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Dying Moment of Awesome

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I close my eyes... and I take flight.


To put it simply, when a character dies in a grand way. Though the plot may say that they have to die, the writer honors the character enough to not take them down like a nameless mook, but instead make their death something to be proud of. They don't run, they don't cry. They die standing, and they go down swinging.

The polar opposite of Dropped a Bridge on Him, the Dying Moment of Awesome is a Super-Trope for:

If done well, this can be a real Tear Jerker. It can be undermined somewhat if the character later gets better, but eh, what'cha gonna do...

Someone may note that it was a Great Way to Go. Out with a Bang is a rather more undignified way to die, but still enviable and cool in its own way.

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    Asian Animation 
  • In Season 7 of Happy Heroes, Kalo sacrifices himself to save planet Xing Xing from an army of enemy spaceships. He quite literally goes out with a bang, producing a huge explosion that wipes out the entire opposing army.


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