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Fridge Horror

  • Road Kamelot constantly makes advances on Allen and is very...admired by her adoptive father, Sheril. But the revelation that Road is MUCH older than she looks (she's had the body of a twelve-year-old for over thirty-five years) makes these interactions creepier; not only is Allen half her age, but Sheril himself might be her junior. And technically, he's kind of her brother.
    • And, then, there are Sheryl's Ho Yay tendencies toward Tyki. If you know that the Noahs are the same age they are when they turned into a Noah, this makes it very Squicky.
  • A LOT of confusing details about Allen's past are starting to make sense now that the Fourteenth has revealed that they knew each other and were good friends. The question is how did Allen get younger than he was 35 years ago.
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  • There is another scene that the anime makes much, much worse by expanding upon. Not only is Lenalee grabbed, pinned down, and bitten by a bunch of skeletons, the ones on her thighs pry her legs open, one of them sticks its head up her skirt to do only the Earl knows what before the Earl shows up with More Teeth than the Osmond Family chattering like a nutcracker. Lenalee can only thank God that Allen showed up when he did.
  • When Cross told Allen that when he turned into the fourteenth, he "would have to kill someone he loved", it was assumed he meant one of his friends from the Black Order. However, with the recent revelation that the current Millennium Earl is in fact Mana Walker, and with the pretty well established fact that the 14th wants to destroy and replace the current Earl and Cross being in the loop all along, you realise that Cross had in fact been referring to the 14th taking over Allen and killing the Earl, because the Earl IS someone Allen loved.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Kanda noticeably mellows out next to Lenalee or Marie. This makes lots of sense when you realize that those two were probably the first friends he had ever since the whole Alma incident . Also Fridge Heartwarming.
  • When the level 4 that attacked the headquarters is finally destroyed and only its head is remaining, Cross shoots it and hypocritically complains that they won't be able to experiment on him. This first seems like a pretty dumb, only for rule of funny thing to do, as studying the level 4 could bring some infos that might be helpful in the war. But when you pay attention to the face of Lvelier and the events of the Alma arc, this all makes sense! Cross knew about the incoming third exorcist project and he didn't want to give them another element to submit young people to their experiments as he already brought them the Akuma egg.
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  • Sheryl badly wants to know the Truth about Nea from Bookman and is even ready to torture Lavi to get the informations. You would wonder why doesn't he just ask his son with a magic eye that allows to read in people mind to pick the truth in Bookman's head. But when you look at Road and Wisely 's conversations you realise that even if Sheryl asked him, Wisely wouldn't do it. This is because he promised Road to keep the secret about Nea. Both of them don't seem to be hateful at all towards Nea unlike some other noah.
  • In the Noah's Ark, some exorcists don't manage to join the exit in time and thus disappear with the room. At the end of the arc The Ark is restored and everyone is revealed to be alive this first seems a bit cheap and we can think that we were given some fake informations to up the tension. But then you realize that there is a computer theme going on. Actually when the rooms were destroyed they weren't immediately destroyed, the datas (and the exorcists with them) where kept as data buffer until the complete downloading of the Ark.
  • The whole Alma Karma's motivation. So basically he wants to kill Kanda because he resents Kanda for surviving him and moreover he he's rather kill Kanda than let him know that He is the woman he loved and has been searching for so long and thinks this would be too painful for him to learn this. So he chose to kill him rather than let him suffer... this seems like a rather selfish and weak motivation. Now remember what Sahlins Epstain said: "All second exorcists remembered their past life and they went crazy". This is exactly what happened to Alma. Still, Kanda is still more or less sane. Why? Precisely because of his sole purpose to find this woman that is his reason to live and is a keeper os his sanity. If Kanda learns the truth he will become just like Alma! Alma's motivation is then perfectly understandable. Now even further Kanda did learn the truth. But still he hasn't gone crazy like he could have. This is because he now has another reason ti fight. If all the second exorcists went crazy at remembering their past, it's because they wish not to live any longer. The life of exorcist is way too awful to support and just remembering it and being forced to live it again is unbearable. Kanda now has made his own choice to live because of personal reasons instead of just being created and raised to fight the holy war like the other second exorcists. His being self concious and deliberate about being an exorcist with true personal motivation is what keeps Kanda from falling to madness!
  • I just realized what an amazing piece of foreshadowing Debitto and Jasdero are! They literally sing about the big plot twist in chapter 220. There was once a cradle There was another cradle within the cradle One become a twin And the other cradle disappeared within the mist A star that is shining brightly in the graveyard Disappears

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