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  • The Double Crush Intrude between Blade and Pegas.
  • After Blade exceeds his time limit and goes on a rampage, Milly/Tina putting herself in his path to stop him, and managing to bring him back to normal.
    • Followed immediately by Blade flying up to the orbital ring to Voltekka Evil/Saber's ass.
  • Miyuki's Heroic Sacrifice at the halfway point of the show, even though it turned out the Radham Tekkamen survived.
  • Blade's evolution to Blastor Mode/Teknoman Plus and ownage of Lance (The video is the Teknoman version, but still awesome). Lance had been talking shit the entire episode and some of the episode before, so to see him get his butt kicked like that was immensely satisfying. This was also one of the scenes in which D-boy's VA broke his microphone from screaming.
    • To elaborate a bit more on that last bit: While voicing Tekkaman Blade’s protagonist D-Boy, Toshiyuki Morikawa yelled “Voltekka” so loud that he broke the studio’s microphone…twice.
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  • The climactic battle of David's arc in Tekkaman Blade II. Rather, the ending of it, since the battle itself is just Blade and Tekkaman Dead lancerfighting while Yumi babbles. Anyway, Blade finally overpowers his opponent. Dead is a Death Seeker of the highest order, so he begs Blade to stab him and finish him off. Instead, Blade swings his blade with perfect precision and neatly bisects Dead's eye mask, then declares, "You have now died. Let Tekkaman Dead be dead." Result: perfect Heel–Face Turn to end the OVA.
  • Balzac gets one in the third-last episode when he manages to take out a Tekkaman by himself, at the cost of his own life. Score one for the human race!
  • The final battle between Blade vs Evil is considered the most epic moments in the series.

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