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  • The Mountain Hike arc was full of these:
    • Ayana, enraged at seeing Hayate join up with Makoto, advanced in a straight towards their position. Anybody stupid, or just plain unlucky enough, to get in her way got taken out in the space of seconds. Yuho, who was watching her movements on a GPS tracker, commented to Jun that Ayana never even slowed down when she took out opponents, not even once.
    • Nagi got into a fight with Ensuu and actually managed to hold her own. It was pretty clear who the stronger fighter was, and Ensuu had actually drawn some of Nagi's blood, but Nagi apparently impressed her enough to warrant one of her rare slasher smiles.
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    • Jun used Yuho's sword technique to toss Sae into a river and give herself enough time to escape. Sae. A Whiteshirt. As Jun says when Yuho teases her about giving up on Makoto's star, throwing a Whiteshirt into a river is sufficiently legendary.
    • Maki got her moment when she became the first person (besides Hitsugi) to score a hit on a whiteshirt during her fight with Nancy. Even if she did exploit Nancy underestimating her, it was still impressive.
    • And then Nancy bounced right back by scoring two hits on Maki in the space of seconds. She would have gotten Maki's third target area as well, but Yukari blindsided her and forced her to back off.
    • Though they were still hopelessly outmatched, Kurea and Minori managed to put up enough of a fight to get Shizuku to go all out.
    • Akira took down a group of A-Rankers like they were nothing. She didn't even break a sweat. Which leads us to...
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    • Ensuu got her own moment when she barged in on the aforementioned battle. Alone, she proved more of a threat than the rest of the A-Rankers combined. It's telling that when Sae joins the fight to help out Akira, the battle ends up largely, Sae vs. remaining A-Rankers, Akira vs. Ensuu.
  • The entire fight between Hitsugi/Shizuku and Akira/Sae. All of it. After nearly eighty chapters of buildup, it not only delivers on its promise of greatness—it far surpasses it. It is made abundantly clear that both sides are worth all their hype and more.
  • Sae dumping her fiance with a smile on her face.
    Sae: Go sleep with your mother you mannakin piss motherfucker... if you will.


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