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  • The ENTIRE FILM is a giant motherly awesome moment for the amazing parent that is Hana.
    • One such example is Hana learning to farm from Grandpa Nirasaki. No matter how much (constructive) criticism he gives, Hana swallows her pride and follows his advice to the letter, without complaint. Anyone else in her shoes would've lost their temper or called it quits. But she didn't: she kept going so her children could continue living the good life in the country.
  • The wolfman's transformation sequence. It's nothing big or fancy, just a quiet scene of a man gently changing into a werewolf before his lover's eyes. And yet, it's powerful because it marks not only the wolfman's finding the courage to show his true self to Hana, but the turning point in their relationship.
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  • Hana fixing her family's new home in the country. In the beginning, it was uninhabitable, to the point of nearly being condemned. One could hardly even call it a house then. But with time, hard work and determination, Hana gave it a one-woman makeover and turned it into a home for her and her children. By the end of the movie, it's so beautiful that it's hard to believe it used to be so ramshackle.
  • Everything about the snow scene. From Yuki and Ame running through the crisp snowy woods and doing flips, to the uplifting soundtrack, to Hana finally being able to have fun after working so hard to prepare her new home and look after her kids. And of course, there's the group howl that all three of them share.
    • Ame's usual timidness is replaced with sheer joy throughout the entire scene and it's the first time he matches his sister's enthusiasm for being a wolf.
  • A small one, but old man Nirasaki being up to 90 years old and still capable of farming the fields.
  • Yuki beating up the boys who bullied Ame during his first day of school.
  • Both of Ame's howls at the end of the film. The first one doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, and the second is simply a fantastic element to help end the film on.

Alternative Title(s): Wolf Children Ame And Yuki