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  • Why does everyone act like Anew Returner is dead, when it is clearly established that Innovades can backup their personalities and memories inside Veda? I could understand if it was stated that Ribbons deleted her backup after she turned traitor, but this is never even alluded to within the series itself. Couldn't Lockon have simply asked for a clone body to download the last personality imprint of his dead girlfriend into?
    • Just because they can, doesn't mean Ribbons kept them all backed up. Indeed he never replaces any of the lost Innovades he loses except Bring who he only brings back as all mindless suicide drones. Ribbons would certainly backup himself because he wants to be immortal, but he wouldn't extend the same courtesy to his minions because he's an egomaniac like that. Just look at the Bring clones, he wants his army to die in his name because he gets off on that. You really think he kept all his guys backed up? Doubt it. Tieria could because he took over Veda and ousted Ribbons, and Tieria would back up any fellow allied Innovades, but Anew was dead and gone by then.
  • In the second season we learn that Marie/Soma and only Marie/Soma was able to telepathically connect with Allelujah. So why didn't he recognize her right off the bat?
    • Hallelujah did not tell Allelujah. Between the two, Hallelujah is the one that can control Quantum Brainwaves better. And Hallelujah is not the type to talk something like that, as he's not the sentimental type. This gets more clear when looking back at S1 episode 11, when he played about Allelujah's morality.
    • It's possible, that when Soma is the dominant personality, her brainwaves are probably somewhat different, enough so that it causes a Berserk Button reaction to to Hallelujah and Soma (without the special piloting helmet), and paralysing fear and PTSD trigger in Allelujah. Clearly, what's not shown is the HRL did something horrific to the kids that turned them cold-blooded killers, and that much significant change is another factor into how Allelujah didn't recognize that it was Marie.
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    • Most likely Hallelujah deliberately kept Allelujah from feeling her brainwaves, so he'd be unaware. Both because he prioritized their own survival, and knew Allelujah would lose his nerve and get them killed trying to appear to her than ever kill Soma (and he's right, once Hal's gone in early season 2 Allelujah keeps foolishly rushing her and trying to talk to her and only dumb luck of them ending up stranded alone lets this work) and because he figured Allelujah would be happier being ignorant of the situation, killing Soma unawares and assuming Marie was someone else and was living a good life somewhere else for the rest of his life.
  • Where did the GN Drive for the Gundam 00 come from? It's not the Drive from the Gundam 0, since the epilogue for the first season said that the Drive didn't fit Gundam 00. Since Celestial Being only originally had five Drives, including the four on active duty and the 0's, where did the extra come from? Did they go to Jupiter during the four year timeskip?
    • It's stated when Gundam 00 first activates that it has 0's and Exia's GN Drives.
    • Actually, the 5th drive wasn't the 0's, it was Fereshete's (sp), the side group of Celestial Being in the 00F manga. However, that manga isn't fully translated so I can't say what happened to that drive. But yes, the 00 uses the 0 and Exia's drives.
      • The drive Fereshete was using was the 0's drive.
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    • the line stating that the Drive didn't 'fit' 00 was a misinterpretation. It was that whilst the 0's drive was in place, Dynames', Virtues' and Kyrios' drives would not synchronize, hence it not 'fitting'.
  • Does no one in show ever wonder at Tieria's gender?
    • Tieria, as seen in the S2 OP, is at least not fully human, so the question is right out. Even IF he was human, the idea of gender identity is different from his 'sex', as it were. He clearly identifies himself as 'male', but we, as the audience, know nothing of his genetic, gondal, and internal and external phenotypic sex. Visit 4chan for continuation this endless discussion...
      • But do the characters know this? The original question is about the characters' view, and I at last would assume that a person I see is actually human, not some kind of construction, if I wasn't told otherwise. If they do know, well, then their "wonder" is of the same type as the viewers'.
      • Neil knew, but he's dead. He was the one who made the comment on Tieria using "boku". Feldt listened in on the conversation, so its likely she has suspicions, at least. Moreover, we don't know the acceptability of androids/cyborgs in 00-verse; especially in an organization like CB with its advanced technology, perhaps it would not be too strange to see androids or cyborgs, like Hanayo (Meister 874) in 00F, who is clearly not human
    • It's now official — he's of NO gender. In this December Newtype issue Sunrise outed Innovators as physically genderless. So it's all about perception, actually. Tieria might consider himself male and Anew might pose as female, but actually both are neither.
      • Wrong. In that interview (which was actually in a magazine called Pick Up Voice, NOT Newtype) Ribbons's VA simply said the Innovators were "androgynous"; the line was mistranslated/misinterpreted. It's quite likely that they're genderless, but for now it's technically still up in the air. We know from the end of ep 10 that Tieria definitely doesn't have boobs, though.
      • It's at least established in Season 2 that Innovators can have sexes, as Anew Returner is definitely female, confirmed by Revive Revival (and presumably Lyle Dylandy).
      • Healing/Hilling/Whatever Care has boobs as well, they're just small and easy to miss, and sometimes the animators forgot them. They fixed that in the DVD version. Also, seductively saying 'Do you want me to comfort you?' doesn't sound like something somebody with no genitals would say.
  • How come Tieria hasn't had any suspicion that Anew is an Innovator? Not only is he one himself, but back in episode 10 he figured out that the pilot of Garazzo was a 'Vator without seeing hide or hair of Bring. I just thought of this since Lyle sees Anew's eyes flashing but doesn't out her to the rest of the Ptolemy crew in the latest episode.
    • I'm not certain that the Innovator golden-eye thing actually physically happens; I think that's just a sign to the audience that they're using quantum brainwaves. And while the audience is genre-savvy to Anew's Innovator traits - silly hair colour, silly name, near-identical appearance to another Innovator - then Tieria and Celestial Being aren't aware of such connections.
    • Well, in episode 21, Saji notices Setsuna's eyes are doing the golden-innovator thing, so I think that pretty much says that characters can notice it, and Revive and Healing also deduced that Setsuna was undergoing innovation just by watching his piloting. That also explains how Tieria deduced that the Garazzo's pilot was an innovator.
  • Why is Ribbons trying to make Louise a human innovator? She is obviously not in the best condition since she needs to take medication to even stay alive/and or be able to use quantum brainwaves. Ribbons could have made use of Nena Trinity instead or easily just raised another testube baby. Making Louise into an innovator just doesn't make any sense storywise.
    • Supposedly, Ribbons just had no more needs of Nena since season 1, hence why Ali was sent to kill the Trinities. Alas, out of Ribbons' prediction, Setsuna interrupted and saved Nena, then she went missing. The next time he spots her, not only she's alive, she is now with Regene, his lackey that went rogue and has been personally pimp-slapped. Ribbons does not take traitors well, and he just feels like finishing the job he couldn't finish in the past.
      • Just guessing here but I believe that Ribbons was unaware that 'project Trinity' actually managed to produce anything of value. It seems obvious that the Trinities were originally created in order for Ribbons to have a REAL innovator that he could control. Since non of the Trinities were activated through the Green particle spam from the twin drives they wouldn't have displayed all the abilities that Setsuna did. Louise was just a new project and another attempt at creating a real Innovator. When Ribbon's found out about the twin-drives and subsequently later when Setsuna turned into an innovator it was already to late to make use of Nena or create a new testube baby. A normal clone would just have been as mindless and useless as all those Bring and Nova clones Ribbon's massproduced. Speaking of Nena, it seems he was aware of her existence at least in episode 10 of S2 when he sent Ali to go stop Nena from hacking Veda.
    • Louise is a major sponsor of the A-Laws - perhaps the biggest. By turning her into an innovator, he's able to control her on some level. And of course, regardless of whether turning her into an innovator was necessary, giving her the medication to stay alive pretty much is if he wants her to keep giving him money. As to why he'd really want a human innovator beyond controlling Louise, I don't know, but it does make some sense that he'd do that to her.
    • Turning her into an Innovator is a must, since it is outlined in Aeolia Schenberg's Plan that humanity will evolve to Innovators. Louise Halevy, a human, is a prototype to that; her condition (exposure to GN Particles) is closer to make that goal happen. Ribbons know that GN particles exposure is a prerequisite to turning humans to Innovators.
  • When they captured Revive Revival, they captured his entire escape shuttle (Seraphim simply just grabbed the whole thing and started dragging it away), which included a GN-Tau Drive. When Revive escaped, he took the 0-Raizer, not his own escape shuttle thing. So Celestial Being has a GN-Tau drive sitting around. While it's inferior to the 'true' GN Drive, it's still something handy to have. They also have a mostly-intact Exia, which just needs arms and some patching up. Why not just plunk the Tau drive into Exia and have another Mobile Suit? Lord knows they need all the help they can get at this point.
    • Tau drives require recharging after battle, and output somewhat different particles from the originals. Celestial Being probably assumed that a condenser would work better with their equipment, so they didn't bother to recharge it.
    • What would be the point? The Exia's inferior to an Ahead, it's badly damaged, and there's no spare pilot for it. Plus, you're assuming CB still has it, and that it wasn't thrown in the dustbin as soon as the Ptolemy crew docked at a friendly base.
      • They can give it nice shiny new hax weapons, repaint it, and therefore sell another model kit. Also, if they can take the decades-old O Gundam out of storage...
      • They did.
    • First off, I think that the writers just missed that detail. Second off, even if they did have GN-Tau drive, I'm not sure that Celestial Being would use it given how nasty the false particles are. Certainly, they wouldn't use it unless they had to. Also, if they were really willing to use GN-Tau drives, they probably would have built one rather than use a particle storage tank for the Gundam 0. Building a GN-Tau drive wouldn't have been hard for them. Unlike the real ones, it doesn't require a trip to Jupiter. Of course, regardless of whether they had a GN-Tau drive from Revival and whether they would consider using one, about the only time that that might have made sense was when Lasse piloted the Gundam 0 briefly at the end of season 2, and given his medical condition caused by false GN particles, it may not have been at all safe for him to use a GN-Tau drive. So, all in all, it's seriously questionable that Celestial Being would even consider using a GN-Tau drive, and it's highly likely that the writers just missed the detail that capturing Revival would have netted them one.
      • Actually, only the Thrones, original 30 GN-Xs, GN Flag and possibly Arche have that issue. It was never a property of Tau drives, just an effect of tuning the particles for beam weapon efficiency in a certain way, and they fixed it over the time skip. If Arche has it, it's because Ali would see it as a benefit.

  • Which drive is the Ptolemiaos II using in the latest episodes? They aren't just using condensed particles, since they go TRANS-AM at one point. Did they refit that Tau drive they captured when they caught Revive Revival?
    • It probably has a giant particle tank of some sorts, hence why typically conservatively use its Trans-Am mode to do quick dodges and the like. (and in the 'trench run' episode, they had Arios' GN Drive rigged up to the Ptolemiaos II, probably because their onboard storage wasn't enough to use Trans-Am that long)
  • So as of the latest episode, we now know that the Gagas have guns: GN Vulcans mounted on their chests. They use them pretty well against Allelujah. So why weren't they using them from the start?
  • Death might be cheap for the innovators, but if Ribbons is also backed up in Veda, won't they have to destroy the whole system to get him thereby taking Tieria down with it?
    • "File:Ribbons Almark", "Move to: Recycle Bin", "Do you want to empty Recycle Bin? Y/N?" "Y".
      • Oh, and supplementary material released after the finale indicates that his backup is locked under seven levels of encryption, to the point it can't "really be considered Ribbons" anymore.
  • When they launch Exia in the latest episode, Ian complains about the "spare drive". But Exia's drive is attached to the 00, no? What was that all about, another translation flub?
    • They probably used a GN condenser like what they HAD on the 0 Gundam when Lasse was piloting it. Then, once they got over to what was left of the 00 they shoved the remaining GN drive into the Exia in place of the condenser.
    • In the translation I saw, Ian's complaint was that they hadn't got a spare drive for it. I assumed that it was launched either in a transport container or catapaulted on an unpowered flight-path to the battle location. (The former makes more real-world sense, but the latter is similar to other Gundam launches in past series.)

  • What exactly is the definition of Gundam in this continuity? In season one, it seemed like shorthand for mobile suits which use GN drives, but then the GN-XIII showed up and everything went straight to hell. What makes an Ahead or Gadessa less Gundam? Is it just the helmet design? Is this why Reborn Cannon abruptly changed to a "Gundam type"? Because it had the Gundam helmet? Is it a design philosophy? What does it mean.
    • For that matter, how can people look at a Throne and shout "it's a Gundam!"? It's completely red, uses the same colour particles as the Federation, and doesn't have a Gundam head.
      • While it's true that only the Gundams had sparkly "reactionless" drives at the point the Thrones showed up, the Thrones clearly look different, both in structure and in the type/colour of the drive emissions. I would have thought it would have taken a bit more for people to equate them with the Gundams, especially since each of the actual Gundams has the word "Gundam" stamped onto the body somewhere (as shown in the first ep). You also would also have figured SOMEONE would have made the connection between the Thrones and the Tau Drives used by the GN-X suits used in the final episodes of Season 1, which are clearly different than the Gundam drives.
      • I suppose them releasing particles with the same (verifiable) properties as the Gundams, which only the Gundams have had access to for the entire series up to this point, and them assisting the Gundams when they were in a tight spot had nothing to do with them identifying the Thrones as Gundams? Of course people made a connection with the Thrones and the Tau Drives; the world governments knew they had gotten the Tau Drives from a traitor within Celestial Being.
    • As far as I can tell the only straight way to decide if something is a Gundam in 00 is if it's called Gundam * something* or * something* Gundam.
    • My understanding was that the true gundams were the ones with true GN Drives, and that all of the suits with GN-Tau drives were misnamed when they were called Gundams. No one knew about GN-Tau drives when the Thrones showed up, so it seemed reasonable to call them Gundams. When the nations of the Earth got GN-Taus, the GN-XIII's were Gundams for simplicity's sake. The Aheads were likely meant to be the models that would replace the "Gundams". My guess is that Ribbons calls his machine a Gundam because it's an imitation of the 00.
    • They have the traditional Gundam "v-fins" on their foreheads. And I feel that they were designed to look far less humanoid than the original Gundams so that the negative connotations would ring even louder.
    • The closest thing that the series has as a definition for what a "gundam" is is rather philosophical. At one point, Lockon describes it as "The embodiment of the eradication of war." In this case, it could be said that the Gundams are the overt devices designed to be used for Celestial Being's armed interventions with the purpose of ending conflict and war in the world, hence Setsuna's obsession with "becoming a gundam." That's why the Thrones are referred to as gundams as well, since when they initially appear, they are conducting armed interventions like the previous group.
  • I'm just curious. Did anyone else notice the suspiciously familiar looking people popping up in the different crowds throughout the credit sequence of the final episode? The only reason I'm posting it here is because I can't for the life of me figure out what trope that falls under.
    • Those are Veda's repurposed Innovades. Veda has both pilot Innovades and general purpose Innovades who merge into the population to live and send back data for Veda to process. Their presence is probably meant to imply that Veda has a lot to do with the present status-quo. Though I like to think that Ribbons was reborn as an Azadistani citizen after getting stabbed in the face.
  • How about the Red Shirt Army of mass-produced Kamikaze Ahead suits used by Ribbons in the last battle? Surely, judging from their lack of direction-changing ability and low-level damage, missiles would be cheaper...
    • Ribbons is a monster. That is all.
  • The Surveyors. Apart from the scene involving the debate revolving around Team Trinity, they haven't really been addressed or brought up at all. Based on Alejandro's involvement, I assume that they are organizers of Celestial Being, but there's a suspicious lack of focus on them, even after Celestial Being's reemergence in season 2. Are there any background materials or anything that sheds any light on them, or do we have to wait for The Movie for clarification?
    • Concerning why they didn't show up in the second season, it's All There in the Manual that Ali hunted down and killed them all in between seasons, presumably on Ribbons's orders.
    • They are comprise of two groups; prominent people of the time and people from family of observers. They are some safe-lock if Veda or Celestial Being goes rogue or made a suspicious move. They can veto Veda's decision, in case they as a collective made a decision to do so. In Episode 16, they thought Veda did a suspicious move of hiding the information about the new Gundam Meisters, so they assessed the situation in that scene. The epsiode also showed how they debated about Celestial Being`s actions, only they didn't go anywhere since someone in them is opposing the recommendations.

  • Where on earth were Saji and Louise in the scene where she chokes him before seeing his ring? I can't see any way they could have got from the 0-Raiser cockpit to anywhere else without un-combining and hugely damaging 00-Gundam's fighting strength.
    • They were inside the Celestial Being.
  • Okay, what exactly is Veda's deal? How does it work exactly? How come Tieria and Regene managed to upload themselves into Veda when no other Innovator did after dying? Was it fucking with Ribbonz the entire time, waiting for a crucial moment to backstab him?
    • Regene had seen Ribbons do it, so he/she (not sure) knew it was possible. Quite possible that none of the other Innovades knew this. Probably helped Tieria do it when the time came. As for why Ribbons doesn't come back again after being killed by Setsuna, the last time he did that he was in control of Veda. This time, Tieria had control. He probably blocked any attempt Ribbons made to upload himself.
  • How come the 00 had the software to initiate Trans-Am Burst if its OS was independent of Veda? The GN Drive engineers have no idea about Innovation, so they can't have input it as a failsafe.
    • It was likely another 'Black Box' within the Gundams or the GN Drives. And in this Troper's impression, the OS used by the Gundams probably only 'phoned home' to Veda, so Celestial Being just rigged up a way to trick it into thinking that it had Veda's permission to operate.
    • Actually, Veda always have its eyes on the GN Drives, so its possible its a software from Veda. Ribbons didn't know about this; obviously, there are many things in Veda that cannot be unveiled easily.
  • Season 1, Episode 15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Celestial Being's entire reason for being there to stop a terrorist attack? So, why not just nuke them from orbit? It's already been demonstrated that the Lockon and the Cherudim can accurately hit orbital targets from the surface, so why not the reverse?
    • Just because you can snipe a moving train doesn't mean that you can snipe somebody on a moving train. The cannon is not the most practical of weapons. The space station was a huge target in an obvious trajectory, which also isn't trying to dodge. It's not the same for some dudes in mechs in a desert. They don't have a spotter, they don't have any satellite support, and the orbital gun doesn't look like it is rated to work in space what with all the ground condensers it had. (And they're using the Dynames at this point of time. The Cherudim comes later.)

  • How did they get Soma back onto the Ptolemaios after Sergei's death? Meaning, why would she have simply gone with Celestial Being, whom she considered her enemies?
    • Where else would she have gone? The A-LAWS? It was one of them that killed Sergei! And of course, she was reported dead. Besides, the impression I got was that the Soma and Marie personalities had more or less merged by that point: she reverted to being Soma because that's the name Sergei knew her by, and it was her only remaining connection to him. So she didn't consider Celestial Being her enemies: she still had Marie's memories and feelings.
  • Ribbons has thousands of Trans-Am powered suits with innovator pilots, but makes them a suicide squad and has them charge in predictable straight lines. Two questions: why give them pilots at all except to Kick the Dog, and why not equip them with a few guns and make them an unstoppable army rather than glorified bullets?
    • They actually had guns, but didn't use them in the attack. Which makes this even worse.
  • question regarding the GN-drive taus, why on earth didn't CB sue to the earth federation over them manufacturing knock offs? surely aeolia schenberg would have had the foresight to have the GN drive patented.(actually this is a criticism that could be applied to most black box technology and super prototypes in general)
    • Because if he had then everyone would know about them and everyone would have them.
      • Wat. I'm sorry, I don't think patent laws apply when you're notorious global terrorists who use high-end technology which isn't patented because nobody outside Celestial Being's head engineers know how it works. Do you think CB has a legal team hidden somewhere? Maybe some lobbyists trying to make their interventions legal?
      • Seriously, you can't patent a secret invention never shown to any state official, and even if you could, the patent would have long since become public in the 200 years from its invention.
      • Aside from the other mentioned points, let's assume that CB was interested in suing the Earth Federation for that, AND they had a legal team. All the Earth Federation would have to do is demand that they show up in court in person, and they'd win either way - if CB refused, the lawsuit would get dropped; if CB accepted, the Earth Federation could simply arrest or assassinate them.
  • Why did Ribbons hack into Veda to recommend Setsuna as a Meister? I understand why he spared him all those years before, but Ribbons Almark has demonstrated time and again that he has a massive god complex and is an utter sociopath, so why did he do that? It seemed out of character.
    • Probably because he was aware that the Ptolemy crew was supposed to be killed at the end of S1. That's why he didn't go himself. As for why Setsuna specifically: You mentioned it yourself, it's Ribbons' God complex. Set looked at 0 gundam (so indirectly at Ribbons) as if it were a god, and Ribbons played god for him due to his massive ego. He's just toying around with him. Setsuna, with his love for gundam, is in theory easy to manipulate.
    • Branching off the God Complex thing, basically Ribbon's wanted Setsuna to be a Gundam Meister because he considered Setsuna his first "worshiper" in a sense. If you think about it Setsuna and Ribbons both pretty much created each others personalities for the main story line. Because of the Gundam Ribbon's was piloting Setsuna became obsessed with Gundams and thought of them as a god, starting his strange Gundam fetish. While Ribbons saw this random kid who stared up at him as if he were a god, and this started his "A God am I" complex.
    • It was suggested Ribbons put his "worshipper" in CB in case he might be useful to him later. After all if early season 1 Setsuna had been approached by Ribbons and told he was the pilot that saved him back then, then Setsuna would have gladly worshipped the ground Ribbons walked on and lived and died for him. However stupidly, Ribbons proceeded to ignore Setsuna for 7 years, at which point Setsuna managed to mostly resolve his issues and and channel his issues into more heroic actions instead of Gundam worshipping Zealotry. So by the time Ribbons finally found a use for Setsuna (he was becoming an Innovator and had the 00 which Ribbons wanted) it was too late. Setsuna no longer needed his past held over him, and seeing the Alaws horror first hand made him actively hate Ribbons. This might have been intentional seeing as Ribbons is shown to be arrogant and egotistical to the point of it actively crippling him.
  • What ever happened to the poltical figures from Season 1 during Season 2? In S1, we get several scenes of them, providing their personal insight and reactions. It was nice to see their POV. Then by Season 2, they disappear?
    • Ribbons set up a puppet government in the Time Skip. Politicians who had risen to power themselves, and were not under his control, are a threat. Most likely he either had them assassinated or simply maneuvered them out of office through some legal means. No real point in seeing the puppet officials' POV because Ribbons is the government at that point. His POV is the only one of any real consequence.
    • Even so, you'd think they give them some ending. They were an important part of Season 1, and more interesting than the villains the show ended with.
    • Didn't the leaders appear in the 00 Movie as part of the new President's Cabinet? I think I saw them when everyone was reacting to the flower made by the ELS. I think the Union and HRL leaders were there.
  • I'm surprised this is only being brought up now, but at the end of the last episode of S2, there's a conference. As the camera shows who is there, you can clearly see a woman that looks waaay to much to Anew Returner, only she's wearing a suit and glasses. What's up with that?
    • That one actually looks more like Revive Revival, albeit female (who is Anew's pair-mate among the Innovades anyway). Probably a production-model Innovade tasked with assisting the new female president of the Federation; she had more screentime in Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer if you must.
  • What's up with H/Allelujah's tactics vs Hilling's Garrazo in the final fight? Yeah, it was awesome, but it was stupid. Arios has much better guns than the Garrazo and is a hell of a lot faster, so why didn't he just stay at a distance and blast the Garrazo to death. Failing that, why on earth did he throw away the GN cannon by using it as a club while he had a beam saber left and then launch the ramming attack that gave Hilling a chance to actually cause damage without bothering to rip off the remaining arm like he did the first. H/Allelujah is ruthless, not stupid. It probably wouldn't have saved him from Ribbons attack, but Ribbons was so using plothax for that stunt with the fin fangs it isn't funny. We already know super soldiers have the reflexs to blast fangs out of the sky from when Soma did it to the Throne Zwei's fangs using a GN-X's head guns after all.
    • Welcome to Gundam, you must be new here. Fights haven't been finished at range in fifteen years. Always melee.
    • What Arios have is a pea shooter when shooting at Garazzo's armour. Agreed on pincer, but Hallleujah just loves those apparently. Also, GN Fangs =/= GN Fin Fangs, the former apparently is like a paper airplane compared to the latter.
    • And this is Hallelujah we're talking about, he likes doing things with some flair just to prove how much superior he is to an enemy pilot. And given that a few minutes before hand, Soma/Marie nearly bought it during the kamikaze attacks from the Innovades, it was probably a bit of Catharsis Factor for Allelujah as well
  • How come, post-Azadistan, Graham never bothered asking Setsuna his name during their fights, even in A Wakening of the Trailblazer, he has or had yet to ask Setsuna his name, what gives?
    • You really think he would tell him?
      • Okay, maybe not Setsuna, but what about during the movie, where Feldt and Graham were looking at Setsuna's post-Mind Rape body after the latter saved him, he could have asked Feldt then and there, right?
      • Setsuna is Gundam. Odds are that Graham remembers Setsuna by the name of the mobile suit he uses.
  • In one episode, we see Setsuna (fully-clothed) diving into the water and entering Exia. How come the water didn't short out the controls in the cockpit? How was the water evacuated? And did he dried his clothes while flying?
    • You really think the only season 1 unit that's remotely effective underwater isn't waterproofed like hell?
    • If you watch episode 5 again and look closely, you see that Setsuna actually swims down to a gundam container, the same as on the island and fitted to the Ptolemaios, presumably it has an airlock.
  • I've thought about this for a while now and it really bugs me: How did Celestial Being retrieve Kyrios' GN Drive after the great battle in the Season 1 Finale? It was revealed in Season 2 that Kyrios was captured by the HRL, that's why they had Allelujah in that prison thing for all those 4 years. Did he eject the GN Drive like what Tieria did with Nadleeh? If so, how come CB wasn't able to locate and recover Kyrios like what they did with Nadleeh?
    • One the side stories says that Allelujah ejected the drive. When Tieria ejected his drive the screens show that it started to move towards the assault container while Nadleeh was drifting away. Newton's second law of motion, push something one way and you go the other. By the time the CB crew had recovered Nadleeh's Drive, Tieria and Kyrios' drive, Kyrios had drifted to the enemy fleet and been captured, he wasn't far away from Sergei and Soma remember and a rescue party was obviously coming for them.
    • One of the manga stories reveals one of the manga only characters recovered it. And left Kyrios and Allelujah at the mercy of the HRL even though he could have saved him because he's kind of a sociopath jerk and his orders were just to get the Drive back. He also kicked Patrick's GN-X remains away out of spite which is what ended up putting him in a position to be rescued. Nadleeh's drive on the other hand was recovered by Feldt and Ian and they of course also took back Tieria.
  • In season 1 episode 5 Louise and Saji almost fall off the Lower Ring due to Earth's gravity. Why aren't there hand rails or something on that thing?
    • They were tethered to the station. Even if they fell, they wouldn't go far, and could easily be pulled back up (it'd be a bit of a hassle, but not too hard).
  • So, what ever happened to the ideas involving the GN Arms seen in Season One? The only thing I've gathered, is one called 00V which mentions that after Season 2, CB was hurting a bit on funding, channeling funding primarily to the repairs, and upgrades to the S1 and S2 Gundams, the next generation of GN Condensers to be used in the Qan[T], and the Qan[T] itself (though apparently, still having enough funds to make things like 00 Seven Swords G). Was that the case after Season 1 as well, and thus why we never see the GN arms again? Or did CB just look at how little usage they got before they were destroyed, and decided upgrade kits like the one for Kyrios, and then later in Season 2, Cherudim and Arios, and combining units like Raiser and Archer were more effective?
    • The 0 Raiser is a direct technological descendant of the GN Arms. It ups the 00 Gundam's capabilities far more than the GN Arms ever did to the Exia and is a great deal smaller. I believe it's also mentioned that the Innovators' Empruss and Regnant Mobile Armors are a derivative design of the GN Arms as well. Besides, the firepower of standard second season Gundams was rapidly approaching the firepower of Arms-equipped first season Gundams, especially with Trans-Am taken into account (the GN Arms were built before they knew about Trans-Am) and the movie's Gundams completely outclass the GN Arms on their own. So it isn't necessarily that they forgot about them, as the GN Arms were obsolete.
  • How the heck was Billy able to replicate Trans-Am via Professor Eifman's notes? Eifman died before anybody other than Veda itself knew that Trans-Am existed. And his most up-to-date notes would've presumably been in the same building as his office and thus blown up.
    • How do you know that Eifman only had physical notes? Cloud File Storage exists, so it's possible that Eifman had uploaded his notes onto a cloud. Enough time had passed since Trans-Am had been introduced in season 2; someone would've eventually figured it out by then.
      • That still doesn't explain how Eifman could've figured out anything about how Trans-Am works, when he died before it was even revealed to exist. Not even Ribbons knew about the existence of Trans-Am at that time.
      • It could be that Eifman had come up with theories about how the Gundams and GN drives operate. Then Billy used Eifman's research as a basis for his own and with access to the GN drive Taus he was able to figure it out.
  • For an advanced computer system like VEDA, its security system sure is non-existent.
Shouldn't Aeolia Schenberg have the foresight to at least have a firewall or some kind of anti-hacking program installed? Just look what happened with Alejandro and Ribbons.

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