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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: In the guidebook Gray Ark, author Katsura Hoshino stated that during the series' first chapters, she instead wanted to write a manga about zombies, believing D.Gray-Man would not be a success. Later, she thanked all her editors for the series' success.
    • The same happened with Yu Kanda. Originally, she saw him as a regular character but his popularity within the cast (he took first place twice) resulted in Hoshino giving her best to write his backstory.
  • Arc Fatigue: The development of Allen and the 14th Noah suffered this as a result of multiple breaks Hoshino took, and because of the writers real-life issues that have caused the manga to be on hiatus since December 2012. As a result Allen was suffering for years until finally being able to break free in a chapter that was released in 2017.
    • In an extension of the above fatigue, some often cite that the Arc Fatigue started from the moment of the weekly-to-monthly switch for the manga; having the story arcs going for much longer periods of real-time then previously before. The fans often debate if this is because Hoshino doesn't release enough content for a monthly release, and is stuck on a weekly release mind-set, or if it's because the fans themselves can't adjust to the new schedule and can't handle the, now slow, plot advancement then when the manga was on a weekly release.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Allen isn't anywhere near as traumatized by his sucky life as one might expect.
      • Subverted in Marian's sidestory. There we learn that Allen spent a lot of time without wanting anything to the point Maria forced him to eat and change his clothes. Allen managed to recover but he was not himself but acting like Mana. Across the story Allen becomes aware of this when Lenalee points that he is starting to be casual rather than formal.
    • Subverted by Lenalee; she has a horrible past and generally acts upbeat and cheerful, but it's mostly an act; she's been harboring a deep hatred of the Order for years and is terrified of the Inspectors from Rome.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Kanda's sort of a lesser example. He's a gigantic, unrepentant a-hole, with no heart of gold underneath, which turns plenty of people off of him. However, he still ranks very high in character popularity polls, even ranking higher than the main character at least once, and has a strong female fanbase. All Girls Want Bad Boys in action?
      • Probably the fact that his heart grew when Allen and saved him and Alma helped to improve his popularity.
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    • The Noah. Either they are a cool group of attractive and creepy badasses that contribute to the series Myth Arc, or a Spotlight-Stealing Squad that moves the series away from its original premise and their immortality causing them to long overstay their welcome. Even Skin, who died, is eventually going to be revived.
    • Johnny Gill. You either hate him for being completely irrelevant and a huge crybaby, or you feel sorry for him with all the traumatic experiences he's going through over the course of the story. Or both.
  • Creepy Awesome:
    • All Noah are this by default, but the Millennium Earl is particularly badass even by their standards.
    • Tyki Mikk. He's a sexy badass, yes, but he's a Noah, which means Nightmare Fuel is just part of the package.
  • Critical Research Failure: A priest marrying a nun. The anime fixed this, thankfully.
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  • Die for Our Ship: Lenalee gets this for getting in the way of Allen/Yu. And Eliade tends to get this a lot from Krory/Miranda fans, which is ridiculous, since she dies in Krory's introductory arc.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Three words: General Cross Marian. Despite his relatively small participation in the series, he has always managed to rank high in the popularity polls, being almost always in the top 10 (in the 3rd one he ranked the 12th, still close). Reasons for his great acceptance within the fandom include his badassery (during his first fight in the series, he defeated the previously thought invincible Noah Tyki with ease, he later destroyed a bunch of Level 3 Akumas like nothing and was the one who ultimately killed the Level 4 in the next arc, has two Innocences, one a gun that never runs out of ammo and that always follows his target, and another in the form of the corpse of a beautiful woman that he controls with magic and that can use her voice to create ilusions and control the enemy, can use magic, has a cool Eyepatch of Power that apparently allows him to disguise as other people and features both a Badass Beard and an imposing deep voice), the mystery surrounding his figure, his good looks and that, despite his rocky relationship with Allen, he actually cares about him.
    • Komui is fairly popular for being a genuinely funny comic relief character, while also being a serious and professional leader everytime the Black Order was facing a big crisis. It also helps he's one of the few higher-ups who sees the Exorcists under his care as people and not as tools and that he worries about their well-being and safety, and that his reason for joining the Black Order was to reunite and take care of her traumatized little sister. He has fared well too in the popularity polls despite his role decreasing more and more as the series progresses, ranking in the top 10 in the first poll, and still managing to get into the top 20 in the next ones.
    • Krory and Miranda are loved by the fandom due their incredibly tragic backstories, as well as their progress throught the series, with Miranda becoming more confident and prettier the more the series advances (while still maintaining her charming gloominess from her introductory arc), and Krory turning into one of the most badass exorcists so far. A proof of their popularity is that, despite not having a great role after the Noah's Ark incident, they ranked the 5th (Miranda) and 6th (Krory) positions in the last popularity poll, surpassing other fan favourites who had a more active role in the latest arc, like Tyki and Road.
    • In the Noah's side of things, Devit has shown to have quite the following. He got the 6th spot of the 2nd popularity poll, and ranked the 13th in the 3rd one. His brother Jasdero has his share amount of fans too, managing to get into the top 20 in both polls (ranking 13th in the 2nd poll and 17th in the 3rd one). Even their combined form, Jasdevi, managed to get into the top 20 in the second poll, getting the 16th rank.
  • Evil Is Cool: The Noah. And how.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: The Noah underwent some strange costume changes after the Japan arc, quite a few of the male characters going from rocking some awesome suits to wearing some kind of bizarre belly shirts.
  • Foe Yay: Road kissed Allen and claims to love him. Though this could be more to do with the 14th than Allen. It's never explained why she was the only one he didn't kill. Though, it's probably was simply because he couldn't. We still don't even know how she can be killed after all.
  • Growing the Beard: The manga starts off as a Monster of the Week story, introducing new Exorcists, it did not develop completely until the Ark story arc. Then the series went monthly, the story became more complex and the atmosphere greatly changed (for better or for worse, depending on who you ask), to the point it would be hard to imagine the series running in the Shonen Jump now.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Why the Fangirls most likely don't really like Han. Could be an Informed Attribute, were he not living in the Land of the Bishōnen.
  • Iron Woobie:
    • Allen Walker. Why yes, that wide-eyed smiling boy was abandoned by his parents, raised in an abusive circus, watched his foster father die, was cursed by said father after some asshole in a top hat tricked him into bringing him back and then was forced to kill him personally, was then taken in by Cross, who stuck him with all his debts, is constantly stuck with the missions that carry heavy emotional baggage, was betrayed by the organization he works for, and then found out his foster father was crazy and may have never actually loved him, but the soul of the evil 14th Noah that was sealed inside him. And it's been revealed as of late that Mana -Allen's foster father, is actually the Millennium Earl, whom Allen hates and wants revenge against, not coming to find yet that he and his foster father are the same person. Allen may not be happy when he finally does find this out. Then his mentor was attacked, and supposedly killed, and Allen gets the pleasure of being led to the room by Tim, and seeing his Master's blood everywhere, along with his mask. Then later coming face to face with the one responsible for his Master's attack, and getting to see what happened in the room that night. So now he's lost the second adult figure in his life, far as he knows. Isn't it obvious?
    • He finally breaks in the manga's latest chapters after leaving the Order and realizing he feels lonely and becoming sensitive. However, this was really short lived.
    • Things did look up for Allen when he meets his master again in chapter 222. He thinks Cross is just an illusion, but says regardless of that he was glad he got to see him again. After talking, Cross disappears again, and Allen starts to think that he may not have been an illusion after all.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Yu.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Allen, Allen, Allen.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The 14th Noah.
  • Moe: Allen Walker. Among fandom, he's commonly described as "cute" and "very huggable." Also, being a wide-eyed Cheerful Child helps.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The Black Order upper echelons when they ordered the creation of both The Second and Third Exorcist projects. Or if not that, when they order the execution of Allen.
    • Cross allowing Akuma to roam free momentarily just to teach Allen a lesson crossed it, especially given it resulted in the death of both Allen's best friend and his sister. This was notably only in the anime.
  • Narm Charm: Jasdevi's Fusion Dance. Relatedly, the Level 4 Akuma would look outright stupid if they weren't so terrifying.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Quite a few people found Miranda Lotto to be incredibly annoying during the Rewinding Town arc. Fortunately, it doesn't even take until the end of the arc for her to get a lot better.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Chaozii Han to a lot of the fans of the series, probably due to being one of the few non-bishonen male characters. His turning on Allen without question when the Order declares him an enemy didn't help matters, either.
    • Johnny, for his complete irrelevance despite constantly appearing (tough hopefully that may be on its way to change) and for being generally a crybaby.
      • In fact, Johnny doesn't even begin to become the least bit relevant until the "Finding A.W."-arc, and even then, his impact on the events in the story is limited to him almost falling to his death which causes Allen to regain control from the 14th just in time to activate Crown Clown and save Johnny from dying.
  • Squick: Cyril is way too touchy-feely with Tyki (who may - pending canon confirmation to take this out of fanon - be his brother) and Road (his adopted daughter). Cyril loves "playing house" so much, it gives him a nosebleed. For their part, Tyki thoroughly dislikes Cyril's attentions while Road is either oblivious or doesn't care Being way older than she looks and possibly being a paedophile might have something to do with that.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The artistic changes done to the character designs in the Hallow anime, as well as some of the changes of seiyu, were met by unfavourable reviews most noticeably Yu Kanda's recast. It was probably inevitable, as most of the viewers had grown accustomed to the previous anime's designs.
  • Too Cool to Live:
    • Daisya Barry.
    • Skinn Bolic, the first of the Noah to die.
    • Eshii. He had Frieza as his seiyuu, beats two badass Exorcists, and forced a third to go all out, has gravity powers, and is a capable fighter. He's also the only Level Three, That doesn't get reduced to a humiliating state or beaten easily.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Level 4 Akuma.
    • Fiddler. Something is not right about his face.
    • The Cardinal/Apocryphos.
    • All of the Noah in their dark-skinned evil mode. No exceptions.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Jasdevi is very bishounen, and has long hair.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Jasdevi could probably have ended the fight on the Ark instantly if they'd done the right thing.
    • The Upper Members of the Black Order. After Allen helps Alma and Kanda escape, his attempt to help the Third Exorcists is mistaken for an act of betrayel, Link restraining him under the belief Allen was killing his family. The Upper Members however only care that Allen disobeyed a direct order, lost Black Order assets, and seemingly aided the enemy. The idiot part comes in that if Allen truly had done something wrong, his Innocence would have turned him into a Fallen One much like Suman Dark did. The fact he is a Noah wouldn't change anything as Noah's are still human. Despite his Innocence not changing him, meaning he did not betray God, the Upper Members still wanted Allen executed. Made worse by the fact that other members have tried to testify on his behalf, only to be threatened with punishment if they do not fall in line. Later, after Link is apparently killed, Allen is blamed for killing Link even though he had almost no strength but the fact he escaped proves everything. Lampshaded too.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The scars on Miranda's hands resemble stigmata.
  • The Woobie:


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