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Heartwarming / Hayate Blade

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Hayate × Blade has a lot of moments that just give you warm fuzzies. As with the list of funny moments, this list is far from complete.

  • In Chapter 50, Akira asked Hitsugi to ring the bell at the opening ceremony of the new term because she wanted to give Ayana and Hayate the chance to take down Mei and Ensuu. Hitsugi, being Hitsugi, told her to get down on her knees and beg Shizuku to ring the bell. Though the whole thing is played for laughs, Akira really would have gotten on her knees if Shizuku hadn't told her Hitsugi was BSing. It's always nice to see that Akira cares.
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  • In Chapter 55, after winning her battle, Jun wonders how Ayana and Hayate are doing. "Maybe they won already. Or maybe, they're about to win." She has such faith in her friends, the possibility of them losing never once crossed her mind.
  • In Chapter 60, after Hayate has gone missing, and is contemplating splitting up with Ayana, all of her friends are extremely supportive of her: they just want her to come back, and they have complete faith in the knowledge that she would stand up for herself. Of special note is when Asakura, who had previously wanted nothing more than to split up Hayate's partnership with Ayana and take the latter for herself, says that she can't imagine Ayana with anybody else.

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