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"I'm glad you're here with us, Mileina."

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is one of dark series of any Gundam Series. However, although the series goes more Darker and Edgier territory, it's doesn't mean the series not allow have any touching and lovely moment.

Season 1
  • While they still not have good relationship mainly because Tieria attitude, let said how cute to see our Meister sit together while have some day-off for waiting another mission in episode 3.
  • In Episode 25 of season one after defeating the combined Hal/Al by the narrowest of margins, Colonel Sergei, who has been injured and his mobile suit crippled in the fight, orders Soma to forget about him and pursue Hal/Al. Instead she does the opposite, leaving Hal/Al and helping Sergei out of his ruined GN-X. When he asks her why she was disobeying, she simply replied that without him she'd be alone. Not much, but it beautifully showcased how much she had grown from the hard line, born-and-bred soldier she was when she was first introduced.
  • Despite having several untold issue, Lockon Stratos a.k.a Neil Dylandy indeed such a heartwarming person toward the others. His death have HUGE impact to all Meister and Ptolemious crew. Which driven to all of them determine to change the future for his sake.
    • Special mention on bond between him and Tieria. To the point that fans thinking that Tieria probably see him more as friend.
  • And we have sistership bond between Christina and Feldt, which is reminds you with brothership bond between Neil and Setsuna.
  • A friendship between Saji and Setsuna deserve special mention on there. Especially since Saji always being friendly toward him like he try to give some food or offer him to calming down Louise. Setsuna seemly not bother with this.
    • Heck, even he and Louise also have this moment. Setsuna seemingly never bother with her bratty attitude. Especially when she and Setsuna have brief reunion on season 2 on their specific mission at federation banquet. Although we see Louise clearly in terrible condition due to her trauma, medication and Ribbons manipulation, this is the few time when Louise behave like normal person who not consumed by anger and revenge, which is proved by both of them have nice and heartwarming conversation about Saji.
    • After Setsuna realized she was on A-Laws side due to Ribbons manipulation and wanted to revenge her family death, he decide to help Saji to talk and reach her Mobile Suit. Although he not so close toward her, Setsuna agree to help Saji because he didn't want Louise receive same fate what happened to Neil Dylandy.
Season 2
  • In Episode 3, Tieria is the first one who welcomed Allelujah after successfully save him from secret detention center. Tieria remarks that Allelujah didn't change so much after see his reaction mistaken Lyle is Neil.
  • In Episode 7 Soma Peries regains her memories/personality as Marie Parfacy and decides to stay with Allelujah. Then Sergei comes to escort her back, but she decides to stay with Allelujah, When Papa Bear is about to leave, Marie rushes towards him and hugged him saying: "The Soma Peries inside me has this to say: 'I wanted to be your daughter.'" This moment also doubles as a Tear Jerker to some fans
  • The Ending scene of Episode 16 when the other three Meisters helped an injured and tired Setsuna from Mister Bushido. After Bushido retreats, Setsuna collapsed and lost control of 00-Raizer. The other three Gundams carried 00 while Setsuna remembers Neil "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy as he is being carried back to their ship.
  • In Episode 17 A space elevator is coming down and chunks of it are starting to fall to the city below, the Gundams start shooting to try to blow them up but there's only three of them there and pieces of debris inevitably get through. Suddenly however the mobile suits from Katharon blow up the pieces that the Gundams couldn't get, then the Earth Federation forces start shooting too and we see a massive formation trying desperately to save the people below. Next mobile suits from the A-Laws arrive and for a split second everyone thinks they're going to start shooting at Katharon or the Gundams... until they take up positions in the formation and join in with blowing up the debris. All these people are at war with each other but for this scene we see what they could do if they stopped fighting and worked together. Then once the collapse is over a certain member of A-Laws goes and screws it up.
  • Episode 24 After much misfortune and heartbreak, the until-then Star-Crossed Lovers Louise and Saji are finally back together.
  • Episode 25 - The final episode of Season 2, while widely regarded as an episode full of Moments of Awesome, also has a heartwarming moment right when Setsuna faces off against Amuro Ribbons Almark one last time, with Marina's music played again and she herself commenting on Setsuna's determination as a soldier of tomorrows.
    • A fairly obvious one: After the war, Colonel- er, General Katie vows to keep an eye out for Celestial Being in case they start trouble again... But for now, she's getting married... to Patrick!
    • Saji and Louise finally earned their happy ending. God damn did they earn it.
    • Marie and Allelujah decide to go to journey on earth to know the meaning of their life aside from battlefield. The Ptolemy Crew wanted him to change his mind, but he was already absolute in his decision.
    • Andrei seen with the other ESF soldier helping the refugee of war on some place at middle eastern. He finally drop all his hatred toward Sergei and promised he will always become good soldier just like his late parents.
    • Lyle visit his family cemetery. It's also seen that he put Anew's grave beside his family grave. He tell to them that he will keep his status as Meister for sake of change a future, no matter how much people hate his way.
  • 'Insane' YMMV will apply but Nena Trinity storing her wrath and working with people she despises, getting tortured physically, mentally and (implied in series, confirmed in an interview) sexually by Ali-Al, swallowing her pride, and a bunch of other things for survival. Not for herself, but for her brothers. Now, imagine you having to put up with 5 years of all of that, just so your brothers, who were killed before you, can be avenged. She did everything she could in that season, not for herself, but for her brothers, and considering how selfish she was for all of her life, it warms this troper up more than just a tiny bit to see the extents she's willing to go for a really, REALLY messed up family. In the end, one actually hopes that, in death, Nena will finally get to reunite with her brothers.
  • This troper cooed like a baby when Tieria put a blanket over a sleeping Mileina and said, "I'm glad you're here with us, Mileina." Considering T-chan from the first season, this was just heartwarming and adorable.
    • Oh, and when the alarm sounds almost immediately after, the camera pans back out to reveal a sleeping Saji and Tieria holding another blanket, which means he was about to pull a blanket over Saji as well. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • In the extended ending made for the special edition version, there is a scene where they are recovering all of the gundams and the pilots. Mileina presumably reporting that the Exia was not recovered like the others, with the camera panning to Feldt desperately searching for it, tears welling in her eyes, then Tieria points her to the flower she gave Setsuna, and with it Setsuna himself. The tears of relief were sweet, especially since it would have been heart-wrenching to have her Second Love die much like how her crush on Lockon ended up.
  • A friendship between Saji Crossroad and Marie Parfacy, mostly because of Louise Halevy. Marie even willingly jump to battlefield only for convince her to stop her quest, but she can't do this because A-Laws force to retread from Higher-ups. When Soma's persona resurface for once, Marie temporarily gain her control when Setsuna active Trans-Am burst system. The things that she do is wondering if Saji successfully reach Louise/Ahead Smultron or not.
    • Even though Soma's persona resurface again due to Sergei's death, on absolute bad mood and still grieving over his death, Soma never shown angry toward him. On episode 24 of Season 2, looks like Soma's persona take on Saji's word about the emptiness of avenge someone who already death. Although it's hard for her to abandon her quest to avenge Sergei's death, by remembering his kindness and his compassion toward the others, Soma finally able to abandon her quest and decide to talk to Andrei to understanding Sergei's true feeling. Luckily, it's worked enough to redeem Andrei.
  • "Trust You", the fourth ending or second ending of season 2, is made of this.


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