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1st anime


2nd anime

  • Episode 1: Kino meets a man along the road to a country where murder is legal. He says he wants to live a life where he can just kill people if he feels like it. Later he shows in the same town, loudly threatening to kill Kino if she doesn't give him her stuff. Then the kindly, pleasant townspeople gang up on him, calmly subduing him with arrows before an elderly man, Mr. Regel, executes him with his Sword Cane.
    Mr. Regel: Just because something is not prohibited, does not mean it is permitted.
  • Episode 2: Kino easily curbstomping all of her opponents in the Coliseum, and then taking advantage of a local law to "accidentally" kill the country's King when she "misses" one of her shots. Not only that, but with the King dead, Kino uses her status as the winner to institute a new law that the last person standing will be the new King, essentially singlehandedly destroying an entire country.
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  • Episode 3: Kino displaying her Improbable Aiming Skills by being able to effortlessly snipe binoculars off of soldier without harming them, and shooting missiles out of the air with her rifle.

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