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Funny / Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.


  • Episode 2B, "Love Psychology Techniques You Can Use Today": Kuronuma's failed attempts to get Sakamoto to notice her. First, she tries to nonchalantly sit next to him while trying to avoid bumping into his writing hand, only to find out that he's ambidextrous. Next, she tries to ask him directly for his full name, but it's drowned out by the sound of Nails on a Blackboard. When neither of those works, she decides to mimic his every movement, but falls over trying to keep up with him as he crafts a miniature paper wastebasket.
  • Episode 4A, "Is Sakamoto a Pervert?": Coach Kakuta thinks Sakamoto is going to try to pole vault over the gate as he's closing it to avoid running late, but Sakamoto simply plants the bamboo tree he was carrying into a nearby patch of dirt and casually walks past the still-open gate.
  • Episode 9B's curtain oppai. When Kubota's mom goes to school disguised as her son, a bunch of horny classmates try to grope "his" "manboobs". Sakamoto distracts them by tying the curtains together, so that as they blow in the breeze, they look like a pair of giant, bikini-clad boobs. The guys (minus Sakamoto, of course) then start trying to motorboat the GIANT CURTAIN OPPAI.

Alternative Title(s): Sakamoto Desu Ga