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  • A-LAWS is an acronym like SEAL, "Autonomous- Land Air Water Space."
  • Speaking of weird acronyms, the communistic Human Reform League seems like it should be "People's Reform League", and the official translation comes off as a bit Engrish-y. This actually makes sense, as not only do none of the HRL's member states have a significant English-speaking population, they are actively hostile to most if not all of the countries that do.
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  • At the end of Season 1, the announcement of the Federation has over 300 nations supporting the initiative. There are roughly 200 nations today, so serious political separatism would have been necessary to create that many countries during the wars before Celestial Being.
  • The Trinity siblings' whole existence. Their "work" consists of shooting at soldiers, munition workers and the like. Then it appeared later that the Trinities' work is getting shot at, not shooting at people. Their sorties assigned by Ribbons are meant to accumulate hate for Celestial Being, creating a chance for him to deploy the GN-Xs and Innovades. The Trinities had little support from the Ptolemy crew and used inferior machines. They aren't able to fight well if anyone gets KIA since their tactic relied on co-operation heavily. With a bit of luck they're not destroyed in their first contact with the GN-Xs, so Ribbons had to dispose them through Ali. Nena survives, but Ribbons eventually gets her killed as well. So, all the Trinities ever amounted to were pawns for FUCKING RIBBONS! Draco in Leather Pants aside, that's sad.

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