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  • When Allen is recovering from having his Innocence, which is his left arm, destroyed in the Asia Branch HQ, a Level 3 Akuma appears and attacks. After almost effortlessly beating Allen, Bak, and For, the Akuma is dismembered in one attack by Allen's Innocence, which has just reformed and is acting on its own. The Innocence returns to Allen, and he executes the Akuma with a single attack from a single finger.
  • Lenalee's victory over Eshi, another Level 3. Whenever Eshi attacks, his dark matter clings to the target and weighs it down. Lenalee finally pushes her Innocence to the level where it can negate the dark matter, and she just glares at Eshi as he beats her to a pulp. Then she flies into the air and powers down her Innocence, reactivating the dark matter, which means she now weighs several thousand pounds. She falls into Eshi with such force that she catches on fire and eventually runs him clean through.
    • Well, that was before her next moment, where her Innocence reformed in the fight against the level 4, and bought enough time for Cross to do the job. And, boy, did Cross do a job.
  • Krory's fight against Jasdevi was full of this. He gets put into an iron maiden and is seconds away from death. What does he do? Activate his blood ability and creates a blood clone of himself. Afterwards, he proceeds to kick Jasdevi's ass.
  • Jasdevi themselves. For a good chunk of the encounter they toy with the exorcists as if it was nothing. When they combine they utterly trounce Krory for the most part. If they were a little more level headed, less childish and used their abilities to their full potential they could have defeated Allen and company without even really moving.
  • Bookman for managing to steal Kanda's hair tie and escape from Kanda, even though Kanda tore through every other Exorcist and Finder in the Black Order to get it back.
  • One person: Cross Marian.
    • In his very appearance, you knew the guy is meant for awesomeness.
    • He shot a bunch of Level 3 Akuma from behind without even looking and without bothering to stop smoking.
    • While we're on the subject of "Every damn thing Cross does," mention needs to go to the time when he shot the Level 4 Akuma that had just gotten up from Allen and Lenalee jackhammering away at it. It stopped the bullet and asked if that was the best he could do. Cross: "Did you only see the one bullet?" Cue Body Horror from a nasty reaction to the eight Innocence bullets it missed.
    • A rather hilarious and extremely awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! moment here.
    • Let us not forget when Cross completely OWND One-Winged Angel Tyki on the ark.
    • He can make akuma (at least, the weaker ones) pull a Heel–Face Turn. HE CAN TURN THE PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT OF SIN GOOD! Even if it only lasts a short time, that's pretty damn impressive... no wonder he has so many CMOA.
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    • He's hunted down by Noah twins. And he has them pay his bills. So not only does he know he's being followed to assassinate, but he parties it up and leaves the tab for his would-be attackers.
    • He's shot in the head by Apocryphos, using his own gun. But, it's revealed in chapter 222 that even that didn't kill him. He's merely comatose at present. He connects to Allen by Road, using her dream abilities. And Road wants him to stay asleep for a while.
  • Reever shooting at one of the Skulls for transforming his fellow colleagues during the Invasion of the Headquarters.
    • Then Allen comes along just in time to save Reever by vertically cutting a Skull in half with his sword. Dynamic Entry for the win!
  • Minor, but as Jasdero is pulling Tyki and Devit in the cart, he manages to run over Skinn, who in which, weighs more than the Earl, while Jasdero (and Devit , going without saying) weighs just over 100 pounds.
    • Plus, he doesn't even notice he sent Skinn literally flying until the other two point it out to him. He then proceeds to pull all three of them along without breaking a sweat and at full speed the whole time. He's not even slightly winded the spite the ridiculous speed he's going at. Seriously, rewatch that scene - episode 65. He's so fast it's unreal.
  • When Allen first breaks the critical point and his Innocence becomes a fricking sword.
    • He has another awesome moment just before that when he completely heals the arm that Tyki tried to break a second time and gives a short speech on how the Noah had been underestimating the exorcists, during which he proceeds to scare the ever loving fuck out of him when his innocence makes Tyki experience how it would feel to die. "You Noah take human beings too lightly."
  • Kanda defeating Skinn Bolic. He killed a Noah, who were so far completely invincible and curbstomped someone on their every appearance. It was by the Skinn of his teeth, but he still was the last man standing.
  • The first time Allen and Lavi fought with Krory, Lavi swung his hammer down on Krory ... only to realize that his hammer wouldn't move. Krory had caught the hammer's tip with his teeth.
  • I think Miranda gets a Crowning Moment when she changes her clothes, lets her hair down and reveals that she's quite pretty. Just look at her inital appearance to now.
  • General Winters Socalo, an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight with a giant serrated double-bladed saw-like sword. The clincher: voiced by Norio Wakamoto. He is every bit as badass as you can imagine him to be.
  • Inspector Howard Link isn't quite a Badass Normal, but he's vastly outclassed by the exorcists. Which makes the this all the more awesome.
  • This. The dialogue makes it great
    Phantom Thief G: "What is this?"
  • The Fourteenth's first appearance. I mean, he made a Level Four Akuma cry and tremble in fear. Just look in the perspective of the Akuma. Look how he sees the Fourteenth.
    • Not to mention his first line. He just says in such a calm and cheerful way that it's unnerving.
      Fourteenth: (smiling) "Good morning."
  • Madarao (who previously hadn't even said anything) calmly walking through the barrier that was impervious to humans, stopping a level three akuma bare-handed, then absorbing it into his own body with no effort whatsoever. Link was completely lost for words.
  • Nobody remembers when Kanda cut a level three point fucking five akuma in half with one blow!? For shame...
  • Hell, even the first level 4 akuma gets one when it defeats Allen and the rest of the generals with ease. Even Cross is unable to wound it... at first (see above).
  • The Earl gets one when he destroys Edo in one huge blast of energy.
  • Lavi and Kanda lose their ability to activate their Innocence, and Allen is all but wasted against the Level 4. So, Lenalee risks her life to reactivate her innocence and returns to action. Her subsequent tag-team fight with Allen against the Level 4 is pretty awesome.
  • In Chapter 194, Allen finally gets sick of Wisely, his Mind Rape Exposition Beam, and the fact that Kanda isn't even trying to resist (probably due to a Heroic BSoD). So he basically rips his way out of the dream world and punches Kanda in the face, snapping him out of it and shattering Wisely's control. I was totally expecting him to yell, "Let's see you grit those teeth!"
  • In the fight with the level four, when Lavi and Kanda attack it to save Komui. However, since both of their Innocence weapons are damaged and being repaired they try to fight it off with a normal sword and a freaking flag.
  • Doubles as heartwarming - Johnny angrily declaring why he wants to leave looking for Allen:
    We of the Science Division exist to support our exorcists, do we not?! Leaving Allen alone is really losing to the "14th"!
  • Upon locating Allen, Johnny hugs him while crying. An akuma attack allows Allen to get away, but we soon learn that Johnny did not simply hug him: He also planted a tracking device in his hair. For all his emotional crying, Johnny had the foresight to anticipate that Allen would try to run away again and took steps to make sure he and Kanda would be able to find him.
  • On a meta example: Funimation actually licensing the continuation of the 2006 anime as part of the Summer simulcast season in 2016, after legal issues with Dentsu prevented them from completing the original adaptation for five years.


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