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  • Martian Successor Nadesico: Ruri skirts this a lot, but she about tops herself for good when she wrests control of the Nadesico's computer from Nergal, then proceeds to hack into United Earth Forces network and lock down the entire base, trapping everyone inside, appearing on all their security screens in a silly-looking cat costume and apologizing in advance ("Please keep quiet for a short while") for good measure.
  • In Episode 20, Yurika gets a chance to show off her strategic skills by leading the enemy ship into a trap; in order to destroy their super-weapon.
    • Hell, she shows this in the second episode, when she deliberately powers off the Nadesico and seemingly surrenders to the United Earth Forces, only to escape and regain control of her ship when she reveals that she only went over there in the first place in hopes of finding information about the deaths of Akito's parents.
  • When the military tries to rewrite Omoikane, Ruri and Uribatake send in Akito via a VR program to secretly ensure that the military only erases the data the Nadesico crew wants them to. As he comes upon the main computer area, Omoikane summons Gekiganger 3 in order to stop him from advancing further, and is on the verge of dealing out a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Super-Deformed Aestivalis-Akito fusion. Upon realizing that, because it's a virtual space, Akito can affect it too, he does just that, leading to Gekiganger vs. Gekiganger, before he then uses the anime's Mid-Season Upgrade into Gekiganger V, and then transforms into the still more-powerful Dragonganger that never made it into the anime, defeating the self-defense program and saving the day.
    • Episode 6 shows Akito's just as crafty as the girl who's obsessed with him. When his Distortion Punch doesn't work on a battleship, he first cuts across the entire hull to find its weakpoint, slashes it open, and then gives it a huge Gekigan Flare strike, blowing the entire thing up with just a small mech and a well-placed Megaton Punch.
  • The last moments of the Crocus: using its Self-Destruct Mechanism, it destroys an entire Jovian fleet and collapses a Chulip wormhole, keeping the Nadesico from being captured/destroyed.

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