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Awesome / Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest

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  • Haguro, realizing that ogre-Chiba (and Inugami by extension) could spell doom for mankind, decides to think about others in his own way and takes a stand: "HEAR ME, FIEND, I AM HUMANITY!"
  • Akiko Aoshika standing up for Inugami in the hospital and calling out to those about to abandon him.
    • And she also attempts to do so when Haguro is about to rape her. Doesn't work halfway as well.
      • Also biting her own tongue in the middle of all the gangrape if you interpret it as her way to keep saying "fuck you" to Haguro.
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    • During the gangrape Aoshika is shown to scream "I won't stand for this!".
  • Ahh, Inugami. Haguro has set you up to face him on the night of the new moon, while you're powerless. Ryuuko has just delivered a fatal stabbing, and now you're lying in Aoshika's room, bleeding to death. What is a werewolf to do? Break the fucking rules and regain your powers, that's what. Let the asskicking commence.
  • Inugami transforms into a white-furred werewolf and FINALLYkills Haguro!
  • Inugami fighting a lion in chapters 17-18.
  • It was already astounding that after all of the brutality that was dished out to her, Aoshika was able to pick herself up again. It was even more remarkable when Aoshika is holding an unconscious Inugami when Haguro's men come in only to find him dead, demanding an explanation. When Aoshika tries to persuade her way through, they threaten to rape her to death in front of Inugami. But instead of being frightened, Aoshika gets pissed.
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  • Inugami completely defying the Defiled Forever trope and telling his beloved Aoshika that she's not defiled and that he loves her no matter what is both this and heart-melting

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