himself. He proceeds to drastically outmaneuver it and cut off its arm using its own beam saber, making him the first enemy ace to inflict serious damage against a Gundam, and does so while managing to emerge from the fight completely unscathed (save for a bit of internal bleeding he suffered caused by the sheer amount of g-force his maneuvers produced).
    • This wasn't the first time a Gundam was endangered. When Graham and Lockon faced, Graham had probably beaten Lockon in CQC, latter being a sniper. Also even earlier, Sergei had a nice, tight grasp of Exia, nearly ripping of its head, with a nearly ancient Mobile Suit. Though, it WAS the first moment a one-on-one match resulted in the Gundam taking actual damage, which makes Aker one of the best pilots in the series.
  • Setsuna and Tieria owning the Trinities as a team in a 2 on 3 handicap match. What's more impressive is that up until this point, they never got along with each other nor did they ever use such formations together. Needless to say, the rest of the crew are surprised at this.
  • Exia going Trans-Am against Ali, which was reenacted in Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-Hen.
    • At the end of Episode 18 of the first season, Setsuna engages the Trinities all by himself (Tieria joins him later in Episode 19, as mentioned right above) because he senses that they are acting in ways that incite warfare instead of eradicating it. He begins the fight by shooting at Johann Trinity when he's not even within his visual range. Johann barely manages to dodge the shot. Setsuna proceeds to deliver the following monologue which may very well be one of the greatest Crowning Moments of Awesome in the first season. The camera angles and the music truly sells it:
      Setsuna: "Exia has located the targets."
      Have concluded that the three Gundam Throne units are guilty of promoting conflict.
      Commencing armed intervention.
      Exia will eliminate targets.
    • Tieria activating the TRIAL System in that conflict still remains. He gets caught between two Thrones, they prepare to fire on him. He sheds the Virtue's armor, revealing Nadleeh, and both the Thrones fall out of the sky, completely deactivated. Sure, the attempt ultimately failed (FUCKING RIBBONS!), but Tieria and Nadleeh actually looked terrifying for a moment there.
      Tieria: "You have brought disgrace on the name of the Gundam Meisters. And for that... you deserve ten thousand deaths!"
  • Ali in Episodes 22 and 23, especially the latter where he did something that would make Mu La Flaga cry: Killing off a Gundam main supporting character (in this case Lockon). Gundam SEED Destiny was giving Sunrise a reputation (albeit undeserved) for not killing main supporting characters off unless they come Back from the Dead but Ali did just that to cap off his 5 named character killing spree!
    • Possibly the best part of the killing spree was when Ali met the Trinities. He arrives alone, without the element of surprise, and proceeds to shoot Michael dead before he can blink, disable Johann, and then lets him get back into his Gundam because he wasn't enough of a challenge otherwise. After that, Ali jacks a supposedly un-jackable Gundam with help from Ribbons and, with less than two minutes of experience with it, utterly bitch-slaps Johann with it, all while explaining that this is nothing personal but that he's really enjoying it anyway. Let's face it: Ali's made of awesome.
    • Not just that- Ali's quite frankly insane piloting skills enable whatever he does on the battlefield to be equally insanely awesome. He fought a Gundam to a standstill in a mook suit!
      • In Season 2 he returns, piloting his own Gundam, and proceeds to totally own Setsuna and Tieria AT. THE. SAME. TIME. It takes the arrival of the other two Gundams just to convince him to retreat.
    • Crowning Moment of Evil: Ali burning down a whole country to...? Lure out the Gundams? Meh, probably just because he can.
  • Lockon in Episode 23, when he instructed Haro to take the wrecked Dynames back to base, then took aim with his off eye (as he had lost his dominant eye two episodes before) and hit Throne Zwei, destroying it, while standing on a GN cannon drifting in space. Too bad he did it right before his death.
    • Even before that, the fact that he managed to corner Ali, a melee specialist, in close combat saber battle is a feat in itself. If Daryl hadn't intercepted him with a suicide attack and revealed his blindspot, he might have even killed Ali.
  • Allelujah/Hallelujah in Episode 25, where he becomes both Allelujah and Hallelujah, proceeds to attack Soma & Sergei, slap them both silly, finds time to explain to Soma how he's better than her, and he does all this while piloting a Gundam that's held together by spit and spirit.
    • Not to mention the complete lack of limbs on the right side.
    • Setsuna gets his in the same episode, when he breaks through the Disc-One Final Boss's Deflector Shields and proceeds to lay out a beatdown both verbal and physical, ending with a triumphant declaration of, "We (Celestial Being) are Gundam!" (It makes more sense when you realize that Setsuna idolizes Gundams as savior-figures since he was saved by one as a young child.)
    • Aeolia Schenberg gets a posthumous one in the same episode. Alejandro Corner and Ribbons have just taken over Veda, and Corner has killed Aeolia while he is sleeping in stasis. As Corner is laughing and thinking that he's won, a system trap triggers one final message from Aeolia, revealing that he planned for the possibility of betrayal and unlocks the Trans-Am ability and the true power of the GN Drives while entrusting the future of his plan and the human race to Celestial Being. Not bad for someone who has been out of action for two hundred years.
  • The fight between Exia and the GN Flag. It may be short, but it is still a worthy CMOA.
    Setsuna: "There's another one? It's a Flag... With a Pseudo Solar Reactor."
    Graham: "I've so wanted to meet you. I've wanted to meet you so much, Gundam!"
    Setsuna: "That's a Beam Saber."
    Graham: "I will avenge Howard and Daryl with this GN Flag!"
    Setsuna: "He's hailing me... So it's you."
    Graham: "What's this? You're that boy. It seems that our destinies have been connected all along. Indeed! WE WERE DESTINED TO FIGHT EACH OTHER! I FINALLY UNDERSTAND! IT WAS YOUR DISPLAY OF OVERWHELMING POWER THAT STOLE MY HEART. That feeling I had, could only be called 'LOVE'!"
    Setsuna: "Love?"
    Graham: "But if you go beyond love, it becomes hatred, just as people turn on each other when they take religious faith too far!"
    Setsuna: "If you know so much about it, then why do you still fight?"
    Graham: "You're asking a soldier why he fights? Don't be ridiculous!"
    Graham: "YOU MADE ME THIS WAY! THIS IS BECAUSE THE GUNDAMS EXIST! That's the real reason I'm taking you out. I don't care about the rest of the world. THIS IS MY OWN WILL!"
    Setsuna: "Don't kid yourself. YOU'RE A PART OF THIS WORLD AS WELL!"
    Graham: "Then consider this the voice of the world!"
    Graham: "Well said, Gundam!" GN Flag and Exia impale each other. "You see Howard, Daryl... I've avenged you."
    Setsuna: "Gundam..."
    • It's not just that battle that was awesome. It's the very existence of the GN Flag. Graham, lunatic that he is, rammed a Gundam engine into a Mook suit! The idea alone is pure awesome. And then he goes and kicks Setsuna's ass with it, just as the poor kids was celebrating defeating Alejandro Corner. We salute you Mr. Aker.
  • Dynames in GN Arms TYPE-D. The first UN-cruiser it destroyed, mostly. The beams MISSED THE TARGET, YET THE CRUISER BLEW UP ANYWAY!!! His death a few minutes later was a Crowning Moment Of Heartbreaking.
  • Lasse taking on the Alvatore with the GN Arms and finally breaking the Alvatore's GN field. It was a team effort with Setsuna, but the taunts he made were just awesome.
  • Joshua attack Dynames with all his arrogance and cockiness. How does Lockon respond to this? He blows him up with a single shot from his beam pistol without even looking.

    Season 2 
  • From the second season, the moment when Setsuna activates the 00 Gundam and proceeds to kick ass in the name of Celestial Being. Beautiful green poetic spinning kickass in a sword-gun combination of death.
  • Setsuna's first appearance in Season 2 is one as he's shown taking down various mooks in his Exia, in less than perfect shape.
    • Leading up to Tieria's Big Damn Heroes moment saving him from the odds he couldn't hope to face.
  • Episode 3 of Season 2 counts as one for Sumeragi's planning, as well as all CB crew involved. It's honestly a far cry from their earliest operations. A rescue operation on a prison facility containing Allelujah, with the location obviously set up as a trap by A-Laws. It involves diving their mothership into the sea FROM ORBIT, Gundams smashing face first into walls, etc etc. All within 5 Minutes. It must be seen to believed.
  • The 00 Gundam itself gets one in Episode 4 of the second season, where it rises from the ocean, and prompts an elite A-Laws commander to scream the classic phrase: "It's a Gundam!"
  • Graham Mr. Bushido shows up in an Ahead, and shows Setsuna what a Japanophile can do.
    • To clarify: The 00 rises majestically from the sea, intimidating the A-Laws officers to no end. Setsuna then does a dive straight out of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, only to be hit by a flying tackle from Bushido Man's Ahead right before he reaches his target. It was hilarious in addition to being AWESOME.
    • Soma proving that Allelujah is going to need more than a Gundam to take her on. The writers might actually get one for actually writing this scene, since most recent mecha series have Mass Produced mechas being worthless against Gundams or their equivalents. The Ahead being good harks back to UC Gundam series like Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam; its really refreshing to see that.
  • Lyle Dylandy finally dropping his Obfuscating Stupidity facade and going Guns Akimbo on the kill bots to avenge the deaths of his fallen comrades, all while ignoring Soma Peries. It also took him away from the border of the Scrappy Heap.
    • The episode right after the above, in which Lockon proceeds to go for consecutive headshots against A-Laws' forces while flying parallel to a huge body of water below him, all while under fire.
  • Graham... er. Mr. Bushido in Episode 8 of Season 2, forcing Twin Drive 00 into Trans-Am and putting up a fight until 00's drives overheat and then... letting him escape. There's no honor in killing an enemy who's not at his best after all.
  • Immortal Patrick's return in season two. Just because he's still there and gets shot down right away again the next episode.
  • Post mortem moment for Lockon: Due to his selfish actions Celestial Being didn't end up as planned but is still there to oppose the Innovators.
  • Saji finally gets one of his own during Episode 11 of Season 2. During an enormous attack on Celestial Being's asteroid base, he heads out alone in the 0 Raiser to aid Setsuna. Considering that he isn't even a proper member of CB, has virtually no combat training, hasn't even been taught how to fly a spaceship, and the only one helping him out is Haro, this marks a turn around into badassness.
  • Episode 12 of Season 2 gets one when we finally get to see the 00 Gundam operating at full power following the end of Episode 11 mentioned above. Made especially awesome by taking out not one but two Innovator piloted Gundams proving that Celestial Being most definitely still has the Bigger Stick. Kicking Patrick's GN-XIII in the face was just the icing on the cake.
    • Actually that was Lockon punching Patrick's GN-XIII's head of, which strangely is the second time it happens to a GN-X model, the first time (also with Patrick) by an asteroid.
  • A non-mecha fighting moment a lot saw to be awesome: When Wang Liu Mei walks around calmly asking Ribbons why he is so shocked, in that smug know-it-all tone. Ribbons snapped, slapped her hard enough to put her on the floor and told her to know her place. There was lots of cheering in that scene, considering Wang had been working her way into scrappy status over the course of Season 2.
  • Can we just chalk Episode 13 of season 2 up as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the entire FUCKING crew of the Ptolemaios, most of the Gundam Meisters, and Nena Trinity?
    • Extra CMoA moment for Lyle for taking up the helm of his deceased brother's role, in response to the crew believing in his skills...
      Lyle: "Just like the name says, TARGETED AND FIRING!"
    • Especially notable is Nena, for attacking an Innovator-piloted mobile suit with her shuttle. If she keeps this up, she may very well propel herself right out of the Scrappy Heap.
    • Though the scene is quite controversial, in this troper's opinion, Episode 19 may count as either another crossing of Moral Event Horizon for Nena or another Moment of Awesome when she finally trapped Liu Mei and Hong Long using her own ship, reveals that she hid her Throne Drei inside her shuttle, finally plastering the Oh, Crap! face to Liu Mei as she nuked her to death. Sure, this may remind people of that horrible crossing event, but hey, at least she's killing a Smug Scrappy character without pulling the effect of Alas, Poor Scrappy.
  • It may just be this one troper, but the Season 2 strategies have reached the point where Sumeragi is racking up Crowning Moments of Awesome like it's nobody's business the orbital water bomb, the battle around the return to space (particularly her deploying 00 before she reached stable orbit), and the entire plan for the attack on Memento Mori being ones that stand out. Kati is usually three steps ahead of everyone else on the A-Laws side, and even then Sumeragi is usually another step ahead of her, the battle at L3 in Episodes 11-12 being the one major exception.
  • The A-Laws in general (and Kati in particular) get one for Episode 11, where her battleship force tracks Celestial Being to their asteroid base and proceeds to hammer it with missiles, and when Sumeragi launches the Gundams and the Ptolemaios II it turns out that was Just as Planned. Cue waves of Aheads and GN-XIIIs appearing to attack, followed by Bring's Garazzo attacking Tieria and Revive's Gadessa sniping the Ptolemaios II from a crazy distance. Setsuna has to use the 00 Raiser just to get out of there alive, which leads to his Crowning Moment...
    • During that battle, Bring further demonstrates the power of the Garazzo when, after deflecting a full-power blast from the Seravee's BFG, he charges in and grapples with it. Tieria is incredulous at the idea of Bring trying to match strengths with Seravee...until the Garazzo breaks Seravee's hands by bending them backwards. Among this troper's friends, that act thoroughly cemented Bring as the most badass Innovator.
  • Tieria gets one in the latest episode in his fight with Bring Stabity's Garozzo. Before and during the fight he had been telling Tieria he was one of the Innovades and he belongs with them. Tieria uses Seravee Gundam to immobilize Bring Stabity's Garozzo long enough to deploy the Seraphim Gundam. He then punches through the Garazzo's GN Field with the Seraphim's bare hands and delivers a point-blank GN Cannon shot while screaming that he's not one of them, "I'm a human!"
  • Graham gets one at the end of Episode 15 when he reveals that his new mobile suit has Trans-Am!
    • Don't you mean Trans-GrahAm?
  • The whole bloody world gets one in Episode 17 of the second season. In a scene reminiscent of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, a total of five different warring factions (Celestial Being, Katharon, the Federation army, the coup d'etat forces, and even the A-Laws) temporarily set aside their differences and the war to cooperate in destroying falling debris from the collapsing orbital elevator that threatens to destroy the cities below it and claim many lives.
    • Sergei's half of Andre Smirnov killing Sergei was a Dying Momentof Awesome. He has a Season One suit, the Tieren Taozi, which doesn't have a GN drive or Beam weapons apart from a Beam Saber. Andre has an Ahead. He still lasts far far longer than anyone else in the series in that position.
  • 00-Raiser and its BFGBFS. 'nuff said.
    • Emphasis on the B. That beam saber was several kilometers long.
      • Try several hundreds, if not thousands. It managed to cut the orbital ring while standing on. Earth. That has to be a record or something.
      • If you watch again, he wasn't actually standing on the planet (having flown up a ways). That said, he was still in the atmosphere, so it doesn't really diminish the Awesome.
      • And we now have it on video!
  • Gotta say that Saji's determination was awesome in Episode 18. "I can't pull the trigger. I can only continue to call out to Louise... even so, I... I...!" Yeah, for the most part he's a complete wimp, but for once, he chose to get in the cockpit of 0-Raiser, he chose to enter the battlefield, and he chose to do his best at what he could do. The best thing one can say to him? Congratulations.
    • The music that kicks up right at that moment makes it all the more awesome.
  • You know you're pretty bloody awesome when you've just shot your comrade's Manchurian Agent girlfriend and killed her, he's socking you repeatedly in the face, and you let him do so before patting him on the back as he has an Heroic BSoD and absolutely breaks down.
    • Lyle and Setsuna's rescue tactic early in the episode. Pretty bold.
    • Also I have to say that, in the same episode, foiling the Gundamjack attempt on the 0 Raiser is pretty much a CMOA for Haro.
  • Louise finally getting her revenge by trashing the Throne Drei and killing Nina Trinity. Even five years and nearly thirty episodes of unreceived comeuppance isn't enough can't save you from a Karmic Death.
  • Episode 22. Kati Mannequin's Heel–Face Turn event, putting down and revealing the atrocities of the A-Laws as their reason of betrayal... and then sends out Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Patrick Colasour to battle... a battle in which he actually KICKS ASS instead of being shot down! GO TEAM PATRICK!
  • Also in the same episodeSetsuna performing a blade grasp against Graham, bending it with his mech's bare hands and then disabling Susanowo!
  • Setsuna gets another in Episode 20 when Setsuna godsmacks 2 Innovators at once with just his shooting, then frees his friends while dodging an impossible to dodge, takes out the mech with cet beams using his sword as a projectile and his gun to propel through the GN-Field all without Trans-Am! Setsunator indeed
    • Also Lyle when He uses Gun Kata and rips the armor of Anew's mech while giving his speech about how she's his woman
  • Setsuna, Tieria, and Lockon get one in Season 2, Episode 24. Lyle for killing Ali with a headshot after trashing the Arche Gundam, Tieria who after losing his physical body takes control of Veda and activates Seraphim's trial system, shutting down all of the Innovator suits as well as telling Setsuna what the true plan is, and Setsuna, who uses the 00 Raiser's "Trans-Am Burst" to both set up a dialogue with everyone so that they can understand each other and effectively turn the tide of the battle by interfering with Ribbons' quantum brainwaves. Part of this lay in the fact that Gundam 00 Season 2 had been a bit less than the last season since Ali's first defeat, and this was finally a suitable return to the epicness of the first season.
    • Lyle's moment here is particularly awesome for a simple reason: It wasn't just about revenge. It was more about the fact that he saw, in that moment, that Ali was not merely his personal grudge but a threat to the rest of humanity, and thus he took the responsibility to remove him from the world.
      • And that it established he was the fastest draw in the wild west Gundam 00.
    • Allelujah. For one single moment during the Trans-Am Burst, Arios is more than a battery, as he pulls out the Gundam Alex-style beam machine guns and proceeds to lay complete waste to the Gaga squads in the name of protecting Marie.
  • Saji gets his moment in Episode 24 of S2 when he finally pulls the f'ing trigger.
  • Setsuna vs. Ribbons, at the end of the series. There is something... symbolic about Gundam 00 itself getting damaged to the point of being unable to fight and Ribbons filching one of its GN Drives to power up Gundam 0. Setsuna, however, is saved by the arrival of a rebuilt and repaired Gundam Exia and using the remaining GN Drive to power it up instead. First of all, NEVER in Gundam has the hero had an end-of-season downgrade before, to say nothing about doing it while fighting the Big Bad. And also, it's a twisted parallel between Ribbons and Setsuna. AND their Gundams.
    • From the technical drawings, this is also a CMOA for Ribbons; the Exia R2 may look like the original Exia (a Generation 3 suit), but lacks the external piping and other minor features that characterize that generation. In fact, it's more than likely that the R2 is a 4th Generation rebuild of the Exia (putting it in the same series as the S2 suits). All of this makes the battle that much more impressive: Ribbons held off (if only for a little while) a 4th Generation Suit in the original 1st Generation 0-Gundam.
    • This troper thinks Ribbons got one during that battle too. The 00 Raiser charges Ribbons' new Gundam with sword drawn, Setsuna boldly proclaiming that melee is his department. Ribbons responds to this by pulling a beam saber and swatting the 00 Raiser like a fly, sending it smashing into the Innovator mothership. You know you're awesome when you've just bitch-slapped the show's resident God Mecha.
    • Lockon and Allelujah/Hallelujah each get one for killing Revive Revival and Hilling Care, respectively, using their heavily damaged Gundams to utterly wreck the rather more pristine Innovator suits.
      • Impressively, Lyle's best trick came with a single second of Trans-Am. He feigns destruction, waiting for Revive to close distance with his beam saber and lay down the finishing blow, then turns on Trans-Am for that one second, dodges behind Revive, palms his beam pistol and shoves it against the cockpit. Revive barely had time to shield his face before he got ripped apart by laser fire. Due to having half the fingers on his Gundams remaining hand cut off, Lockon actually fires the pistol upside down. All while his Gundam was held together by spit and SHEER WILLPOWER. Good job kid. You've officially become Lockon Stratos.
      • In this troper's opinion, the most awesome part of that is the fact that when he did it, he slammed the gun into the Gadessa's torso so hard that the impact caused the Gadessa's armor to crack.
      • Allelujah/Hallelujah was lightly damaged, but he proceeded to totally OWN Hilling after bashing the crap out of her suit, tearing off her escape pod, and ripping her mecha in half, all while making a bitching epic speech on how weak the Innovators are for being so dependent on Veda, requiring Ribbons himself to actually take him down.
      • Considering the Innovades spent the whole Season 2 bitching about how superior they were, their deaths at the hands of puny inferior humans were very satisfying.
  • The final episode helped me to remember that, really, anything involving Hallelujah is composed entirely of awesome. Especially that evil laugh. Oh, that magnificent, sick, sexy evil laugh.
  • How about Patrick pulling a La Flaga trick?
  • Patrick showing up in the epilogue after DYING IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODE.
    • Patrick showing up after supposedly DYING and GETTING THE GIRL (Kati).
  • "Gundam Exia. Setuna F. Seiei. SLASHING THROUGH THE FUTURE!"
    • Followed by Falcon Punching the RX-78 (You read that right) into an asteroid and no more dialogue between the two. Finally, a Gundam final battle that does not involve lots of yelling about morality, and instead just letting your guns do the talking.
      • In fairness to other Gundam shows, Setsuna and Ribbons did yell about morality during the 00 Raiser vs. Reborns Gundam part of the fight.
    • The subtext with all the Chess Motifs for the final fight is simply perfect. It's the 0 Gundam vs. Gundam Exia, the Pawn against the King. And it's not just any pawn, it's the pawn who has crossed the board and fulfilled its true potential, and then regressed back into a simpler form to challenge the King, who is weak, the last piece standing, and who must be defeated in order to end the battle.
    • Also the fact that Setsuna overcame his own spiritual crutch, his god. The show started with him being saved and entranced by the 0 Gundam, it ends with him shoving a BFS into his savior. Not to mention ironic, because Ribbons hacked the system to add Setsuna as a meister specifically because he liked the reverence Setsuna showed him/0 Gundam during the 0 Gundam test in Krugis.
  • Another one for Graham in the second season, during his fight with Setsuna in the Susanowo. He gets his ass handed to him, but then the Susanowo's helmet gets damaged, and you realize it's just a souped up Flag, and that Graham still remembers his promise from the first season.
  • Hallelujah for his minor appearance about halfway through season 2, after they used 00 Raiser's Trans-Am to see if it worked properly: "Geez. Can't a guy get some sleep around here?"
    • But then, Hallelujah is made of nothing but Allelujah's inner animal, and as such doesn't give a damn about things like 'sanity', 'morals' and 'inhibitions'. Apparently, he thinks this is some kind of Super Robot anime, since he certainly does qualify as being as epic as many protagonists in Super Robot anime.
  • When Andrei grabbed Louise's hand and gave her a speech about her not belonging in the army, how does she respond? She crushes his arm with her cybernetic arm to tell him to back off.
  • In a way, Marina refusing to accept the gun that Shirin offers to her for self-defence is a pretty impressive moment. Sure, it's not the smartest decision, but sticking to her convictions even at a detriment to herself undeniably takes guts, and it demonstrates that when she's talking about peace and kindness, that's not just talk — she genuinely means every word of it.


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