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Nightmare Fuel / Mobile Suit Gundam 00

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"You came here to kill! You're killing people because it's your job? At least pull the trigger with your own emotions! Pull it for yourself and do it without mercy!"
In two seasons, Gundam 00 proved itself to be one of the darkest incarnations of Gundam.

  • The series opens with young Setsuna fighting in a war zone with his Child Soldier comrades' bloody corpses, all because some religious reasons.
    • Oh but then it gets better later on when we finally meet the guy who made him the way he is. Mainly because we learn that it wasn't religion that forced Setsuna to start fighting... it was because of a PMC being paid to make war happen.
  • The first time Virtue Gundam shows up, it straight up melted an entire Helion mobile suit. Tieria then is such a cold-hearted mission-driven meister, even Allelujah commented that it was pretty excessive.
    • Looking back, he is just one step away from being a completely power-driven Innovade like the rest of Ribbon Almarks' gang, hadn't for Lockon's existence.
  • In episode 5, Soma Peries suddenly went berserk and shooting up an orbital elevator that parts of it came off with hundreds of civilians inside it, teetering to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. And HRL just carried on with their Child Soldier program regardless...
  • Ali al-Saachez from is absolutely terrifying. The thought of anyone being so cruel and doing horrible things just because he can, and wanting war to continue endlessly because he enjoys it.
    Ali: "Oh ho! So you're his brother?"
    Lockon: "Something funny about that?"
    Ali: "It makes killing you even sweeter!"
    Lockon: "What in the hell is wrong with you!?"
    Ali: "It's just WHO I AM!"
  • Hallelujah, who is just as terrifying as the Bloody Ali. Ribbons Almark and his Innovator minions—including Nena Trinity—are just as terrifying.
  • "You have witnessed too much." Looking back on it, VEDA's capabilities is terrifying.
  • Team Trinity, and the conclusion that they're ultimately created to be disposable from the beginning.
  • Every time when Ribbons activates Louise Halevy's quantum brainwaves.
  • After Louise succeeds in killing Nena Trinity, when she finally breaks down, desperately asking for praise from her deceased parents and feeling empty after her revenge is absolutely terrifying.
    • In episode 22 of season 2, unable to cope with her sadness and anger after killing Nena Trinity, she begins remembering her last words and starts giggling with her Psychotic Smirk (plus her eyes start glowing, showing that her quantum brainwaves have been activated), indicating that Louise already completely lost her mind.
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    • Between the end of episode 23 and later in episode 24, Louise, who has at this point completely lost her sanity, shows up with Regnant and wildly attacks 00-Raiser. She refuses to hear Saji's words and blames Celestial Being for robbing her future and causing chaos in the entire world. Her mental condition is worsening after Setsuna attacks Andrei's Ahead, and she attempts to use a suicide attack to kill both Setsuna and Saji, outright saying that she just wants them dead and doesn't care if she dies as well. Luckily, this is stopped after Louise is knocked out and fell unconscious after the Regnant is knocked down by GAGA's, but the scene is still very unsettling.
    • When Louise regains her consciousness, she chokes Saji and tries to kill him for the sake of revenge, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to her and her family. Her face when she does it is very scary with her eyes still glowing, which can make you terrified, angry or maybe feel sympathy at the same time to her due the horrible things that Ribbons has done to her.
  • Ribbons Almark is a living symbol of how utterly horrifying when world-changing power (literal or otherwise) gets used without humanity to accompany it. The prime example being the mind-controlling of Anew Returner, an ability no other characters in the series possess and a complete disregard of humans' lives.
    • All those suicide Gagas in the final battle. Need we remind you that there are living, breathing pilots inside them?
  • Season 2 introduces the Automatons, unmanned killing machines used by the A-Laws that are both scarily effective and entirely indiscriminate in their attacks. As such, any scene where they appear is likely to involve disturbing amounts of violence and death.

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