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This is really the most intense panel in the entire comic.

Despite being an incredibly random comedy/slice o' life series, D-Frag! does have its share of badass moments. Whether it be inside the school system, or a part of their daily mishaps, one thing's for certain; It was pretty damn cool.

  • The second half of episode 1; we're introduced to fellow loser and Student Council Vice-President, Ataru. Then we get to know about his dream to overthrow his arch-nemesis, the Student Council President, Chitose Karasuyama. Then we get to see him joining forces with his childhood friends to try and deflect a locker that she threatens to hurl at them from two stories above. Then we get to see him and Kenji putting all of their combined strength to stop the attack, and landing safely in the 2nd floor girl's locker room. All in a very shonen-action-ish manner. And it's actually pretty cool.
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  • Episode 10, when Takao stops a giant sawblade robot spinning out of control with her bare hands, complete with a determined game face.
  • Chapter 36/Episode 12, with Kazama and Roka defeating Tama-chan right after getting close enough to her and undoing her hair, saying that she looks more beautiful and mature with her hair down, and finally slamming Roka's death bag over her head while she had a lapse in focus. Sure as hell overlaps with Heartwarming, even if for a bit.
  • Both times when Kazama beats Roka. The first time he beats her by using his the referee as a launch pad and grabbing the Popsicle stick from the sky (where he knocked to). The second time, he shaves his head to trick Roka and get an opening. Both times he is able to avoid Roka's bag.
  • Every single moment where Mr. Shawn Conecone appears. It's bound to have some deep, inspirational, and downright awesome meanings behind it.


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