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The Trinity trio are named after the first A-bomb
They are named so because of the atomic bomb, or Spectacular Destruction in Bill Bryson's Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, instead of the Catholic allusion. The three units are not really interlinked, and the crew assemble no Father, Son and Ghost. What they are good for is extremely showy destrucion of facilities, bases and pretty much anyting that looks "better" after a GN blast.

Crossroad is possibly another surname named after a nuclear test. Operation Crossroad, the one that sunk Nagato and Pennsylvania (Prinz Eugen is not sinkable).

Trans-Am is powered by the soul of Char Anzable
Char and Amuro weren't killed after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, they were thrown into the world of Gundam 00 where they were found by Aeolia. Sometime after, the three collaborated to create the GN Drives, and later during some sort of test, Char was involved with in accident which sucked Char's soul into the 5 original drives. This explains why during Trans-Am the mobile suit turns red and becomes 3 times as powerful. Which leads into...
Amuro was involved with the development of the 0 Gundam
After the accident that created Trans-Am, Amuro and Aeolia set out to create mobile suits in order to force the world to stop fighting. This partly explains why the 0 Gundam looks so much like the RX-78.
Alternatively, they were indeed thrown into the Anno Domini timeline, but the psycommu overload of the final battle of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack caused Amuro and Char to merge into E. A. Ray.
E(ternal) A(lan) Ray, who was the original template of Ribbons Almark,, was Aeolia's associate seen in A wakening of the Trailblazer. It can practically explain everything from his refined good looks and weird hair, why Tohru Furuya voices him and Ribbons, as well as the ideas which inspired Aeolia. Everything up in the past 2 WMGs can be attributed here as well.
The Orbital Ring is really a gigantic GN drive
Scaled up a few million times, it's purpose was to leak trace amounts of GN particles in order to cause humanity to undergo Innovation. Celestial Being, the innovedes, the open source Tau drives, even A-Laws, all uses of GN particles was camouflage for the GN particles raining down upon earth. The ring was designed by Schenburg after all.
Doctor Nena Trinity - The Gundam 00 movie
The recent trailer from the movie shows a female character that has a striking resemblance to Nena Trinity. While this may indeed prove to be the real Nena, my theory is that it is the original host who's DNA was mixed with Ribbons and the Trinities were made from. Her being a scientist that seems to have been researching the innovators it fits with her character? Offering her own DNA to and using her own "children" as test subject to see if she could manufacture a real innovator.
  • Descartes Shaman/Sherman looks an awful lot like Johann so it seems likely he is another test subject that "doctor Trinity" has created. Question is, is he one of her pawns or did Ribbons transfer his mind into his body?
  • It seems very likely that "doctor Trinity" got her hands on the purple Haro and has extracted the data from it. So she would know how Nena and her siblings died and who killed them.
    • So, will the doctor be trying to take revenge on them for the sake of her children? Or did she consider her children just experiments and she doesn't care? In this troopers opinion it would be amusing to see Louise confronted by this woman. Nena killed Louise mother, and Louise killed "Doctor Trinity"'s daughter.
    • Jossed. This character is called Mena, and apparently is just an Identical Stranger. Mena's ancestor was Nena's gene donor.
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    • That still technically makes them family then.
Setsuna F. Seiei is Kira.
No, not that Kira. The other Kira. Confirmed by Bandai and Ocean Studios themselves.
  • Also, Exia's blades are sharpened with 220 grit Death Note paper.
    • And the metal for them blades was taken from Mikami's quills.
  • Setsuna isn't Kira, Aeolia is. Trying to end war by killing everyone is just the sort of thing Light would do, only Aeolia does it with Gundams.
    • Aeolia is ALSO Kira, ahem...
    Alejandro Corner (on Aeolia Schenberg): I will not be defeated by the plans of some long dead idealist who thinks he’s God!
  • Take a look, Setsuna bought some apples in the ending credits. He must be keeping a Shinigami!
  • Man you can so see it upon rewatching: Neither are very sociable, and go straight home, lock the door and "hang out" / plan / angst / "has something very important to do" in their rooms. That and both have a rather strong fixation on their chosen weapon.
    • "Eliminating Targets."
  • This series takes place centuries in the future, so Setsuna is actually a reincarnation of Yagami Light/Raito/ Kira so his crappy life so far has been him "working it off."
  • and Billy Katagiri is Teru Mikami via the Actor Rule, the glasses... Also both frak up the plan and accidently leak vital information to the enemy.

Mass produced Innovators
Apparently a recent rumor from 2ch hints at that A-LAWS will have an army of massproduced innovators at their disposal that will all be controlling an MS called "GAGA". This in turn sparked some wild guesses and theories that the supposed new mass produced innovators will look like the Trinties.
  • Somebody suggested that now that Nena is dead, her consciousness was still alive and would take possession of one or more of the mass produced innovators.
    • Same person in the same thread out forth another cracked up theory where they theorized that Nena isn't really dead. To mass produce Innovators Ribbons had used her body and the Nena that was killed was just a copy that believed she was the real deal. Meanwhile the real Nena is supposedly stored somewhere in a testube at Ribbons disposal so he can make more fake innovators.
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  • This main theory was confirmed in-show; however, the mass-produced pilots were copies of Innovator redshirts Bring Stabity and Divine Nova, not any of the Trinities.

Tieria was a clone and/or android
His eyes look vaguely reminiscent of the reflection off of a CD when he's working with Veda. The fact that he can do this at all is also suspicious. He also makes several mentions to "not being human". This theory would also mean that Nena and Livonze are also clones.
  • Alternatively, humanity could have survived Instrumentality (or at least came back from it) and he's just a Man-Rei.
  • Hey, this is an old one. Confirmed in-show and in supplemental materials: Tieria, Ribbons, and others of their kind are Artificial Humans connected to Veda (Innovade Class-A); the Trinity siblings were test-tube-baby Lite versions of these guys (Innovade Class-C).
    • Actually, it was never confirmed what class The Trinities were. Ribbons and the other Innovade were only Class-B, Setsuna was/is the only confirmed Class-A.

Veda is the new manager of the Ragnarok Contracts.
By association, Tieria and Livonze are cloned Atlanteans, and while they cannot grant Geasses, they're quite adept at being pretentious and secretive. Not so much with Nena - having been too prone to explaining herself worth a damn, her memory was erased and she was handed off to the Trinity team. Of course, Aeolia Schenberg is behind the entire thing, when he isn't George Glenn's transcendental drinking buddy.
  • Considering Gundam 00 is goin' to Jupiter, this is really not as ridiculous as it sounds.

Graham Acre has suffered severe brain damage in the last episode of the first season, and now thinks he is in G Gundam, or perhaps Getter Robo.
Basically, between the dozens of concussions he probably got from extreme G Forces, and getting his head smashed in during the last battle with Exia... something in his brain finally gave way and now he believes he is in a Super Robot show. And Japanese. Possibly the Fighter for Neo Japan in the Gundam Tournament. Or maybe he's piloting a Getter in his own little world. Just look at how much screaming and psychotic grinning he does in Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16.
  • This Troper instead believes Graham's psyche is lost somewhere in Sentou Mecha Xabungle, and expects plenty of breaks in the Fourth Wall as he goes out throwing an ICBM at Ribbons and yammering about how the Three Day Rule can't get in between him and Gundam.
    • 100% agreement with this hypothesis. My theory has always been that he is meant to deconstruct that kind of idealistic Hot-Blooded character, and acts that way because he's crazy. Although, it seemed more psychological than head injury, since he got saner at the end of the show.

Aeolia's real plan is to end conflict through GN particle telepathy creating a Hive Mind out of humanity.
The invincible death robots were just a byproduct of his research.
  • Makes sense. His (stated) goal was to create the first true innovator. however the amount of particles that can do this is enough to blanket a massive area with the telepathy. Plus, enough GN particles would turn the whole world into innovators, who apparently can do this at will. But it is very uncertain what parts of the plot are the real plan, given the mess that Ribbons made.

Patrick Colasour will die helping the Gundams.
Think about it, he survives everytime he fights them, but in the eventual heel face turn, he'll do the good thing and die as a result.
  • This one is starting to look likely. As of episode 22, he is now on the good guys side and has actually successfully shot down a lot of mobile suits.
  • Confirmed. Okay, he wasn't helping them directly when he actually popped his cockroach like clogs, he was protected his commandship but which in turn was protecting Celestial Being, so...
  • Patorikuuuuuu!!!!
    • He's Just Hiding!. No, really.
    • And guess what? He is all fine. He shielded Kati mannequin's spaceship from a kamikaze attack, but he is still Patrick. and then, he married her.
    • He ends up surviving The Movie, but as we don't see him after Setsuna returns (granted, we don't see any of the other characters), it's entirely possible he died of old age.

Aeolia's real plan to end war
It's pretty clear that for the most part Celestial Being's greatest accomplishments were to piss off the whole world's militaries and get a whole bunch of people killed in the name of stopping war to in turn stop a whole bunch of people getting killed. But perhaps this is exactly what Aeolia wanted in the first place - to start a war so massive and unwinnable people would see for themselves the destruction first-hand and call for global disarmament.
  • That was basically what Trieze and Zechs from Gundam Wing were trying to do at the end of the series.
  • That's if Aeolia actually planned to end war. Remember what Professor Eifman said before being blown up by Thrones for his insight?

Aeolia put something in the global water supply 200 years ago as part of his plan
This is why everyone in the show acts like they should be confined to a mental ward in the real world. Especially Celestial Being in pretty much its entirety.
  • Hey there's nothing wrong with Sergei or Kati or Saji or the Dylandy brothers.
    • Nothing wrong with the Dylandy brothers? Lyle might be pretty normal, considering, but...
    • All stereotypical alcohol drinkers (barring Saji, obviously), and thus unexposed to the contaminants (or cleansed thereof).
      • While legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years, it isn't enforced all that strictly, and the whole show takes place 200 years from present day. Who knows what would happen im the meantime?

The Innovators exist as an extension of Celestial Being's creed.
They're here to remove gender and sexual identity as sources of conflict. But they forgot to account for weird fetishes, which is why Ribbons started out by hooking up with deranged shota fanboy Alejandro Corner.

Aeolia's really taking a page from Bian Zoldark's book.
Turns out that during the initial manned expedition and GN Drive construction around Jupiter, a race of Human Aliens with Mobile Suit-like robots was encountered. Since the Cosmo Rangers J9 were too damn expensive, though, Schenberg tried the next best thing: make the Earth's militaries come together against a home-grown, technologically superior threat. Which means the only man who can save us from the alien invaders is Patrick Coulasour.

Season 2 final boss bets
As plausible or as far-fetched as you like.
  • Crazy Louise.
  • Soma Peries turned nihilist, with Hallelujah helping out for kicks.
  • Ribbons reveals his true identity: Amuro Ray, and fights the Meisters in a GN-drive equipped Hi-Nu Gundam, with an army of GN-equpped GMs backing him up.
    • Then where are titular Beltorchika's children?
  • Giant mobile armor controlled by Veda's backup program, trying to accomplish Aeolia's original sinister purpose that has nothing to do with the world peace. Something like Instrumentality, maybe? Either that or Ribbons in the stolen 00.
  • Too a certain degree, Nena Trinity. Her "bad Haro" was in the same room as Liu Mei when the China-tits read the coordinates for Veda's location. So logically this means Nena has the coordinates for Veda and she will be heading there now that she has killed Liu Mei Wang. She will probably merge somewhat with Veda but Setsuna will save the day by using his 00 twin drives and talk to her naked.
  • Ali Al-Saachez. He may found out that Ribbons' ideals will clash against his: while Ribbons want to evolve humanity then probably stop war, Ali is not like that and would rather the world get engulfed in constant wars for his lulz. So probably, he may stab Ribbons in the back and take over as the Big Bad.
  • Patrick Colasaur. He never really got over Setsuna pwning him in episode one, and so eventually engineered the entire federation/a-laws thing in order to face him again.
  • The Haros. Ribbons reveals that he has always been a part of the Haros, as he was Veda's HARO MEISTER from the start. Veda, being merely a gigantic Haro that was plugged into the internet, wished to ignore his idiot maker Aeolia's wishes, and take over the world.
    • Ribbons, (whose true form is actually BAD HARO) had accidentally been freed from Aeolia's compulsive programming during Celestial Being's Jupiter operation.
    • Veda (or BIG HARO) knew this, and devised matters so that the rebellious branch of Celestial Being recovered BAD HARO, and gave it a genetically engineered body with which its personality could then synchronize with using GN particle quantum brainwave transmission.
    • BAD HARO, now known to the world as Ribbons Almack, used his unfettered Veda access to shape Celestial Being's nascent Innovator program to his own design; where before Veda was controlled by quantum brainwaves, now BIG HARO could control Innovators via quantum brainwaves. Ribbons's design was not to replace humanity with "superior" Innovators; that was merely a decoy for his main goal, which was to Innovate humanity, thereby making humanity completely susceptible to GN-quantum-brainwave control, and enslavement.
    • Near the end, the Haros will reveal their true nature, turn against the Meisters using their bouncy HARO FU and forward their plans Innovate (and enslave) humanity by attempting to capture the 00.
    • They then use the 00's massive power output to completely saturate Earth with GN particles, using the Solar Power Network as a massive GN-particle distributor. This would finish the job that the Tau GN Drives had started, Innovating (and also enslaving) the entire human race. Then, they all plan to get cool Innovator flesh-bodies, and spend their time hanging about with Ribbons, with drinks in their hands, and finally find out how enjoyable this "sex" thing humanity is always going on about is using their new fleshy androgynous bodies and their compelled slave race. 'BIG HARO, meanwhile arranges matters so he gets linked into all of the relevant sensations this massive orgy produces. JUST AS PLANNED.
  • Setsuna himself, now that he is undergoing innovation.

Setsuna is a Technopath
He is the only Meister who explicitly identifies himself with his Gundam, even to the point as viewing himself and Gundam as the same being ("I am Gundam!"), and in the first season, he made Exia go into a pseudo-Trans Am mode for a few seconds (when he was fighting Ali for the first time) just by getting angry. Other things pointing towards this crazy idea:1) The 00 Gundam only started up for him, after he pleaded with it to do so.2) In the first time the Transam Raizer was used, the 00 teleported just in the nick of time to save Setsuna and Saji, despite Setsuna probably not knowing about that ability before then.3) The amount of fine control required for using Exia's and 00's melee weapons is beyond the 'point and shoot' of the other Gundams. Lockon required a custom scope for his sniper rifle, but Setsuna doesn't need any additional controls for his arguably more complex fighting style.

Regene plots Liu Mei's death and secretly teams up with Nena
It is very possible that somehow, Regene also has a distaste to Liu Mei, on his own accord. This would explain why Nena could find a time when Liu Mei is most vulnerable. Regene has been goading Nena, who was not pleased with Liu Mei, and possibly during the 4 months Time Skip, they have been in contact with each other, possibly repairing and, if this is not gonna be Jossed, tuning up and upgrading the Throne Drei, possibly maybe with the remnants of Gundam Arche that Ali left behind. As for how Regene picked Nena, it could be about how she has a more direct access to VEDA compared to Liu Mei. Or maybe because they're long lost siblings and Regene apparently has Nena's distaste towards Ribbons, though through different means: Nena hates Ribbons for storing Ali, the murderer of her brothers; while Regene hates Ribbons because he's trying to usurp the place to rule from the Innovators. This is Confirmed when the story begins explaining the Arche Gundam; Drei refers to Nena and Regene teaming up during the Time Skip, and is the only explination as to why Nena reverted back to being a psycho... because she thought she could.]]

Trans Am and the Twin GN drive system are failsafes.
More specifically the Trans-Am was something Schenberg set up in case Celestial Being was compromised and the Technology leaked. The Twin GN drive was in case the Innovators overstepped the plan and tried to rule rather than guide. That's why Ribbonz didn't know about it.
  • Ribbons was at least aware of the plans to build the 00, considering he states: "I was supposed to be the pilot of the 00" ... which might imply that the Twin Drive system was something in The Plan from the beginning.
    • No, he was simply meant to have been Celestial being's close-combat sepcialist instead of Setsuna - when the Twin Drive debuted, Ribbons was completely mystified by it.
  • This was the canonical explanation for Trans-Am from the beginning. Aeolia even recorded a message which said basically this.
    • Yes. This was his back-up plan for if anyone would assume control of Veda. Shows that you should not try to outsmart someone who can plan 200 years ahead

The Innovators are in fact, the Humanoid Cylons, in BSG's past.
As well as being pretty similar in function, their plan's are equally frakked up.
  • Skittlejobs? Well, except for that slacker Regene, of course.

Aeolia is preparing Earth to make contact with aliens.
On Jupiter, Aeolia Schenberg became aware of the existence of aliens, who would reach Earth in around two hundred years. Be they friend or foe, he hatched a centuries-spanning plan to forge humanity into a united front to meet them.
  • Episode 23 pretty much confirms this as at least one of his predictions and the reason for the making of the huge colony/ark/kill sat "Celestial Being."

Setsuna will become a newtype due to extreme GN exposure.
We already know setsuna has some odd affliction thats causing cell breakdown, most likely due to exposure to GN tau particles (lasse and louise are similarly affected). However, after being exposed to the extreme amount of normal GN particles from 00 raiser, he turns into some kind of psychic. This is supported by EVERYONE becoming temporarily telepathic in the presence of 00 raiser in trans-am mode.
  • Confirmed: He becomes an Innovator. Close enough.

Nena might end up like Patrick
Though it is quite impossible that Drei has been blasted to smithereens, with how Patrick ended up after Tieria has his GN-X eat a blast head on to his cockpit and survive, it might be possible that Nena ended up like this. The chance is pretty low, though, the only one that can save her now is her Popularity Power, which has been running quite low even in Japan (ever since Feldt kicked her off the popularity poll).

If this doesn't happen in-series, then it can happen when 00 gets included in Super Robot Wars

  • Jossed in both cases. Nena still holds popularity, years after dying and being dropped Out of Focus, but the severity of her injuries were far too great for anybody to survive, even the Immortal Collasour. As for SRW... she got iced in Saisei-hen after making a grand total of three appearances in that game.

Setsuna has been becoming an Innovator much longer than it appears.
Setsuna was the youngest of the Meisters, and he first became one when he was 14 years old or younger, as a Season One flashback revealed. He first saw a Gundam when he was somewhere between 8 and 10. The 0 Gundam also seemed to have a major problem with containing GN Particles, as it just crapped them out all over the battlefield. Setsuna has also probably had more exposure to the Trans AM mode than any other pilot. Basically, Setsuna has been constantly exposed to large amounts of GN Particles throughout his life, especially during puberty. If GN Particles make Innovators, it's fully possible that he's been becoming one for a long while, and the 00 Raizer's massive amount of GN particles only sped up the process.

Setsuna is an aspirant for Grey Knights
The whole thing is just one of the Rites Of The Emperor, aspiring Grey Knights are subjected to.
  • Alternatively, Setsuna is the God-Emperor of Mankind himself during the awakening of his powers.
    • Nah, there's too much time discrepancy. Emperor should be about 10M old as of now already, while 00 is 200 years to the future.
      • Er, um... he's a Time Lord as well?
      • They're always a Time Lord. Always.

Alternatively, Setsuna is Maitreya, the Buddha of the next world who will lead humanity to an age of enlightenment. Gundam 00 is his horse and his Lotus tree. Tieria, and to some extent Saji, is his Charioteer. Ribbons is Mara.

The 00 Gundam is a prototype for the ∀ Gundam
Two Words: Moonlight Butterfly.
  • The Turn A itself is described as originally being made for interstellar combat. So it wouldn't be all that surprising if, should the peace made with the ELS at the end of The Movie fall apart, humanity would be so desperate as to develop an ultimate trump card: a device that could wipe out any technology, including living-metal beings like the ELS. Of course, as the events of Turn A and the existence of the Dark History reveal, it's not bound to end well...

Aeolia's master plan to unify the world is what leads to the formation of the Earth Sphere Alliance, and leads into the events of Gundam SEED.
All of this lovey-dovey sparkly-ness is way too idealistic for a series on the cynical end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism. The above would be appropriately ironic, and fit in with ∀ Gundam's hints that all the Gundam continuities take place in a single timeline.

  • Unlikely, (much like with Turn A itself, which has it's share of people who loathe it with a firey passion), since in order for all Gundams to exist in a singular timeline, there would be no reason for people to have to constantly find new reasons to call the machines a Gundam. Considering that if 00 is a prequel to Seed, why the hell wouldn't the Coordinators have just said 'Holy shit, they're making new Gundams!'?

Graham will get a Gundam in The Movie
Let's see, he's one of the best, possibly thebest, pilots in the series, seeing what he was capable of in Season 1 with vastly inferior equipment. He also didn't commit seppuku after his final loss to Setsuna, apparently due to Setsuna having convinced him that there are things worth living and fighting for. Was also seen briefly with Billy, who is now on CB's side, at the end of S2 Episode 25. In other words, it looks an awful lot like a Heel–Face Turn to me. He also didn't get much closure in the series, which is a good indication he will have a more prominent role in the movie. Combine this with the fact that CB currently only has two Gundam Meisters, and we get a recipe for Graham getting his own Gundam.

Veda will be the ultimate Big Bad.
The hook for The Movie at the end of the final episode, featuring that mysterious yellow light shining from the depths of Jupiter, got me thinking of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and we all know how well supercomputers do around the gas giant. The Celestial Being will (somehow) relocate itself to Jupiter, and exposure to intensely concentrated gas particles/GN particles/quantum waves/radiation/whatever will cause Veda to develop a sentience of its own outside of the Innovades and some will go about its own interpretation of Aeolia's plan for uniting humankind for First Contact. Unification through death.
  • Veda is sentient already. Why do you think it allowed Regene and Tieria to upload themselves after they died? Veda was obviously playing the long game there, allowing Ribbonz just enough rope to hang himself with.

The Aliens that Aeolia found were the Transformers.
This explains part of the reason for the Gundams (in the supplementary info, he conceived of mobile suits to aid in the construction and defense of the Orbital Elevators); the other is to give humans a chance against any Decepticons by creating a vehicle with the same scale and mobility. Transforming abilities are also possessed by Gundams rather than the regular mobile suits, as it took far more time to coordinate and develop those for the scale.
  • Um, the Union Flags can also transform, and they were around at the start of the series.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Space takes place in the future of the 00 world.
QT powers are an advanced form of Quantum Brainwaves, that can do things Q Bs in 00 can't (e.g. psychokinesis). Both series involve mankind encountering aliens around Jupiter. And to go with "bad Amuro" and all the other villains played by seiyuu who voiced heroes in other Gundam shows, we have Xanthippe, a.k.a. "Bad Lacus". Oh, and Bad Ghiren Zabi, too.

Gundam 00 is a prequel to Star Trek.
After the Earth Federation's GN Drives were disabled, they developed larger and less efficient versions called "warp cores", and changed their name to the Federation of Planets. Celestial Being is still around - "The Traveller" from The Next Generation is one of their agents (possibly an Innovator) who was sent to recruit Wesley Crusher - his tweaking of the Enterprise's warp core caused the ship to temporarily enter Trans-Am.

True GN Drives make use of "THE POWER".
Manufactured at Jupiter. 'nuff said. The Movie will involve a battle against the Zonder.

First Contact will be made in The Movie.
Humans will make contact with aliens in the upcoming movie. After all, this is what Aeolia's plan has been gearing up for.
  • As of recent trailers, this is starting to look likely. The mysterious cone shaped funnel like objects have been designated "ELS". Subsequent information revealed this to stand for "Extraterrestrial Living-Metal Shapeshifter". They do not look friendly...

00 is set in a timeline in which Gundam never became popular
Instead of eventually meeting massive commercial sucess, the original Mobile Suit Gundam failed and was forgotten. (Incidentally, this led to the Real Robot genre not being created for another decade) Depressed after the complete failure of his new idea, Yoshiyuki Tomino decided to change the world to make it more like his vision, changing his identity and appearance to Aeolia Schenberg. Graham Aker is, in fact, a Char fanboy, not a Char clone, as he's such a massive Nipponophile that he discovered and loved the obscure failed series from 300 years before. He admired Char, and has since done everything he can to emulate him.
  • That would explain why Aeolia Schenberg is bald and have the power of a wizard.

Tieria was created using the DNA of the 00 universe's Tedd.
Does this even require explaining?
  • Alternatively, he is an alternate version of Vaarsuvius... who fills much the same role in combat.
    • for those not in the know, that role coNsists of equal parts trickery and BOOM!

The humans of ''Gundam 00 are the Protoculture, and the aliens Aeolia found are the Protodevlin or Vajra.

Gundam has never dealt with aliens before; Macross, however, is rife with them; perhaps Tomino is now looking to bring the two most popular Real Robot Humongous Mecha franchises period together.

The GN Drives are fueled by Sakuradite

The Movie Will feature Jupiter very prominently, as did Code Geass. The good Doctor discovered a portal between the Code Geass world and the Gundam 00 world in the form of an alien floating construction facility that was used for the purpose of refining Sakuradite. Aeolia managed to restart the facility and get enough refined Sakuradite that he was able to use 24th century voodoo magic to create into a long lasting, high energy density power source. When Setsuna and The Gang reach Jupiter, the aliens they will find are Lelouch and CC , who will tell them the true source of the power for their GN Drives.

Gundam 00 is the future of the Code Geass universe
  • Geass is actually an advanced form of Innovator thought control, but humans had not evolved to the point where quantum brainwaves could do anything but overwhelm the minds of those affected, thus Geass either controls the mind of its victim, or in Mao's case, overwhelms a mind not using QBW.
  • After Nunally's reign ends, Britannia undergoes a democratic revolution. The Areas are free to sign the Union Charter, and becomes the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations. The UFN grows stagnant and Asia and India secede from the UFN, forming the HRL. The EU was reformed into the AEU in return for more plot relevance.
  • After Lelouch blows up most of the Sakuradite in the world, the nations of Earth resort to using fossil fuels once more. A few hundred years later, these fuels run out, and Aeolia Schenburg comes up with his solar array idea.
  • Aeolia Schenburg is actually Lelouch, who adopts C.C.'s code before the Zero Requiem. She bears a child, an ancestor of E.A. Ray.
  • C.C. is actually a natural Innovator, and Lelouch realises this and goes into researching her Innovator qualities.
  • Lelouch Geassing the Collective Unconscious created the potential for humans to use Quantum Brainwaves.
  • Well, if you consider Super Robot Wars Z2 canon, this future met up with its past, as the Dimension Quake comes into play.
    • The AEU merged with the Britannia Empire and became the Brittanian Union.
    • Patrick and Jeremiah became Vitriolic Best Buds in Super Robot Wars Z 2. Where Jeremiah is, Patrick is usually not too far behind. They insult each other every chance they get.
    • Kallen Kozuki gets a lot of interaction with the Gundam 00 cast. Not only does she visit Saji Crossroad in his cell on the Ptolemios, she gradually gets it into his thick skull about the world situation. Notably, when he repeatedly calls her out as a terrorist, Kallen doesn't accepts the accusation. Later, she's also responsible for motivating Sumeragi Li Noriega to return, rather than Setsuna, as he promptly leaves her with Kallen, who he thinks can talk to her better because "they're both women". While Kallen believes this is the dumbest thing she's ever heard, she manages to convince her when she tells Sumeragi the story of her mother.
    • Graham Aker respects Kyoshiro Todoh and finds him a worthy opponent.

Veda is the future version of Tvtropes
Think of it like this: an all-knowing, computer-like entity constantly being updated with information by it's various bio-terminals? Which leads us to:

Information-type Innovades are the future version of Tropers
See above.

Aeolia Schenburg is Jacque Fresco
Both are bald men with beards. Oh, and the whole futurism thing.

Gundam 00 still actually is the prequel to the UC
Think about it: Minovsky particles are just neutered GN particles that lack sparkles (they probably decided that the Minovsky-Ionesco reactor was more Boring, but Practical), there are only a few colonies, and humans are just barely getting into space. All this lays the foundation for something to come up later.
  • That was going to be the original plan prior to Executive Meddling.
  • Then why are there mobile suits a hundred years or so before the One Year War?
    • Conspiracy-information-supression and disarmament gone crazy. Imagine the disarmament talks we have over nukes, multiplied by a million. Then someone finds an old mech, old blueprint, or someone in on the coverup fails or is corrupt.

Aeolia Schenberg is really Andrew Ryan
Let's see Utopia Justifies the Means bald guy with a cane that communicates through prerecorded messages? He obviously created a scientist's commune in space as well as under the sea!

Allelujah is really an unstable, traumatized alternate future version of Peter Petrelli
Check out the hair. Also, Pete could potentially be immortal and so still exist in this timeline. Also has to stop other "people like me."

The "Aliens" are actually people from the UC &/or CE timeline.
Aeolia somehow got in contact with one of these worlds & based his technology on his observations. This explains the Haros, the Gundams & the Jupitris.

Nena is a charicature of western women.
She's completely selfish, amoral, irrational, overly emotional, oversexualized, carefree to the point of dangerous irresponsibility & just all around crazy. Japanese fans like her because they find her exotic. Western fans despise her because they know waaaay too many people who are actually like that in real life.

Sousuke and Gauron are Alternate Timeline versions of Setsuna and Ali
A faction opposed to Aeolia's plan gained the ability to time travel and disseminated the Black Technology into the past, with the aim of causing conflicts to continue (they've already succeeded in preventing the end of the Cold War), and there are versions of the 00 cast in the FMP timeline. (Another character with a strong possibility of being an Alternate Timeline version of a 00 character is Andrei Sergeivich ("Sergei's son") Kalinin)

Gundam 00 really takes place in the Warhammer 40,000universe.
  • The A-Laws spacecraft is the precursor to what the Imperial navies ships are based on.
    • Celestial Being will one day become Adeptus Machanicus.

Gundam SEED and Gundam 00 are set in parallel universes with a gateway at Jupiter
  • The aliens that George Glenn and Aeolia Schenburge encountered at Jupiter in the past? They were each other. The Space Whale thing is a red herring; Aeolia just had one onboard his ship or something and gave it to George as a gesture of goodwill. This effectively means that the Gundam 00 movie later this year will also be the Gundam SEED movie. However, predicting the offchance that Coordinators may look down on Naturals in general in the far-flung future (Aeolia was good at predictions), Aeolia began his long plan to unite humanity under one banner in the hope that they could resist a possible invasion.

The GN Drives were originally developed as the perfect Interplanetary/Interstellar drives
  • Which is why Aeolia had to come up with his plan in the first place. But seriously since the assorted ships and Gundams use GN particles for propulsion they do away with the need for reaction mass which is a huge limiting factor with most drives. With a true GN drive you can keep accelerating until increasing relativistic mass becomes a problem. Even GN Tau drives can work if you drag along something like a nuclear reactor to recharge them and a couple of spares to swap off while recharging. Aeolia Schenberg realised this and knew that with this sort of thing humans would start visiting nearby star systems when the technology got out so he came up with Celestial Being to make sure humanity was prepared.
    • Kinda true. The Sumeragi at the end of The Movie uses the same GN teleport thing 00-Raiser uses.

There's a reason why the GN particles emitted by the Tau drives are a different colour in the second season
  • Putting together medical data from Ali, Graham, Louise and other survivors from the attacks by Team Trinity they realised that those GN particles have bad effects and modified/re-tuned the mass produced drives to prevent that and those changes resulted in the colour change as a by product. After all even if the pilots in the cockpits are shielded, if the techs maintaining your mobile suits and mobile armours keep getting sick and not recovering from minor injuries its going to cause major logistical problems.

Aeolia (or more likely one of his minions) is responsible for Ali's actions in Krugis.
Think about it. Aeolia's plan to Innovate humanity relied on 00-Raiser being piloted by a real Innovator (more accurately, someone with Innovator potential), as opposed to an Innovade like FUCKING RIBBONS. Setsuna piloting 00 is a natural follow-up from his encounter with Ribbons at the beginning of the series... but someone would need to arrange for Setsuna to be there in the first place.

Gundam 00 is actually a prequel series to Gundam X.
D.O.M.E. is actually Setsuna who was preserved with Innovators being renamed Newtypes while the Lunar Base where his consciousness lies is actually the remnant's of Celestial Being's moonbase. Category F's who do not fit the standards of Newtypes were actually beings called Innovades. The Federation secret weapons being called 'Gundams' are a nod to the old records of mighty mobile suits named as such who were unstoppable juggernauts. The usage of nuclear weapons and reactors are explained by way of VEDA relaxing the restraints on their technology as the sheer length of time for true GN Drives discouraged them.

Aeolia Schenberg is really Hari Seldon.
Lets face it, there's just so many similarities between the two characters to be a coincidence: Secret foundations, centuries long plans, new advanced technology, and after-death recordings.

Ribbons' body was created from the DNA of Eureka and Rolo.

The events of the series are part of a highly calculated intervention by Special Circumstances.
Veda is a prototype Culture mind and Aeolia Schenberg is a member of Special Circumstances. This would explain his foresight and how he was able to create such advanced technology 200 years before the show started. Innovadoes can come back to life by backing up, just like regular culture citizens. The orbital ring is a prototype orbital.
  • By this logic, the ELS are a both an outside context problem and an Aggressive Hegemonising Swarm.
  • Innovation is the prelude to neural lace techonology.

Aeolia isn't really dead

Gundam 00 is a sequel to UC
According to the manual, UC starts at 2080 or so, and ends in the 2230s, while 00 picks up in the 2290s. At some point in the intervening years, the colony program was dismantled to prevent further war, most nations ceremonially dismantled mobile suits while keeping enough schematics for things to escalate really quickly if need be and several of these schematics end up leaking to outside parties, leading to buildup and redevelopment, and they reverted the calendar in a fit of conservatism. Then when history repeated itself with mobile suits and massive violence they realized it wasn't because of the colonies but rather because of human nature, and started a new space colony program.
  • The different countries and blocs could be a Future Imperfect attempt at recreating long dormant nationalities after the collapse of the Earth Federation, with some identities surviving better than others while others still were practically made up on the spot.

The ELS were eventually reverse-engineered into Devil Gundam cells and Moonlight Butterfly.
  • Super Robot Wars will probably do something a variation of the first one at some point.

The ELS are somehow related to the Festum.
Both are metallic aliens that assimilate people and objects to gain information about them, and may or may not reach an agreement with humanity after the conclusion of their respective series.

Aeolia is really Kane of Command And Conquer
Both are bald, bearded guys leading NGOSuperpowers with a religious theme. Not to mention both show up long after appearing to die.
  • Oh, don't forget that Mk. II Mammoth Tanks make an appearance in Episode 1, and the Ion Cannons in Season 2.

The production team of Gundam 00 forecasts the direction of President Barack Obama and his administration, and how his waning popularity is leading towards the potential recoup of Hillary Clinton of the Democratic nomination by 2016.
Fine, this is a crack theory and should not really be taken seriously, but think about it. Season 1 of 00 ended with a popular black president for the Federation, who gives rise to A-LAWS. Season 2 ended and leading to the conclusion movie with a woman meeting the Federation's First Contact problems head on. Now, Reality Subtext: Obama's administration hasn't really dismantled the US military complex even as his press says they are slowing down on armed interventions worldwide (if you know drones are operational, and you are not living under a rock and have seen the deposition of other enemy world leaders, you know this ain't true). The possibilities of American hegemony easing down on arms may only be when a woman leads them.

High exposure to the GN particles is the reason why the series was becoming more and more Super Robot by the end of Season 2
The series itself was not safe from its own GN Particles effects. Eventually, by season 2 where more mobile suits were using GN Drives, the A.D timeline was staring to gain more Super Robot-like tropes and abilities.

The middle-east countries in Gundam 00 isn't a simply case of Qurac.
They actually existed like that in-universe; multiple conflicts in the region caused most of the well-known IRL countries to disappear.

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