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  • When a giant walrus attacks the main pack, it is mopping the floor with the other wolves, who cannot get through the thing's hide, and it even drives one of its tusks into Kiba's leg. Seeing his friends in danger of being killed by the gigantic beast, Toboe, the youngest of the wolves, and who has spent most of the series as the runt of the pack, goes BERSERK. He wolfs out, lunges at the walrus and gets it right in the eye, and does not let go. Despite all the walrus' thrashing, despite the walrus diving into the freezing water and smashing through frigging giant ice floes to try to dislodge him, Toboe does NOT LET GO. Only when the walrus is weakened and on its last legs from loss of blood and the injuries sustained from smashing through the ice floes does Toboe let go, and as the walrus collapses and dies, everyone else, who has been worried sick about Toboe, cannot believe their eyes.
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  • Tsume spends most of the first few episodes complaining about Kiba's obsession with finding Paradise and claiming he's only along for the ride, much to the dismay of the younger wolf Toboe, who always believed Tsume wasn't the complete jerk he appeared to be. But in episode 6 when the older wolf Zali expresses his scepticism that Kiba will succeed in his quest, it's Tsume who immediately leaps to his defence, claiming that if anyone can make it Kiba can. That scene is worth it just for the look of astonishment on Kiba's face and the look of joy on Toboe's.
  • Hey, what about Hige vs. Jaguara? He takes a sword through the shoulder and still refuses to give up.
  • Kiba vs. Darcia at the very end of the series. Darcia has pretty much obliterated every other wolf within twenty seconds of their respective fights, and while he does lay a beating on Kiba too, Kiba manages to hand it to him as well, especially considering Darcia was all but immune to pain during the fight, three times bigger than any other wolf, and was running on some seriously fucked up emotions the whole time. Gotta hand it to Kiba for being a legendary example of the Determinator.


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