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The original series

  • One thing viewers may notice is that the amount of Stock Footage this show has is relatively low. Many of the mecha battles are animated separately and don't rely on recycled scenes. For a 1980s anime, this is quite impressive.
  • The first time Chirico gets an AT in working order in the first arc and utterly cleans house with the biker gang terrorizing the city. An AT may be fragile compared to its counterparts from other mecha shows, but it is more than enough to take on a bunch of punks armed with bikes and machine guns.
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  • Chirico's assault on the police station when he singlehandedly modifies a Scopedog and takes on a police army, complete with an insane 1440 no scope that takes out almost a dozen targets effortlessly, 30 years before Major League Gaming would even popularize the term "no scope."
  • In Episode 12, when the AT Battling team is prepared to ambush Chirico and Fyana in the elevator, he already anticipated their moves and rigged the lift with a directional bomb that takes out nearly a dozen elite Battlers at once.
  • The end of the first arc, when the Melkian army deploys an elite AT airborne unit to take down the corrupt police station. The Mêlée à Trois is a sight to behold as the cops, the army, and Chirico & his friends turn the show into a nonstop showcase of explosions.
  • Chirico's insane magnum/shotgun hybrid deserves special mention. He can easily destroy light military vehicles and in a few cases full AT mechs, by targeting their weak points with it.
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  • The Kummen Jungle Wars arc showcases some of the most awesome mecha combat in the series, possibly even the Real Robot Genre. The battlefields vary greatly, from dense jungle to raging rivers to rocky mountains, and Chirico has to employ real tactics and think on his feet to stay alive especially since the Veela army has a Perfect Soldier on their side. The battle in the lake may very well qualify as probably the most intense fight in the series.
  • Fyana stealing an AT, following Chirico across the desert to keep him alive just long enough to demand a answer for what he was doing. If that wasn't enough, she told him that if it turned out he was following in the footsteps of Wiseman she wouldn't hesitate to shoot him no matter how much it would kill her to do so.


Big Battle

  • The fight against Radaa Niva featured in Big Battle, Balarant's first Perfect Soldier; a cyborg psychopath, and the first enemy that required the combined effort of the entire Chirico crew to kill. Two jeeps, a helicopter, and two standard VOTOMS versus a land battleship the size and height of a dozen city blocks with a super-prototype mecha at its core. It's one of the best-animated fights in the series.

Roots of Ambition

  • Surprising crossover with heartwarming: the fact that Carson, despite his role as a spy, makes sure to keep an eye on Chirico out of camaraderie. It makes his death even more tragic.
  • When Gregor, Bamian, and Muza get some alone time with Chirico, they proceed to beat him up on Liman's orders to see if he's a spy. He says nothing... and then casually takes a bullet in the shoulder. Granted he gets sent to sickbay, but let it be said he never so much as flinched. No wonder he won the trio's respect afterward.
  • The final battle. Chirico faces the wrath of the ENTIRE Red Shoulder battalion in the middle of a battle on Sunsa. Chirco survives everything Pailsen and Liman throw at him. Then when Liman cuts the bullshit and decides to take matters into his own hands, he... defeats Chirico. Not by brute strength, but by employing decoys and a smoke screen. The smoke screen allows his wingman to nail Chirco's Scopedog with a sucker punch that FINALLY brings our hero down. For a normal human to take down the literal son of God with nothing but wits is quite impressive.
  • This is bookended by parade scene, just...the parade scene The combination of that march music along with Pailsen's priceless expression at seeing that Chirico's squad was there, was just great. And then Chirco then says something that makes the usually-cold Pailsen go have a Villainous BSoD.

Brilliantly Shining Heresy

  • During the final fight between Chirico and a super-crazed Titania. Titania effortlessly destroys Chirico's Burglary Dog, thus causing him to eject out injured. Chirico, in a last-ditch effort, pulled out his trademark pistol and tried to pull off his classic "bullet to the cockpit trick". But, he suddenly collapsed from his injuries and misses. Then it ricochets, slips through a small hole in Titania's Order Buckler's armor, hist her auxiliary brain, and incapacitates her, rendering her unable to go on fighting. This has to go down as one of the luckiest shots in Votoms history.

Armored Hunter Mellowlink

  • he titular character manages to consistently takes down ATs on foot using nothing but his basic equipment and his wits. One such victory involved him having to survive in prison after the warden, who is one of the men he's hunting for and recognizes him immediately, made sure to make his life absolute hell with daily beatings at the drop of a hat, only for our hero to reveal everything was going just as he'd planned thanks to equipment he got a group of performers to smuggle in and turn the situation around.

Pailsen Files

  • Behold, the invasion of planet Monad. Imagine spending over 4.5 billion dollars every second during the battle which involves sending over 120 million Gilgamesh soldiers to invade a planet turned fortress by the Balarant forces, which technically makes it an unwinnable war. But in the eyes of Wockam, this was all an attempt to further test the Barcoff squad's survivability.
    Rochina/Ruske : However, our ISS, which will attack the core, is only made up of 300. And in essence, only five.