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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy:
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Aeolia Schenberg a visionary who sought to bring about a world devoid of war or was he just a narcissist and hypocrite with a messiah complex? He achieves his end goal by simply having Bigger Stick despite not even liking humanity to begin with, but the rationale only brought on later in Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer meant he had to act now or there won't be anything left.
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    • Wang Liu Mei's real motive and characterization is highly debatable too. 1.) Is she a pure Chaotic Good character who cares about the future? 2.) Is she a Chaotic Neutral character who cares about nothing but herself and only wants to be seen as special in the world, no matter what? 3.) A delusional, sociopathic Manipulative Bitch who is as bad as Ali al-Saachez?
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Two Scrappies in North America, Nena Trinity and Marina Ismail, are two of the most beloved Gundam 00 females in Japan, ranking eighth and tenth (respectively) on a April 2008 Newtype magazine poll for the top ten anime females. They were also the only two females from 00 to rank. While both were supplanted by Feldt Grace during the second season's airing, they still remain quite popular.
  • Anvilicious: Basic rule of life even in 2307: don't take a ride in a stranger's car. See what happened to poor Kinue when she gets into Ali Al-Saachez's car?
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Lyle Dylandy. To one group, he is a great Deconstruction of the Backup Twin trope and a suitable replacement for Neil. To the other group, he is a Replacement Scrappy whose introduction cheapens Lockon's death and is either too similar or too different from his predecessor.
    • Wang Liu Mei. Some fans are cool with her due to her Chaotic Neutral side but some of them feel she just a immature hypocritical and manipulative Rich Bitch.
  • Broken Base: Is the second season better than, on par with, or worse than the first season?
  • Cargo Ship: Graham Aker/Gundam. Graham's blatant pick-up lines to the Gundams he encounters while generally thinking of the pilot as an afterthought does not help his case.
  • Complete Monster: Gundam 00 features the Big Bad and his top henchman:
    • Ribbons Almark is an unbelievably arrogant Artificial Human who views himself and his fellow "Innovators" as destined to rule over humanity. Setting himself up as a messianic figure, Ribbons takes control of the United Earth Federation after betraying Alejandro Corner—who genuinely liked him—and arranging for the death of Aeolia Schenburg, his creator. Almost all of the atrocities that Ali Al-Saachez commits, such as razing Azadistan; murdering the Trinity siblings—who Ribbons genetically engineered in the first place; and attempting to kill all the members of Celestial Being, were done on Ribbons's orders, and once he's ruler of the world, his crimes include ruthlessly manipulating the unstavle Louise Halevy into becoming his pawn, forcing Anew Returner into a battle to the death with her Love Interest, using the A-Laws to crush anyone who gets in his way, and utilizing a Kill Sat to murder thousands of people.
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    • Ali Al-Saachez is a sociopathic Blood Knight who will do anything if the pay is right, and flat out states that he's "the very worst kind of person". Ali raised an army of Child Soldiers while in Krugis, convincing them that every act of terrorism they committed—including murdering their own parents—was being done in the name of God—a God that Ali does not believe in. During the course of the series, he proceeds to kill off a sizeable number of characters, including Lockon I, supposed allies Michael and Johan Trinity, and Kinue Crossroad; singlehandedly burns down a country; and aids a conspiracy in a successful bid to conquer the world. Ali even goes out a bastard, dying while trying to kill a man who had just spared his life.
  • Crazy Awesome: Anything related to Hallelujah Haptism.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Has its own page.
  • Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: Marie Parfacy's line to Sergei Smirnov in episode 7 of season two: "The Soma Peries inside me has this to say: 'I wanted to be your daughter...'." Also doubles as a Tear Jerker to some fans.
    • Feldt Grace has a couple of these with Setsuna F. Seiei at the end of both seasons right before the final battle. Said scenes are also where Setsuna and Feldt get their massive level of obligatory Ship Tease.
  • Crowning Music Of Awesome: Getting Kenji Kawai to do the soundtrack will always result in this. One great example is "Intervention", which usually plays whenever the Gundams start curb-stomping someone.
    • Any of the opening and ending themes, but especially the final ED "Trust You". Playing it over the loudspeaker system at an anime convention is a good way to garner resounding, sweeping cheers from the entire 'con.
  • Die for Our Ship: Delusional fans have lashed out at Anew Returner for serving as a threat to the "relationship" between Feldt Grace and Lyle Dylandy. Andrei Smirnov has also received much hatred for trying to steal Louise Halevy away from Saji Crossroad.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Patrick Colassour gets the least screentime and characterization of the power blocs' aces, but is very popular due to his Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain hijinks. Sunrise seems to be aware of this, if his Once per Episode cameos in Gundam Build Divers are any indication.
    • Ptolemy CIC operator Feldt Grace is very popular, to the point where she gets an expanded role in Season Two and the movie.
    • On the Japanese side, Union pilot Joshua Edwards gets a surprising amount of fanart, and is even sometimes paired with Graham Aker in doujinshi. Not bad going for a guy who only appeared in two episodes and got about three minutes of screentime (if that) in total. Oh, and Nena Trinity, in contrast
    • Ditto for the likes of Sergei and Graham who are badass pilots who can hold their own against the Gundams while piloting "inferior" mobile suits. Their heroic motivations and Anti-Villain portrayals also further endeared them to fans.
    • Out of all Setsuna's mobile suit, Exia is essentially the most popular of the bunch, thanks to it's intricate and stylish design that even non-gundam fans agreed that it looked cool, to the point that it appeared at the end of Season 2 going up against Ribbon's O Gundam. Fans weren't as pleased when the initial High Grade model kit and the Master Grade didn't do enough justice, but the design was popular enough that Bandai released a pretty good Real Grade and later an amazing Perfect Grade that topped-off the competition.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Ali, Hallelujah, Nena, Wang Lui Mei, and Ribbons.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • Tieria Erde is one of the meisters who gets most targeted for fanfiction due to his Mysterious Past and his ambiguous sexuality among the fans.
    • The "What If??" fanfiction is also quite popular among the fans, especially the fanfic about "What if Chris, Lichty, Doctor Moreno and Neil are still alive in season 2". From all of this fanfic,the " What If? Neil Dylandy is still alive" is most popular among the fans due to the He's Just Hiding! theory.
    • Allelujah's day as a prisoner of the Federation. Fans believe that he was not only being tortured and interrogated by the Federation, but also returned to being a "lab-rat" for a scientist due to being an escaped failed subject of the Super Soldier program.
  • Growing the Beard: How some fans view the second season. These fans feel that the show got stronger story, development, and fight scenes at this point.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In season 2, Veda can alter videos in real-time to fool the public with fake news. 12 years after the airing of the series, there are now emerging technologies that allow unscrupulous individuals to manipulate videos that can fool even the most skillful of experts. They are called deepfakes.
  • He's Just Hiding!: Played around. Episode 10 of season 2 ends with Sergei Smirnov getting caught in the blast of Memento Mori, making people think he bit the dust. Then in Episode 11, the first scene shows him unscathed. He really WAS hiding... At least until Episode 17. RIP, Papa Bear. And, in a literal sense, Aeolia Schenberg at least until Alejandro finds him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the first season, the Tamil Tigers are mentioned as still fighting, three hundred years later. Barely two years after the episode aired, they were defeated and the Sri Lankan Civil War was ended. But it does say that the fighting has been on and off for years. So maybe justified.
    • The super deformed omake that parodied the preview of season 2 stated that Lockon would be back as a ghost and that Tieria would be revealed as a robot. Did the writers accidentally spoil the series?
    • Not only that, the omake also said that there would be aliens, and Setsuna would become Gundam for real. Movie spoilers?
    • This meme makes you feel like Setsuna created his own recipe until this seiyuu did his role as Ignis Scientia. See it for yourself.
    • Gundam Meister 874 goes by the nickname Hanayo... wait a minute, didn't Sunrise start an idol franchise with someone named Hanayo? Even funnier now that Love Live Hanayo's seiyuu has done voice work for a Gundam character.
    • Soma/Marie voice actress Arisa Ogasawara also voiced Lockon orange Haro in the series. In season 2, She ended up become Official Couple with Allelujah Haptism, who is Lockon's comrade, after her true(Marie) personality is return, who is a Gundam Meister and his color-theme also orange.
    • Louise become A Dumb Blond The Mentally Disturbed Dark Action Girl in season 2 who become crazy due to brainwashing, which make you remind to her to the another character who share same attribute with her in previous Gundam Series.
  • Ho Yay: Despite it being very much one-sided, the fact that Tieria Erde fell in love with the first Lockon Stratos has been near-unanamously accepted by the fanbase. It's easy to see why, too: i.e., in one of the second season OP's Tieria is seen watching over Lockon's Gundam in battle and, at some point, the focus on an increasingly despaired-looking Tieria's face is framed in almost exactly the way a typical Love Interest's face would be.
    • Over in the Foe Yay corner, there's Ribbons Almark and Tieria Erde. To make matters worse, Ribbons' seiyuu stated that he was told by the directors to deliver the line where he offers Tieria regained access to Veda in a highly erotic manner.
      • There's also that official poster in which they're gyrating their hips together whilst piercing each others' eyes with deep, hate-filled glares of death...
    • Speaking of Foe Yay, there's always Mr. Bushido and "This must be love!"
    • Princess Marina Ismail and her lady-in-waiting Shirin Bakhtiar give off significant Les Yay vibes, especially on Shirin's behalf.
    • Saji Crossroad and Setsuna F. Seiei are starting to understand each other very well in the second season. Setsuna even goes as far as to make sure Saji safely reaches out to his girlfriend Louise Halevy in the middle of battle.
    • These scenes from the Special Edition compilation make the hinted Alejandro/Ribbons canon. It's FUCKING RIBBONS, but yeah.
    • While they were largely antagonistic to each other in season 1, Setsuna and Tieria picked up quite a bit in season 2 thanks to their quickly warming, friendly relationship, and their teamwork during the dance helped its uptick. By the end of the series it's clear they've become important to each other as seen in Setsuna's grief and desire to avenge Tieria and in the movie Tieria goes out of his way to protect Setsuna at personal cost.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Tieria Erde begins as such, before evolving into an Iron Woobie. Sure, he's a smug bastard but the Break the Haughty process he goes through which finishes with the death of the person most important to him (Neil!Lockon) is incredibly harsh and lets everyone see that deep down, he's incredibly insecure.
    • The Trinity Siblings, as well. The three are terrible assholes to everyone they come across, but they genuinely love each other and it's later revealed that they're Artificial Humans bred and born to be Gundam pilots. Harsh.
    • Louise Halevy in season 2. All of the bad things she did thanks to Nena's attack 4 years ago and Ribbons manipulation, which left her permanently scarred and traumatized.
  • Memetic Badass: Prince Ali, mighty is he!
  • Memetic Mutation: See here for the 00-based memes.
  • Moe: Louise Halevy in Season 1.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Nena Trinity goes over it for a lot of people after killing Louise Halevy's entire family.
    • Ali al-Saachez having his brainwashed Child Soldier murder their parents in his backstory/Establishing Character Moment, showing he spent all of his known history passed it.
    • If Ribbons didn't crosses it by burning down the neutral Kingdom of Azadistan just so the A-Laws can occupy it, he obviously crossing it by blowing up a space elevator with a Kill Sat to silence thousands of protestors.
    • Louise desires to kill Saji merely because she wants no one, especially him, to stop her quest to seek revenge, justice and world unification for true peace. This is not part of Ribbons's manipulation, but it's due to Andrei's statement.
  • Narm: In general, the characters' tendency to switch to Full-Name Basis during dramatic moments is a rich and delicious source of narm. There are plenty of more specific events as well, though:
    • Marina's song. It's supposed to be very dramatic and heart warming, but many people need to turn down the volume because they find it so enormously bad.
    • It is similarly moment-killing how, in the conflict at Point ES-8874 (Ep. 18, where Celestial Being has to fend off the pursuing A-Laws fleet), everyone's pent-up emotions about the people they value just had to cap it with the most aloof characters (and the canon Cargo Ship ones, at that!) in the bunch:
    Saji Crossroad: Louise.
    Louise Halevy: Saji.
    Andrei Smirnov: Mother.
    Soma Peries: Colonel.
    Allelujah Haptism: Marie.
    Lockon Stratos II: Anew.
    Tieria Erde: Veda.
    Setsuna F. Seiei: Gundam!
    • Setsuna's obsession with Gundam counts as both Narm and Narm Charm due to how he often repeats it. For example, in the first season's finale Setsuna makes heartwarming speech only to finish with "We are all Gundam!"
    • Lyle's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight against Anew falls right into this thanks to some hilariously out-of-place rape imagery.
    • Hallelujah/Allelujah's voice in the English Dub can be a bit unintentionally hilarious especially if the VA himself voiced Inuyasha. Brad Swaile as Setsuna F Seiei can sometimes be this too for some fans in certain dramatic scenes.
    • This can count as Narm Charm. Considering Americans have the reputation of celebrating individuality the most, apparently the show uses this on the Over Flag fighter pilots for their American flavor. (Of note is how they have been albeit-briefly shown not wearing any headgear, giving each more distinct recognition than the generic Red Shirts which are the other soldiers.) The flavor gets a little rich at the moments when one of them gets killed off and a surviving teammate (usually Daryl) has to shout out the just-been-killed-off pilot's name.
  • Never Live It Down: See if you can talk to anyone about Nena Trinity and not have "the wedding incident" come up. So much that one of the victims (Louise) evolved into a character that isn't unlike Nena in the second season.
    • On a very similar note, the first thing one will say about Andrei is probably that he committed patricide.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A surprising amount: Ax-Crazy Complete Monster Ali Al-Saachez, A God Am I Ribbons Almark and his Innovator minions, Cute and Psycho Nena Trinity, and even Wang Liu-Mei...
  • Replacement Scrappy: In story, Lyle Dylandy was this for a while. In fandom he bounces in and out of the trope, since one part of the fandom likes him, another won't stop whining because he's not a carbon copy of his replacee, and yet another hates him because he's too much like said replacee in the wrong places and feels like They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy, only to be lovingly tossed into the grinder. Repeatedly. Poor Kinue.
    • Nena Trinity, when she provided back up for Setsuna F. Seiei with her shuttle while facing an Innovade, and solidified when she killed Wang Liu Mei, an even bigger Scrappy.
      • She also fares better in certain adaptations that alter her notorious Moral Event Horizon crossing to not be as bad: such as the manga where it actually is an accident (one she shrugs off and feels no remorse for, but still not deliberate) or in Super Robot Wars where all three Trinity siblings kill Louise's parents in attacking a political event under orders, rather than Nena attacking a wedding on a whim.
    • Lyle/Lockon II (at least for some) did this as he revealed his real abilities, made himself stand out from his brother and show himself as a true beleiver in CB. And all those awesome moments.
    • For some, Andrei was rescued as well in A Wakening of the Trailblazer, as he genuinely regrets his horrible mistakes and dies heroically.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Saji and Louise in the second season. While it made sense in the first season, it can be argued that they overtook most of the plot in Season 2 with both becoming pilots, and taking time away from other characters that may have benefited more from getting their stories explained.
  • Rooting for the Empire: In the first seasons its a little hard to root for Celestial Being with their blithe superiority and judgemental attitude, especially given the awesome of people like Graham and Sergei almost beating the invincible Gundams. Not to mention that Celestial Being's entire ethos of fighting to end all wars regardless of political ideologies or circumstances is incredibly naïve at best and idiotic at worst. The second season makes you think this intentional as its all about Celestial Being fixing what they screwed up.
  • The Scrappy: Even with Louise Halevy's heartbreaking tragedy, she lost some sympathisers by giving into her own desire for revenge and joining the villainous A-LAWS. In other cases, some fans don't like her either because she killed Nena, tried to kill Saji, or became a love interest to Andrei for a time. Of course, given the events during the two's only encounter in Season 2, a few fans wound up hating both Nena and Louise in the end.
  • Seasonal Rot: How some fans view the second season. These fans tend to argue that much of what made the first season so great, such as three well-defined factions with their own internal politics and Anti Villains, and a protagonist group of Well Intentioned Extremists against them, was largely discarded in the second season with one united Earth government controlled by Ribbons and his personal group of followers that simply seems like a carbon copy of the Earth Federation from Universal Century, and few sympathetic characters outside of the few left over from the first season.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Setsuna/Marina vs. Setsuna/Feldt. The fact that the series itself didn't even bother to pick a winner doesn't help at all. However, in the manga based off the movie, Setsuna at the end marries Marina. The mangaka explicitly stated that their marriage is symbolic, representing their deep bond and mutual understanding. The movie is different, without the wedding, and can be seen in a more platonic light.
  • Stoic Woobie: Most of the Meisters.
    • Setsuna. Near unemotional at first sight, with terrible social skills and a horrifying Dark and Troubled Past. Yet he doesn't complain and despite tragedy hitting him and his friends more than once, keeps going on.
    • Both Dylandy twins, even though how they overcome their traumatic experiences are different, they still keep going on by become an open-minded and selfless man.
    • Allelujah. Being rejected from the Super Soldier program of the HRL, killed his own kin in order to survive due being controlled by Hallelujah, and later being captured and treated inhumanely by the UN Forces after Operation Fallen Angels for 4 years, he never held a grudge or complained how much he was in pain to the other, and keep his mind to change the future.
  • Tear Jerker: Is it any surprise by now?
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Even for those that despise her, there had to have been a point for Nena Trinity to survive Season 1. During the few moments she was seen in Season 2, it appeared that she was developing a conscience and becoming less insane, albeit through a process of ego and seeing even worse individuals, and even did some good for a change by helping Celestial Being destroy Memento Mori and killing Wang Liu Mei. Unfortunately, the Nena/Louise dynamic was never fully explored beyond all the ways Louise wanted Nena to suffer, and ultimately, instead of a grand confrontation where either Nena realizes the horror that others have been put through or Louise realizing the folly of wanton revenge before it was too late, we saw Louise take out Nena with ease, which makes you wonder what was the point of even developing Nena's character in the first place.
    • Many fans expressed disappointment at Ali al-Saachez's Villain Decay in the second season, feeling that he had the setup for a great main antagonist of the entire series, given that he remorselessly killed dozens of characters such as Neil Dylandy, Michael and Johan Trinity, and Kinue Crossroad and had already proven to be a huge threat. Even in the role that he was given, he could have turned against Ribbons and the rest of the Innovators to continue his rampage against Celestial Being (and to an extent, the Earth Sphere Federation, the Union, Human Reform League, and A-LAWS) to finish what he started. Instead, he more or less serves as the Innovator's willing pawn without much extra focus.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Regarding the model kits, the Perfect Grade Gundam Exia is highly regarded as the best among other Perfect Grades thanks to it's intricate and complex engineering that topped off every other Perfect Grade release as for now, so much to the point that many would consider that every succeeding Perfect Grade releases is going to be held at high standard that there's no way Bandai would be able to top themselves off.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Nena Trinity. According to side materials, she is a Tragic Villain who was raised specifically for the sole purpose of killing. In the actual show, she acts like a total psychopath and does things like blow up a random wedding out of boredom with no attempt to link this to her origin, or her origin even being mentioned in the show. While she starts to pull a Heel–Face Turn in the second season after her Trauma Conga Line, she is never shown to regret any of her past actions or develop out of her Cute and Psycho personality, making her death come off as a case of Asshole Victim rather than a case of Heel–Face Door-Slam.
    • Louise in the second season is meant to be seen as a tragic Anti-Villain misguided by revenge and manipulated by the Innovators after the tragedy Nena caused her. However, although we are given hints that the medication Ribbons gives her plays a big part in her Sanity Slippage and Andrei's involvement certainly doesn't help, because she willingly joined the A-Laws as opposed to being forced as part of Ribbon's plan, it is up to interpretation about how many of her morally gray actions are a result of brainwashing and how many of them are her own choice. Not helping matters is that her attempts to atone for her actions happen entirely offscreen, making her come off as too Easily Forgiven.
    • Andrei Smirnov is supposed to be a misguided character but still be a caring man who is concerned about Louise health and understand her before her reunite with Saji. However, everything that Andrei did to Louise never made her become positive. At worse, he wanted Louise to follow in his footsteps by killing Saji, pointing out that he is a "Bastard Boyfriend" and "traitor" like Sergei, who deserved to be killed. All of this merely because he wants to prove that he is "caring", wants to "protect" her and win her heart. In fact, Louise only treats him as a comrade, never seeing him as more than a friend, and sometimes being absolutely annoyed with his attitude. While Andrei gets a Heel Realization over killing his father mistaking him for a traitor, he never shows regret over similarly killing his fathers friend, who help Andrei get into the military, in violation of a cease-fire.
  • Values Dissonance: An important part of the characterization of Celestial Being as an organization is that using force to bring peace and a unified world is viewed as hypocritical, and depending on the person a significant drawback or a Necessary Evil. In the US, the acceptability of the concepts of peace through force and world unity are almost flipped.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Hands up whoever thought Tieria Erde was a girl before they heard his voice? In fact, many of the Innovades are guilty of sparking debates far and wide as to their true genders.
    • It doesn't help that Word of God likes to play cute about the issue in interviews, either.
    • Ribbons Almarks' Opposite-Sex Clone of sorts, Hiling Care, is an even worse offender of this, but in reverse: despite being flat-chested and showing up at a party wearing a tux, her voice and pronoun usage all indicate that she's female... and it's not until episode 13 of season two that she wears something tight enough to contrast against her AA-cups.
    • The English dub either ran into this problem or decided to have that last little bit of fun at the viewers' expenses, and made roughly half of them explicitly female.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: They had a lot of fun with the "Celestial Being" thing.
  • Wangst: Saji Crossroad, especially in the first half of Season 2.
  • The Woobie:
    • Marina. Her country is nearly destroyed by a civil in war the first season, and in season 2 she's arrested for having met Setsuna, and then later goes and finds that her country was burned to the ground.
    • Poor Anew Returner.Unlike most member of Innovator, she begins to learn to understanding the human and her love interest was a human. However, since she was an Innovade created by Ribbons, her original purpose is for the mission to infiltrate. In a worst-case scenario, Ribbons can shut down and control her mind to finish her task. When Ribbons take over her mind and controlled her, he actived Gaddess self-destruct system to kill both her and Lyle. Making Setsuna has no choice to kill her, in order to save Lyle and freed her from Ribbons control.
  • Woolseyism: Characters often refer to Ali al-Saachez as "Saachez", which isn't how you would abbreviate an Arab name. The English dub corrects this to "al-Saachez".


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