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Heartwarming / D-Frag!

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  • After much Mind Screw-inducing abuse from the Game Production Club (temp), Noe breaks down and cries to her brother. In a hilarious display of Big Brother Instinct, Kenji buys her ice cream to console her.
  • During the school festival contest, Takao seems upset that Roka's "game" consisting of analog games in the school courtyard is more popular than the one she made with her club. Chitose then gives her a Cooldown Hug, and apologizes for her actions from before causing several members of her club to quit. She also tells Takao that Roka enjoys making games in her own way, and is having fun as well. Roka later apologizes as well, then ruins the moment by telling Takao they can stay friends if she joins the new game creation club. Takao gives her a much deserved smack on the head, but seems happier.


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