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Tear Jerker / Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest

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For a series that is known mostly for being Bloodier and Gorier and having loads of horror, Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest is just as brutal when it goes for the emotional punch. Proofs are...

  • The Tear Jerker factor kicks in like few times during the scene where Inugami has a nervous breakdown and tries to convince himself that the woman being repeatedly raped in a video he's Forced to Watch isn't his Morality Pet, Aoshika-sensei. Made even worse by poor Aoshika (the biggest Woobie of the series) whispering "I'... I'm your teacher..." to Haguro, the ringleader and utter monster who's determined to rape her into insanity because Inugami cares for her. And Inugami himself? He's completely broken, helplessly screaming at him to stop...
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  • Any scene with Inugami in it in chapter 66, when he meets with Noriko Kimura in Nara.
  • Also, when Mr. Todakoro helps Inugami out, and has an Heroic BSoD upon learning what Haguro and Co. are doing to Aoshika.
  • And Aoshika's heartbraking Heroic BSoD in chapter 81, once Inugami gets to "see" her (though a monitor) after her horrifying gang-rape. Made even sadder when she does calm down, only to explain her horrible backstory to Inugami, reveal her feelings for him, and begs him to leave her since she thinks her life is over. And topped when Inugami says he is the one not worthy of her and keeps swearing he will save her.
  • In chapter 87, Inugami bleeding to near death while looking about Aoshika's room. Believing in that moment he won't be able to save Aoshika, he presses his face against a sweater bearing with her scent and cries. In that motion, Inugami revealed his underlying love for Aoshika
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  • Chapter 97. Inugami's Anguished Declaration of Love to Aoshika. Right after giving her a Cooldown Hug as the poor woman has a breakdown in front of him.
  • Chiba, you poor, tongueless bastard...
  • That damn Esoteric Happy Ending. It's sad... but it's oddly happy too.
  • A strange and fleeting one directed at Konuma in chapter 85 that has a lot of Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror attached: after trying to get Inugami to sleep with her and eventually trying to blackmail him with Aoshika's whereabouts, she finally gets Inugami to push her down on to Aoshika's bed(!) and kiss her. In a startling moment of clarity, Konuma muses that no matter what she did, she couldn't get a reaction from Inugami but if it's for Aoshika, he would do anything to Konuma. She even points out that he couldn't give a rat's ass about how that feels to her and he agrees. It's one of the few times that Konuma shows any true humanity. What makes it worse is that for all the disturbing characters in this manga, Konuma is the only one that NO ONE CARES ABOUT. Inugami has Aoshika's love, Chiba's mutual respect and is the focus of Haguro's obsession, Haguro has the respect and fear of most of his subordinates and the Kurodas had each other. She is, at best, a biological means to an end for Haguro and an annoyance at all other times. Granted much of this is the result of her personality and the company she keeps but it's still quite tragic. Don't worry though; the sympathetic feels will completely disappear in the next chapter where she tries and fails to kill Inugami.