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Tear Jerker / Mobile Suit Gundam 00

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"I'm sorry, Saji. You went to the trouble of buying these for me. And they are so beautiful . . . but I can't wear this ring."

Like other Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a story about war and terrorism. Both major and minor characters suffer through loss, trauma, and even die themselves over the course of the series, leading to many heartrending moments.

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  • The events that kick-started the entire plot. On one hand, we see great countries continue to thrive marvelously even after fossil fuels became scarce, but then there are utter hellholes like Krugis, Setsuna's birthplace, that fell and became assimilated into Azadistan.
    • Setsuna (who used to be known as Soran Ebrahim) was already being trained to be a killer at an extremely young age. He used to be a Child Soldier trained by Ali Al-Saachez in KPSA. He was also being brainwashed to kill his own parents as part of their graduation to become a "warrior" who will "fight for name of God". In truth, Ali also didn't believe in God and was only using them as tools for war. The resulting trauma led Setsuna to lose his belief in a God, and left him unable to accept himself.
  • Neil and Lyle Dylandy both came from a happy family. However, due to Neil being depicted as the more gifted one, Lyle suffered an inferiority complex and disliked being compared to his older brother. To overcome this, Lyle decided to run away. Since the brothers became estranged, Lyle was left unaware of Niel’s involvement with Celestial Being, nor of his older brother's tragic death.
    • Imagine being in Lyle Dylandy's place. Lyle watched his whole family taken away by world's conflict, and later ended up hired by an organization that, in a sense, killed his only brother as well. Feldt's advances on him seems less like a typical relationship problem and more of an insult on a personal level.
    • Then you have Neil. Imagine witnessing your entire family killed by terrorists when you just wanted to spend time together at the mall. Even after experiencing such loss, Neil continued to work hard and sent money to his younger brother, Lyle, for his education and future.
  • Allelujah Haptism used to be a normal, ordinary boy until he was kidnapped by the HRL scientists to become a test subject of their Super Soldier program, which led to him being brainwashed. He was then only known by his code number as ‘’E-0057’’, but was later given a name by Marie Parfacy, as 'Allelujah' as a blessing for life to God. Unfortunately, Allelujah was deemed an experimental failure and was to be disposed of. So, he and the other failed test subjects decided to escape and he was forced to leave Marie behind due to her requiring special medical care. Though they managed to escape by stealing a space shuttle, their shuttle ran low on all possible resources to keep them all alive after drifting aimlessly for days. As a result, Hallelujah emerged and began killing all of his ‘’brothers’’, leaving him the only survivor. Allelujah was left deeply traumatized by the incident.
    • In the prequel novel, it was revealed that Allelujah lived alone and continued to hide from the HRL soldiers, before being recruited by Celestial Being due to him being a Super Soldier.
  • Even Tieria Erde also has this too. Sure, he was a jerk throughout Season 1 due to his superiority complex but he never expected that he was from a race who are against Celestial Being. The prequel novel mentioned that Tieria was born around 2302 AD and was intended to become one of the next Meisters. It’s also Veda's intention to not put his Innovade memory in order to not destroy the harmony between the members of Celestial Being. After Regene Regetta told him of their origin, Tieria suffered a massive identity crisis to stay loyal with Celestial Being or pull a Face–Heel Turn to side with his race. Luckily, his friendship and compassion towards humans drove him to remain loyal to Celestial Being.
    • As part of the living data of Veda, Tieria has no age limit. Which means he is immortal as long as Veda is saved. Setsuna also became a Half-Human Hybrid of Innovator-ELS, meaning he is likely immortal as well. This means they will ultimately outlive their friends.
  • Pictured on the right: Although Louise was a very unpopular character, she becomes sympathetic after she loses her entire family, including even her extended relatives, in a senseless attack by one of the Gundam Thrones. When Saji visits her in the hospital afterwards, he reveals he saved up enough money to buy her a pair of rings she had begged him for. While Louise appreciates the gift, she ends up telling Saji she cannot wear them, and tearfully reveals that one of her hands was amputated in the attack. After the timeskip she joins the A-Laws, becoming one of its soldiers for the sake of revenge against Celestial Being in season 2. She even became Ribbons' personal puppet for money to fund the A-Laws’ and Innovator’s technological development. Ribbons ''paid’’ Louise back by giving her special medication formulated by the Innovators, which turned her into a "pseudo-Innovator". Louise and Saji also learn that they are fighting on opposite sides, further complicating her situation.
    • With this, you can see why she's Not So Different from Neil and Lyle. While Lyle was able to move on from tragedy, Neil and Louise were trapped by their past and wanted revenge. Louise was, luckily, able to be saved, Neil, however... died.
    • Saji, another less popular character, also gains some sympathy after Louise cuts ties with him and his sister, Kinue, is cruelly murdered.
  • Azadistan's princess Marina Ismail has to struggle with being Actual Pacifist in a world where action speaks louder than words. She expresses confusion and distress over the conducts of Celestial Being, and all her efforts to achieve true peace end up literally burned to the ground in season 2.
  • It is sad to see Feldt has no knowledge of how her parents died, as Celestial Being has a confidentiality agreement. In the prequel novel Mobile Suit Gundam 00P , her parents were the 2nd generation of Gundam Meisters and their code names were Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady. They were killed in Plutone Accident when Feldt was still a baby.
  • The Trinity siblings and The Innovators are enemies of Celestial Being who have caused havoc and destruction in the world. However, despite being Innovade and half-Innovade, they are shown to be caring of one another. Once they see their comrades (or "siblings" for the Innovades who share the same DNA pattern) killed, they will often seek revenge. Ribbons is an exception, since he is disgusted with any aspect of humanity and lacks empathy. To Ribbons, both the Trinity’s and Innovades are nothing more than expendable tools. Even Anew lampshade this and said that every Innovade and Trinities Sibling who working for Ribbons never have a chance to learn understanding each other.
    " If I'm not born as an Innovator, maybe I will never meet you just like this. Because we never have a chance to understand each other in this world "
    • Anew Returner is token of The Woobie of the Innovades. She was designed to be a sleeper agent to spy on Celestial Being’s activities. She was never intended to learn about trust, relationships or love. Her relationship with Innovade members is unknown, but Revive Revival, her "twin brother" supposedly doesn't like her for "being born as a woman" which, in his opinion, led her to be blinded by her "human woman" emotions. After all, although she know that she only created as Ribbons instrument, she gladly for being born as Innovade all because she know that she already being fated as that, she like to experience being in love with Lyle and learn about compassion toward the other crews.
    • Nena's fate throughout the series can be seen as disturbing, to say the least. She blew up the wedding because she was annoyed by seeing people happy while she was tired from "work". Eventually, she and her siblings learn that instead of being the people that can change the world, their actual "work" was to be “sacrificial lambs” as part of Ribbons's plan to accumulate hate against Celestial Being, allowing him to deploy the GN-Xs and the Innovades. Because the Trinitys had little support from the crew of the Ptolemy and used inferior machines, if one of them was killed, they wouldn't be able to fend for themselves as their tactics relied heavily on co-op skills. With some luck, they survived several contacts with the GN-Xs, so Ribbons had to dispose of them through both Ali and by taking advantage of Louise's mental instability and thirst for revenge. She's pretty much an ill-treated Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
      • As are her brothers for that matter. Especially sad is Johann's reaction when he sees Micheal shot dead by Ali. And then the words he says just as he's about to die, and the utterly broken way he says them...
      • Special mention goes to Nena, whose psychopathic tendencies result from her spending her first 10 years in stasis. Thus, despite being physically 17 years old, she possesses the mentality of a little girl. While it might not justify some of her actions, it would account for why she acts in such a fashion.

    Season 1 
Episode 5
  • Mixed with Nightmare Fuel due to the True Pillar Incident accidentally caused by Soma Peries. Kinue's expression after learning that Saji and Louise are part of the people who were evacuated from the pillars is a very heart breaking reminder that Saji is the only remaining family she has.
Episode 6
  • Because rescuing the trapped citizens during True Pillar Incident was not part of Veda’s tasks, Allelujah ends up locked in solitary confinement for a week as punishment. Considering his past trapped alone on a drifting spaceship, it seems particularly harsh.
Episode 9
  • We see two Lockon Stratos at Lockon’s family’s gravesite. One of them looks down at the graves and wonders who left flowers there, while the “real” Lockon remains hidden in the trees, quietly looking on. It is the first time we learn that Lockon still has a surviving family member, and that their relationship is likely strained at best.
  • While it is a heartwarming scene to see Louise's mother, she did not simply come to visit her daughter. Her actual motive is to bring Louise home out of concern for her safety after a car bombing in Japan.
  • While it can count as heartwarming, Lockon's interaction with Feldt is also sad. It turns out that Feldt's parents were Gundam Meisters who died for "unknown" reasons. Since Celestial Being deemed the incident secret information, she was never told the reason for their deaths. Lockon offers comforting words to Feldt, calling her strong for following in her parent’s footsteps. In turn for sharing her story, Lockon tells her about his own tragic past and his real name, Neil Dylandy.
  • Christina panics after they are attacked by HRL forces. She pleads for Allelujah to hurry and save them.
Episode 10
  • After realizing his "failure" for revealing Nadleeh too soon, Tieria begins to cry. He is left angry with himself for possibly ruining Veda’s plans, as Gundam Nadleeh was intended to be a trump card.
  • Allelujah is left horrified after being unable to stop Hallelujah from killing Adjudant Ming in a cruel, brutal manner. Since Hallelujah is his split personality, and thus a part of himself, Allelujah wonders if Hallelujah’s actions are a reflection of his true nature, and dissolves into tears.
    Allelujah: Why? Why is it, Hallelujah? Why do you wanna kill people so much? Is that my true nature? If so, that means that I'm...A COLD-BLOODED BEAST!
    • Christina cannot help but feel concerned. When she tries to hail Allelujah over the radio, she starts, and quickly insists nothing is wrong when asked. It turns out she accidentally overheard Allelujah crying.
  • Sumeragi leaves the bridge and cries, angrily berating herself for her mistake, which nearly cost them everything.
Episode 11
  • Allelujah being coerced by his Split Personality to destroy a Super Soldier facility filled with children in episode 11. The kids would've lived miserable lives as HRL soldiers similar to him, but one can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy as he finally pulls the trigger and shoots, screaming in anguish the entire time. Afterwards, when he has returned to the ptolemy, he asks Sumeragi for a drink.
    • Allelujah’s grief is so strong that even as Hallelujah takes over and compliments Allelujah for pulling the trigger himself, Hallelujah is the one shown shedding tears.
Episode 18
  • The Moral Event Horizon scene of Nena Trinity, where she decided to destroy a wedding party out of petty jealousy. The wedding in question was for Louise’s cousin. This attack killed not only Louise’s parents, but also her entire extended family. The attack also left Louise maimed, costing the young girl her left hand. Due to the nature of the particle beam Nena’s Gundam used, regeneration therapy is unable to regrow her lost hand. Louise is left broken by the incident.
Episode 20
  • The scene starts with Saji at a station waiting for the next train to return home. He passes the time reading old Emails from Louise. From then on, he no longer receives any messages from her. Louise’s last message told Saji to wait for her in space. This message ultimately becomes Harsher in Hindsight in season 2.
  • Kinue's death at the hands of Ali, followed by poor Saji being called in to identify his sister's body. And as a result, the last person imaginable to be involved in Celestial Being's war still ended up getting roped into it.
Episode 21
  • After their Gundams are mysteriously disabled after losing connection to Veda, Tieria is left in confusion, wondering why Veda suddenly cut them off. Patrick takes the opportunity to attack Tieria. Lockon pilots his Gundam into his path to shield Tieria, and suffers a seemingly near fatal injury, leaving Tieria in shock and disbelief.
Episode 22
  • The scene starts with Lockon in medical bay. Dr.Moreno suggests that he must have two weeks in the medication pod to heal all his injuries, especially the one to his right eye. However, Lockon refuses treatment, not wanting to be a burden or to cut down their firepower. In addition, he feels that there is someone who is putting all the blame on himself: Tieria.
  • Johann and Michael's deaths. Yet again, someone dies at the hands of Ali. Sure they are not very nice people, but seeing their reaction after Ali mercilessly attacks them is very painful. Johann's statement is that they are nothing but child soldiers, who only exist to be "Meisters" tasked by "someone". Then, they end up being killed in battle by the enemies.
    Johann: This can't be. We were meant to do this. We were born to be Gundam Meisters. This is what we lived for...
Episode 23
  • After what already happened to Lockon in two previous episodes, Tieria locks Lockon in his room, feeling it is the only way he can protect him. Unfortunately, Tieria failed because Lockon succeeded in escaping from ptolemy. All the ptolemy crew and the other Meisters worry about him, but Lockon insists he will be fine if they follow Sumeragi’s directions. Sumeragi can only hope that Setsuna will hurry and save Lockon before it is too late.
  • Lockon finally "succeeds" in avenging the death of his family, but he is unable to feel joy in it. Lockon feels so empty because he cannot move on from the tragedy.
    • Lockon's thoughts focus on a memory of celebrating Christmas with his family, and it quickly shifts to the moment where he is alone in the rubble where his family became victims in KPSA's bombing. This sends the message home just what Lockon lost that day.
    • Lockon thought’s turn to his twin, Lyle Dylandy. He wonders how his brother’s future will turn out. Then he sees Exia rushing to his location, and wonders if Setsuna ever found the answers he was looking for.
  • This episode ends extremely tragically when Lockon Stratos, the series' resident badass is killed in battle, sending the remnants of his Gundam and his Haro, which was pleading for Lockon's life the entire time, back to the main ship. Who'd ever think that a constant Say My Name could be so depressing? It's all made even worse when you consider that Lockon had survived a perilous situation within the previous two episodes (albeit with eye damage); no one expected Sunrise to let him survive that, only to kill him off so soon afterwards.
    • Lockon's final words show just how unhappy he was with how his life turned out:
    Lockon: You people down there... are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me...I hate it.
    • Then finally we have Setsuna's heartbreaking reaction. As Exia is closing in, and Setsuna has a visual of Lockon, a nearby cannon explodes, catching Lockon in the blast. Setsuna screams Lockon’s name. The scene cuts to the surviving Meisters and ptolemy crew, all either in shocked disbelief, or crying after hearing Haro calling out for Lockon. Then the scene cuts back to Setsuna, who has Lockon’s gun in the cockpit with him, suggesting he tried to search for Lockon. Setsuna is slumped in his cockpit, whispering Lockon’s name, and sobbing softly. Then the episode ends with Setsuna tearfully wailing in anguish. Of note is that this is also the only time Setsuna is shown crying in the entire series.
Episode 24
  • In episode 24, Haro and a letter for Lockon are placed in Dynames with the orders to 'go where Lockon is, so he's not alone'.
  • Dr. Moreno being killed by the attack of Alvatore's beam. Ian reaction after see his death is so painful after you known that they are the senior member of Ptolemios. In Prequel Novel, it shown that Ian and Moreno are best friends for long time also they are used to be ever worked with Feldt's deceased parents in krung thep.
    "Dammit! Why did you have to go off and die, idiot?"
  • Lichtendahl attempts a Heroic Sacrifice to save Christina... but it doesn't work, since not only is she fatally injured as well, but the Ptolemy bridge explodes right after that, completely erasing any chance of survival. Honestly, that episode becomes a sobfest just four minutes in, what with Haro going "Feldt, I'm sorry; Feldt, I'm sorry," and a grieving Feldt tearfully saying that it needn't apologize because what happened to Lockon wasn't its fault.
Episode 25
  • Soma refuses to finish off Allelujah and chooses to save Sergei due to his injury. Sergei initially refuses her help, but Soma is unable to do it and saves him because she doesn't want to be alone again. Seeing her expression is heartbreaking because Soma is still able to show her emotion and sadness about being the perfect Super Soldier, who only exists to fight. Soma is not a emotionless-being, she still a human.
  • Allelujah's reaction after realizing that Soma was the person called Marie is very painful. They used to know each other when he was still at the facility. However, Allelujah chooses to not tell him about her identity because it will make Allelujah lose his interest in fighting and will be killed as a result. After finishing his word, it ends with that he will "go first" and closes his eyes. Surprised, Allelujah realizes that he is unable to feel his existence again, and driving alone and helplessly in space with his injury, he ends up being captured by the Federation.
    • In the epilogue of the novelization version of season 1, it's stated that the Federation (especially A-Laws) treats Allelujah very inhumanely, subjecting him to horrible interrogations and tormenting him because he never answered their questions about the Celestial Being. Allelujah remained strong and never gave up protecting his comrades by refusing to answer any of their questions.
  • Tieria, seemingly near death, ejecting the GN drive from the destroyed Nadleeh and saying that he can finally reunite with Lockon.
  • Setsuna's letter to Marina:
    "Marina... Ismail... By the time you read this... I'll already be gone. Armed Interventions to put an end to war... I'm unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being... You taught me what it means to fight. Back then, just like Gundam. I wanted to know.. Why our world is so terminally distorted? Where did this distortion come from? Why are there people who are unconsciously evil? Why do they not realize that their evil hurts others? Why is humanity an existence that only conflicts with itself? Why are there people to rule, and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other? In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you. Please think of an answer, if we may meet again. That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer. I'll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam. Together with... My Gundam."
  • Sumeragi turns out to have run away from Celestial Being, knowing that she already caused their losses at Operation of Fallen Angels and blames herself for causing Lockon, Christina, Lichty and Dr. Moreno's deaths, with Allelujah and Setsuna confirmed M.I.A. They are only able to recover Tieria. After knowing Sumeragi is left, Tieria along with Feldt, Ian and Lasse decide to recover from their losses, and keep going to focus on developing new technology for fighting and changing the future, especially the development of the 00 Gundam.
  • It turns out that Ali Al-Saachez survived Lockon's attack, making Lockon's sacrifice pointless. Poor Neil . . .

    Season 2 
Episode 1
  • The result of Celestial Being lose 4 years ago in Operation of Fallen Angels finally also impacts the world. Now, there is a fascist group named A-Laws, a secret military that believed to be the federation's loyal lapdog that has a order to killing and capture anyone who refuse the world unification. The peace already promised by the federation is never happen in 4 years after their victory, but the world ended being controlled by The Innovator and Ribbons Almark, who become shadow dictator of the world. They not only using Veda to control media and the technology, but also the current federation president are nothing but Puppet King. All the intervention Celestial Being did only pave way for something even worse.
  • We finally see Louise. That is . . . seeing her end up as a military soldier is very unexpected. Because we already see this poor girl already so broken and traumatized in the hospital in the last episode. And we see her now as A-Laws soldier because of her family fortune and her connection with the Innovators. Her reason: she wanted to avenge her family's deaths and punish everyone who refused peace.
  • Louise is unable to make her condition as stable as possible. She even pants heavily after successfully killing one Katharon member. It become worse when her Trauma Button is pressed when she see Exia, and suffer a headache. As the result, Louise take some medicine to calmed her anxiety and this is also make Barrack Zinin questioned why A-Laws accept a weaklings like Louise at A-Laws.
  • We finally can see Sumeragi. She's spend four years drinking alcohol and living with Billy, who still unable to move on from their loses.
  • Saji ended being captured only because he asking why his work-mate is captured, mistake him as part of the rebels and being forced to work as a labor.
  • Saji reunion with Setsuna is very heartbreaking. He never expected that the neighbor that he know to be so quiet are the member of Celestial Being. A organization that he believe responsible to make him and Louise suffering. Saji ended up crying and wanted to shoot Setsuna, but he can't do it because he believe he will ended become as bad as them if he shoot Setsuna, and later Tieria bring him to empty room.
  • And we finally see Allelujah. Judging from Allelujah's condition after he was imprisoned by the Federation, you can clearly see that he received horrible Cruel Mercy from them, such as placing him in isolation, binding him to a metal chair in a straitjacket with a muzzle covering his mouth. He has Exhausted Eye Bags, probably a sign of his unhealthy living conditions or his lack of sleep, since it's very difficult to have to sleep in a sitting position for over four years. This makes fans wonder what the Federation did to him when he was still in prison.
Episode 2
  • We see Setsuna finally meet Lyle Dylandy, Neil's twin brother. Setsuna recruit him to continue Neil's legacy as Lockon Stratos . Lyle didn't know the tragic fate of his brother, and after Setsuna told to him that he already died four years ago, Lyle unable to believe that the only family member that he has already go without his knowledge.
  • It's turn out that Sergei initially refuse to let Soma involve with A-Laws with whatever reason. After Kati know that Soma finally join A-Laws after Andrei pick her from their house, Kati confess her confusion of Sergei statement about the reason why he never let Soma join A-Laws.
  • It's shown that Billy has great concern over Sumeragi (or more known as Leesa) health due to she already drinking too much. When they see Setsuna come to his apartment and inform to Billy that Sumeragi is part of the member of organization that he hate so much due to he believe already cause his mentor death, he ended so broken.
  • Sumeragi confess all her regret and confusion about her failure. She feel if they try to rebuild the crew and once again fight for future, their sacrifice will become so meaningless. She try hard to run away from any responsibility because she fear that she will cause another problem that will happen to them. This why Sumeragi spend her time by drinking alcohol, because she can't cope her grief and she didn't even tell to the other about her problems.
  • Marina was captured by the federation due to her past involvement with Celestial Being. This poor woman never involve herself or her country to ally with Celestial Being beside they ever save their Imam from Ali. Because of this, she was forced to imprisoned in same prison where Allelujah is placed.
  • The reaction of every Ptolemy crew after see Lyle Dylandy. They are so surprised and thinking that Lyle is the same previous Lockon Stratos (a.k.a Neil Dylandy) who already killed four years ago. Even Haro thinking same things with the other's. It's hard to believe that current Lockon is a different person.
    "Lockon, you're alive! Lockon, You're alive!"
  • And the last scene we see Allelujah again, who still Bound and Gagged in isolated prison, is sleeping. He begin slowly open his eyes and mention "Marie" in his mind before the cliffhanger of the episode.
Episode 3
  • Allelujah forced to wake up by Soma Peries to start his last interrogation section. He so glad that he finally can meet her and calling her "Marie". Soma is surprised, and Allelujah tell to her that they used to be a friend when he still at HRL super soldier facility. And Soma furiously tell to him that her name is not Marie, leaving him under confusion. No longer after she leaved, Allelujah realized that the scientist already change her personality with new personality that they named her as "Soma Peries", which resulting why she can't remember him.
  • Sumeragi still insecure if they able to save Allelujah from prison. Even though all crew put their trust to create the strategy to save him, she still scared if her strategy will be failed. Thanks to Setsuna statement that if they failed, they will never blame her and keep their mind to save him until they success. So they can start the operation with Gundam for once again, which leading Sumeragi finally giving them a strategy to save Allelujah in 3 minutes.
  • Allelujah almost successfully to make Soma remember her real name and her past, by calling her true fullname Marie Parfacy. Soma is surprised and flashed a brief flashback of herself as a child talk to someone, resulting she suffer a headache. Allelujah wanted to bring her, but he has no choice to leave her alone with Andrei due they has no time to save her as Setsuna instruct to him. Allelujah promised to her that he will return to save her without fail.
  • Setsuna finally got the information that Marina is imprisoned in the same facility with Allelujah. He wanted to the other meisters to give him a extra minute to save her too. After their operation is successful, Setsuna apologize to Marina that their involvement to save Azadistan's Imam can cause her get into the trouble. Marina, being Actual Pacifist, still unable to understand why Setsuna still fighting with Gundam even though he already explain that it was the only way to change the future, and Marina begin crying.
Episode 4
  • The intro to episode 4 of season two. The flashback shows the first time Allelujah finds Marie as a child as well as the horrible conditions the two had to put up with in the facility. If that wasn't a Tear Jerker already, we then get to see how Allelujah got his name in the first place.
    Allelujah: That was the moment when she baptized me... in the truest sense of the word.
    • This scene was even more of a Tear Jerker in the Special Edition version, where Allelujah remembered this when he was still in prison and his quotes were also slightly changed.
    Allelujah: That's right... as the words are, it has become my baptism. She, what Marie said... makes me the human that I am now.
  • Allelujah come to see Sumeragi tells to her about Marie and his reason to fight. He tell to her that he was being imprisoned, he had no problem with rotting in prison and dying alone because he feel it's the right time to "atone for his sins". However, everything changes after he sees Amnesiac-Marie as Soma Peries at his last interrogation, and decides to save her from the Federation. It becomes his main motivation for wanting to continue to fight. Sumeragi feel jealous over Allelujah due to he has a reason to fight while she is not, but he believe one day she will found it.
    • While this can count as heartwarming, this scene also so sad because we already see three previous episode, Allelujah was placed in isolated prison alone in darkness. He didn't show any trauma while he indeed confess his depression that he has no mind if he will dying alone in prison. However, he still able to cheer-up Sumeragi beside everything what already happen to him.
  • Marina finally make her decision to return to Azadistan. She wanted Setsuna to help her to rebuild her country where everyone can leave peacefully without any conflict and tell to him that fighting will never bring any good resolve to peace. Setsuna with expression known Marina was right, but he can't help but refuse her offer. He tell to her that he used to think a same way with her before he become Meisters. However, due to many conflict that involve in entire world and him ever being used to be a child soldier who saved by Gundam, he fully believe that fighting with is the only the best way to stop the conflict.
Episode 5
  • Setsuna reaction after see a refuge children from Katharon. Being a shell-shocked Child Soldier trained to be a terrorist, Setsuna thinks the Katharon also do the same thing. Luckily, they do not do that because they just save the children who have been separated from their parents.
    "Don't tell me. Are you raising these children to be members of Katharon?
  • Kati issuspicious over A-Law's activity become true. When Commander Katagiri order her to do a operation at Katharon Base, she absolutely surprised and unhappy with their order to do a massacre at their base, even though they are the rebels. She even said that this order is very barbaric.
    • Heck, even Mister Bushido doesn't like the mission which is order from his mentor and he decide to retreat as he tell to the other that doesn't interest with it.
  • Soma finally see the true dark-side of A-Laws. Since it's first time she was assigned to mission to destroy Katharon base instead of capture or defeat Gundam, you clearly can see Soma first time to seen so surprised and terrified, completely silence after see A-Laws brutality. Sure, they are the people who against federation, but just because they against them it doesn't mean they deserve to be killed in brutal way.
    • Her statement about her doubt about her purpose to life is very heartbreaking. Again, she is Super Soldier, only exists to be military instrument. However, Soma is not completely Emotionless Girl, she still capable to shown her emotion such as sadness, anger and joy. Soma wanted to feel the happiness like normal people, but she feel that is disgrace her status as Super Soldier and her peaceful and a normal life with Sergei should never happen to her and believe her involvement with A-Laws as part of punishment.
    "I am a Super Soldier. I only exist to fight. And yet I tried to find the happiness that normal people take for granted. Colonel . . . is this a punishment for wanting that?"
  • Marina finally comes to see her country. Unfortunately, she is welcomed by Ali, who burns Azadistan with a disturbing expression before closing the episode.
Episode 6
  • Both Sumeragi and Kati remember the time when they as AEU soldier. In flashback, both they are placed as The Strategist at the team. However, due to receive a bad intelligence, but Leesa (Sumeragi's real name) trusted that information and committed one of the worst incidents of friendly fire in AEU military history. Both Kati and Leesa didn't know they were battling each other, causing heavy casualties of both injured and dead soldiers. This also resulting the death of her lover, Emilio Ribisi. Even his last statement at his death-bed is so painful
    If this is what they call destiny...then no amount of fighting can stop it...that's what we're born for...and that's why we die. If that's what they call amount of fighting can stop it..the ones who arrive first on this path no one can see, are those who have lost their lives. That's a result of God's guidance...
    • Kati absolutely unhappy with A-Laws previous activity at Katharon base. It gone worse when Aber Lindt calling out her failure when the time she still as AEU soldier, and furiously grab his collar. You will expected this woman wanted to slap, punch or chokes this smug man out-of-furious. However, since she was in Big Bad position, where they trust and need her tactical skills for sake of world unification, she has no choice but release him.
  • Marina tell to Shirin that their homeland is burned by the terrorist. She know that the situation is still dangerous to return but she really wanted to back since their country need her to rebuild. Shirin known that Marina was right. However, let her alone in their homeland in current condition is absolutely not a good idea and she agree with Setsuna's idea. So, the only what she can do is stay away from Azadistan for to her safety just like Shirin idea to the others, and taking care Katharon refuge children.
  • Soma still thinking about the previous massacre that A-Laws do at Katharon base. No longer after that, she receive the message from Sergei. He apologize that he (actually one of his soldier) accidentally leak the information to A-Laws, which resulting she involve the elimination mission instead of only focusing defeat the Gundam. Touching with Sergei's kindness to her that how he greatly concern about her safety, she tearfully express her grateful to him that he already concern about her. Which she remind that as Super Soldier, who is bred only for uses as military instrument, not only must obey with whatever their superior want to her, but also become their perfect killing machine, who doesn't deserve any happiness like normal human.
Episode 7
  • The reunion between Allelujah and Soma's original personality, Marie Parfacy is mixed between joyful, heartwarming and tearjerker at the same time. Both Marie and Allelujah share their story and their feeling, ended with Marie grateful to God that they finally able to reunited. And her quotes about how she was so desperately wanted to see him from her eyes since what only can she do at past was communicate with him via telepathy, since Marie used to be lost her body senses for unknown reason, resulting she suffer paralyzed.
    " I'm just so happy that you're here with me... I'm finally able to meet you. When I was deprived of my senses, all I could do is call out with quantum brainwaves and you were the only one who answered. Because of you, I was able to feel grateful for being alive. Now I can see you with my own eyes; I can speak with you; even touch you. I never thought this day would come... For all this, I thank God, Allelujah "
  • The most memorable scene in this episode where Marie and Sergei part ways had quite a few fans sobbing - particularly when Marie tells Sergei that her Soma personality had wanted to be his daughter.
Episode 8
  • After his meeting with Regene Regetta, with he inform about their origin and offer to join Innovator, so they can change the world, Tieria begin doubt about his own identity and choose which sides that he need to be there.
  • Feldt blame Marie for their loses at operation of fallen angels four years ago which resulting their small crew lose their teammate in battle. She known it wasn't Marie's fault, but since she can't stand to express any sadness to someone because Feldt didn't one fell pity at her, she finally ended express this to someone who used to be part of their enemy side. Marie fell bad to her since Soma ever participate at those event. Allelujah understand why Feldt said that to her because she treat Celestial Being just like part of her family.
  • While whole the scene where Louise reunited with Setsuna at federation banquet is heartwarming, this scene also can count as sad because Setsuna has no choice but lying to her that Saji was fine and they are worked at same place in some space colony. When Setsuna was surprised when see her arm and asking her about it, she only tell to her that it was caused by small accident. Setsuna exactly know that Louise is lying to him, instead of asking her back, he tell to her that Saji always thinking and worried about her, resulting her having a heavy headache.
Episode 10
  • After realized that Kati, who used to be her colleague in their youth in enemies side, Sumeragi shown to be alone in her room and wondering why she join A-Laws. Beside the bitter moment which resulting her boyfriend deaths, both Sumeragi/Leena and Kati never held any grudge to each others.
  • Due to exposure of 00-Gundam GN-Particle's, Marie temporarily sensed that Colonel Smirnov it's in danger when he in his duty, and she crying out to him to stay away before late.
Episode 12
  • Saji and Louise finally reunite. . . in wrong way. Both of them are surprised they are meet on opposite side and asking to each other why they become pilot. Unfortunately, due to her messing mind, Louise mistaking Saji for betraying her, resulting her mental condition worsening.
    • The episode closed Louise delete all her photo when she with Saji. She decide to forgot all the past and focusing on revenge.
  • Saji attempted to chase Louise by ejected 0-Raiser. Due to out of fuel, 0-Raiser begin stopped. Saji try hard to turn out the Mobile Armor, but it's fail. He almost find a another chance to leave Ptolemy with 0-Raiser after he realized that he will leave Louise on A-Laws, and decide to piloting 0-Raiser to get close on her. After remembering Tieria word ranting over his reckless action when he leave Katharon base, he heavily decide to block his intention because he didn't want those horrifying moment cause by A-Laws happens again.
Episode 15
  • With Ptolemy still under deconstruction and Setsuna still wounded and separated from them, the Meister along with the crews overwhelmed by the number of A-Laws armies who keep attacking them. This is make Marie willingly broke her promise with Allelujah by decide to use GN-Archer to help the Meister and her decision become absolute when she see Louise use her Ahead Smultron, in order to attempted to stop her quest before she gone so far due to consumed by revenges.
Episode 16
  • Overlap with heartwarming, Setsuna finally reunited with the rest Meister and the Ptolemy crew. After Mister Bushido retreats, Setsuna collapsed and lost control of 00-Raizer. The other three Gundams carried 00 while Setsuna remembers Neil "Lockon Stratos" Dylandy words as he is being carried back to their ship. Setsuna tell that He always keep his promise that he will change the future for him, but for the first time before he could do that, he realized that the first thing who need to be change is himself.
Episode 17Episode 18
  • Due to Sergei's death which trigger Soma's persona resurface and broke their promise to never involve Marie/Soma on battlefield, this is cause a huge rift on her relationship with Allelujah. Allelujah attempted to talk to her on peaceful way, but always ended coldly and rudely rejected by her.
  • On briefing room, Lyle pointed out Allelujah action is pretty selfish by forcing his own ideals and feeling onto others and then trying to control those around him while coating his words as altruism, all in an effort of self comfort. Before leaving, he tell to Allelujah to try understanding her feeling if he indeed care with her instead of keep ban her to join the Meister.
  • From Special Edition version of this episode, it's turn out that Lyle already feel something wrong with Anew from long time. When he see her suddenly freeze up due to Revive use his quantum brainwaves to located her, he decide to not to tell the others about this for safety. Unfortunately, it's Gone Horribly Wrong.
Episode 19
  • Saji finally able to reach Louise. The two seen talking privately via Quantum Plane world, where they looking earth. Saji reminisce their happy memory when they still High School, then convince her to return with him. Louise refuse and threaten to shoot him to death if he dare to get closer. Saji, however, calmly tell that he know Louise is not bad person, as he tell that although he know that Louise always demand something she actually a sweet and lonely girl who hide her loneliness by pretending become selfish girl, and study hard for reach her dream to go to space.
    " I know what you're like, Louise! You're gentle and kind-hearted girl! I know that you studied really hard so you could go up into space! That you're a little clumsy in how you pretend to be selfish, just to attract attention! That the truth is, you often feel very much alone "
    • The saddest one is, Saji almost succeed to convince her. Then it's failed because Louise's trauma begin trigger her minde for once again, making her crying and suffer headache. Which resulting Andrei think that Saji Mind Rape her and decide to take Louise away from Saji after Soma/GN-Archer attempt to attack them for sake of avenge Sergei death's.
  • Saji's speech about the emptiness to avenge someone who already death. See what happened to Neil before his death and what happened to Louise on next two episode, which make what he said has a good point.
    " Nothing's gonna change. . .if you avenge his death, it won't bring anyone back, It'll just add to the sorrows. Everything what you doing. . . is just making you all crazier. None of this is going anywhere. None of you are making any progress "
  • On A-Laws ship, Louise seen alone on waiting room, curling up, sobbing and murmuring Saji name. Feel so conflicted to choose abandon her quest or move on from tragedy. Andrei, on the other hands, can't help but said that Louise still insecure and vow to help her get rid Saji so she can fulfill what she wanted.
Episode 20
  • EVERYTHING about Lyle and Anew :
    • Although Revive reactive her real persona, Anew still hard to choose to leave Lyle and become his enemy or stay with him. When Lyle attempt to shoot down her shuttle when she and Revive runaway from them, Lyle feel so conflicted to do it even begin questioning his current position. Realized he can't choose it, he blame himself by said that he is pathetic man.
    • On Anew side, it's clearly that her love for him is real and not part of her mission by Ribbons. Due to her position as Innovator Agents, she try hard make herself believe that her romantic relationship is based from lies.
    • Even though Lyle know that Anew actually was a Innovator and was created by Ribbons as The Mole to spying the activity of Celestial Being, Lyle tell to Anew that he will accept whatever she and made her into his One True Love. After her his statement, Anew willingly put her Heel–Face Turn to be together again with Lyle. Unfortunately, Ribbons take control over her mind, and forcing her to brutally attack Lyle, driving her use Suicide Attack to attack him, which mean it can killed both her and Lyle.
    • Anew Returner's death and final conversation with Lyle, as well as Lyle's resulting Heroic BSoD.What really drives the nail on this one is the fact that "Trust You" immediately kicks in right after Anew's last words.
Episode 21
  • Lyle still upset over Setsuna action for killing Anew. He almost gone so far that he attempted to shoot Setsuna from back. Setsuna sense his action, but he didn't face it. Lyle decide to stop his action because he know it will be meaningless and realized he not as strong as Neil over facing the death of the love one.
  • Hong Long's death. Although his sister,Wang Liu Mei, treat him like a shit, he still loyal with her, to the point he willingly die for her.
  • The most memorable scene is Louise's heartbreaking breakdown after avenging her family by killing Nena.
    Louise: *laughing like a little girl* I did it... I avenged Mama and Papa... I defeated a Gundam! Mama, Papa, where are you? Since I did it... Praise me... Tell me I did a good job... *bursts out crying*
Episode 23
  • Patrick's good-bye to Kati and his Heroic Sacrifice. Redemption Equals Death, indeed. And as additional, Kati reaction is very sad.
    Patrick: Colonel, I really loved you. *KA-BLAM!*
    • Fortunately, he gets better eventually. And marries her.
Episode 24
  • Everything what happened to Louise. She completely loses her mind and become Ax-Crazy Broken Bird who wanted to killing anyone who hurt her feeling. Louise blame every unfortunate event that happen to her is caused by Celestial Being, claim that they already take away her hope, her family and her future. After see Setsuna damaged Andrei's Ahead, she respond it a Suicide Attack by make her Regnant tightly hug 00-raiser, which potentially can make all of them killed. Louise seems doesn't mind with this, which reminds you Louise clearly wanted to do everything to destroy anyone who try to hurting her even it will cause her death.
    • Her respond to Saji to stop her action is very painful. This poor broken girl clearly lose her control over her mind. Louise already consumed by hatred and revenge.
    "My future was stolen away from me. . . BY CELESTIAL BEING !!! THEY'RE THE ONE WHO STARTED THE FIGHTING. . . AND THEY TWISTED THE WORLD !!!"
    • At worse cases, when she regain her consciousness, her mind still corrupted by Ribbons influence. With her eyes glowing due to quantum brainwaves, she wanted to chokes Saji to death, declare that she do it for her parents. Louise ended up have heavy headache, screaming in pain, and lose her consciousness after see their promised ring. Saji mistaken her already die because she faint with her eyes still opened. Luckily, with Trans-am burst, she once again regain her consciousness, completely free from Ribbons influence. Saji and Louise finally able to fulfill their promise, to be reunited again in spaces.
  • Ribbons shoots Tieria when he tries to stop him and taking back Veda. Setsuna found Tieria seemingly dead and vows to take revenge. However, i turns out that Regene Regetta reviving him and transfer his mind to Veda. Yes, Tieria survives, but still. . .
  • Andrei's breakdown when Soma/Marie forces him to face that he should have tried to understand his father is extremely sad as well. After he realized how far he went in his life, he ended crying and screaming in full of regret. Soma/Marie can't help but Trying Not to Cry after hear his reaction and shed her tears too.
    Soma's voice from Andrei mind: "I cannot forgive you! But If I kept hating you, and eventually took a revenge on you. . . that would not make Colonel happy."
    Marie: "How could you do that? Colonel was you own father. . .
    Marie: "The Colonel wasn't that kind of person."
    Andrei: "YOU WRONG! He's kind of man who would let my mother die! How could I believe him?!"
    Marie: "Why didn't you try to understand each other ?"
    Andrei: "He was just so . . . the man who never said anything to me! No excuse, No apology! He never tried to understand my feeling! THAT'S WHY I KILLED HIM! With my OWN hands!"
    Marie: " If you wanted him to understand you, then why didn't you make an effort to understand the Colonel ? I'm certain. . . that the Colonel was always thinking of you. "
    Andrei: (remembering when Sergei push his GNX before his death) Then why didn't he say anything back then ?! How do you expect me to understand if you don't say anything ? You've gotta tell me!"
    • Remember about Saji's speech of the emptiness of avenge someone who already death, the speech actually intend to Soma. His speech is successful making Soma break her Cycle of Hatred although she feel so heavily to abandon her revenge. Also, giving that Andrei is Sergei's only family that he has, Soma know that Sergei will never happy with her action if she successfully killing Andrei only for him.
  • Lyle finally successfully kills Ali Al-Saachez, the man who took his family's lives. However, he isn't satisfied by his actions—his family is still dead, never to return. Lyle is actually reluctant to kill his family's murderer, especially when he remembers Anew's advice of "understanding each other". After remembering her words again, he finally understands that Ali does all his crimes purely For the Evulz and doesn't deserve to be pitied. Lyle also declares he will keep fighting as a Gundam master for the foreseeable future if the world keeps blaming him or rejecting his existence.
    • His insecurity to kill Ali is not without a reason. Lyle thinks of shooting Setsuna from the back as revenge for shooting Anew to death. However, since he knows the situation is different, and he also knows that Setsuna has no other choice to do it and Ali killed his family purely to spread terror, he finally knows that killing Ali was the right thing to do it, as he has finally stopped the man who caused him unforgivable pain.
Episode 25
  • While the ending is full of joyful and heartwarming moments, Tieria's statement and farewell to his comrade is very sad since he now become one with Veda as living data. Tieria also stated that he will always be with them and continue to see the growth of humanity within Veda, before fading away in this scene.
    "Now we've entrusted the future to mankind. As a part of Veda, I'll be watching over you all. Until the time of the upcoming dialogues. Farewell, everyone."

     Mobile Suit Gundam 00 :A Wakening Of The Trailblazer 
  • In the movie, Andrei's Heroic Sacrifice as he self destructs his suit while slashing a ELS ship to pieces, keeping it from reaching Earth, all while recalling the similar sacrifices his parents made. It doesn't help that the music starts picking up at that very moment.
    "I am a soldier of the Federation forces, serving to protect the people!"
  • Graham's Heroic Sacrifice.
    Graham: Young man! Do you need a beacon to the future? I, Graham Aker, will gladly oblige! This is not death... (*activates the Brave's self-destruct sequence*) IT'S FOR HUMANKIND TO LIVE ON!
  • The ending of the movie, which is sad for several fans because it takes place in 2364 AD or 50 years after ELS conflict. The only people who confirm still alive on this epilogue are Klaus (because he now become Innovator), Tieria, Marina and Setsuna. We never know what happen to the rest Meister, member of Celestial Being, and the other character who survive on ELS Conflict.
    • Sumeragi confirmed had died between the years 2315 and 2364 for unidentified reason. To honor of her action, the Innovator's space exploration vessel is named after her.
    • We have Marina, who now elderly and blind woman. When she stop playing piano, Marina sense Setsuna presence. After joining the ELS, Setsuna hasn't aged at all, maintaining his youthful 23 year old form, while technically 73 years old. He has returned to see Marina, Setsuna apologized for the time that it's taken for both of them to see each other again.

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