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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Everything Sakamoto does qualifies as either a Moment of Awesome or Funny Moment.
  • Sakamoto tricks the three bullies into moving back and forth to dispel the fire while the door was locked in order to cause enough ruckus that the someone in the teacher’s lounge directly beneath them would be alarmed at the situation.
  • Sakamoto fights off a bee that was harassing the entire classroom akin to a sword fight using the divider part of his compass for math class against its stinger beefore it could sting anyone! He even won and avoided harming it.
  • Kubota decides to fight back against the bullies who keep stealing his money even though he doesn’t have much of a chance. Turns out Sakamoto followed him, and used two new techniques, one of which was squirting sauce into the bullies! He teams up with Kubota after the latter learns his own special move and force the bullies to retreat.
  • By faking being possessed by a demon, Sakamoto tricked Aina, Yagi and Tanaka into building an arch. They do using the student’s desks and chair and he ends up unintentionally turning the three girls into friends.
  • Kubota’s mother attempts to find Sakamoto as Kubota leaves to get a textbook and he evades her several times. Two particular moments stand out:
    • The first is when Sakamoto is hiding underneath the rug on the bathtub. As the mother is about to find him, he turns on the shower, blinding her while making his quick escape.
    • The second is when he recorded himself, put it on a disk, and jumped behind the television, tricking her into believing that he fled into the television.
  • Sakamoto can blow a bubble huge enough to store his body, and float inside of it. Popplio, you have new competition.
  • Sakamoto rescues Acchan from the school during a fire drill and makes a parachute, jumping out of the school with no difficulty whatsoever!
  • Sakamoto and Hayabusa engage in an epic slap fight (hand pushing sumo) while battling in the rain. During the fight, Sakamoto nearly attacked him with a whirlwind before it turns out he was trying to signal a cab for Hayabusa before they both catch a cold.
  • Sakamoto with help from the bullies, sneaks into the adult section and gets a dvd with multiple obstacles (Aina and her new friends, his best friend’s mom, etc.) and Sakamoto tricks the boss into thinking he’s 26 by drawing a watch on his wrist to pretend he’s an established upper class citizen! And it works!
  • With his sneakers tied together by Sera, Sakamoto still reaches first place for his team for a while by running on all fours like a cheetah!
  • Fukase attempts to frame Sakamoto for popping all of the balloons after beating up Hayabusa and friends and gets the whole school to target him. As various student try to trap him at the play, Hayabusa’s gang returns with a vengeance to drive out Fukase’s unintentional pawns with no fears of the consequences.
    • Sakamoto twists a balloon into a gun and tricks Morita and Yasuda into thinking he has the potential to blast them or pop the balloons when in reality he was taking advantage of Kubota’s mirror reflecting the light onto the ballons with the heat causing them to burst.
  • Sakamoto ends up being invited to a mixer with college students under a partial guise as a social experiment. Not only does he impress all three women the men brought, he ends up singing "Erlkönig" by Franz Schubert, based on a famous German poem during karaoke. The guys who brought him here tried to sabotage him twice and failed!
  • Hayabusa respects Sakamoto enough to beg and request his help for his formal dinner with his potential stepmother.
  • While it is hilarious to watch Hayabusa complain about having to eat snails during a formal dinner, he chugs down the snails after remembering the love for his little brothers.

Alternative Title(s): Sakamoto Desu Ga