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Awesome / One Piece Film: Strong World

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  • The Straw Hats dressing up in suits with guns over their shoulders and walking towards Shiki and his army.
    Luffy: Nami didn't come here as a sacrifice. She came as a vanguard!!
    *Straw Hats get their guns out.*
    Luffy: Brace yourself, Golden Lion Shiki. We are the main force !!!
    *Straw Hats start firing*
  • Luffy walks calmly towards Shiki completely uninterrupted, as the Straw Hats clear his path.
    Zoro: Don't get in my captain's way. *Blocks Dr. Indigo's swords.*
    Sanji: Didn't he tell you to clear the way?! *Kicks Scarlet*
  • When Luffy starts fighting Shiki in Gear Second:
    Luffy: You have no right to decide our fate!
    *Luffy jumps over to Shiki at ridiculous speed.*
    Luffy: JET PISTOL!
    • He punches Shiki so hard, he goes FLYING.
  • Although brief, Luffy and Shiki's mid-air fight is awesome!
  • Luffy's final attack of the movie, Gigant Thor Axe, which is basically him using Gear Third to inflate his foot and putting it in a thunderstorm. (It doesn't hurt him because he's rubber, which is an insulator). And then bringing his giant, lightning charged foot down on the enemy. Watch for yourself.
  • Zoro beating Dr.Indigo. Lampshaded by Chopper and Usopp.
  • You simply DO NOT ignore Brook, or else... this happens. Doubles as a Funny Moment.

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