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Akito of all people piloting the Alexanders is no coincidence
The developers (or their masters) knew about the geass infection Akito got from his bro and built devices into the Alexanders to use that ability (they got wind of it from spies in Britannia or the Black Knights themselves). It is related to the research experiment that fried the brain of the husband of Sophie Randle.

The mysterious apparition in the general's office is a representative of C's World
She seems to be something higher than the Geass order. That goes with the theory that because of what she said, the events of Akito will spin off into an alternate R2-time series. One can only hope...
  • Main WMG confirmed: she's an embodiment of the collective consciousness and the being responsible for first granting Geass to humanity. However, the secondary WMG is jossed: Akito is still implied to take place in the same verse as "classic" Code Geass.

Akito will do something awful after he hears that Yukiya died
. Even worse if Yukiya isn't dead. Akito will go on a self-blaming all-killing rampage and someone else will have to sacrifice themselves to stop him. (Ryou?)
  • Jossed: Yukiya survived the crash, and Akito simply rescues him.

Most of Wyvern squad will die.
Jossed. They all live.

Shin's father is someone we've already met.
Shin's mother's ghost (or a hallucination thereof) mentioned to Shin in episode 4 that his father killed Akito's father, and that she hoped he wouldn't have ended up like his father. Nothing says where this was, or what's happened to him since. It's possible that it could be someone we know of from the original series. As for who's that sort of person, well, it could be...
  • Genbu Kururugi. This would give an interesting light to his interactions with Suzaku. It would also give a reason why his family left Japan (Akito says he was born in Europia, so either they left while she was pregnant, or when he was less than a year old, or Genbu did all of this while visiting Europia).
  • Charles zi Britannia. No one ever said (as fas as I know) that Shin wasn't half Japanese. In that case, it would fit more that the Euro Britannians follow him without issue. Also, Charles' killing potential reaches pretty far. It would also give a reason why Shin wants to kill him - him just wanting chaos, or wanting to take over/destroy the world, comes of as sort of silly, and it doesn't fit with the style of the rest of the series. Also, this series is missing something if it's not crawling with Charles' kids. We've only seen one so far, and he was on his fourth alter ego at this point, so he barely counts.
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  • Jossed: Shin's father is a completely new character, with Episode 5 showing that he was killed by Shin himself, which renders his backstory incompatible with those of the other characters mentioned.

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