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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

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     Hunter Exam Arc 
  • 1999 anime only: Kurapika's Establishing Character Moment in the second episode, where he immediately kills a large, poisonous spider with his fork while eating lunch. It really hits the audience with his overall demeanor, preparing them for several more of these moments to come.
  • During the lull between the second and third phases of the Hunter Exam, Isaac Netero plays a friendly game with Killua and Gon. All they have to do is take a ball from him. They have nine hours and he will only act defensively. They spend 4.5 hours and even working together they can't get the ball from him. Gon considers it a victory just to make him use both arms. The old man might as well be humming "U Can't Touch This".
  • Even before Nen was introduced as a power, the series had a high amount of awesome. During the final fight of the Hunter exam for example, Gon displays his Determinator skills in his fight against Hanzo — by fighting on even after the guy breaks his arm.
  • Killua proves once again that he is capable of curb-stomping just about anyone during his fight against a triplet of rival aspiring hunters in the fourth part of the Exams. He defeats all of them without getting a scratch.
  • Gon escapes a cave full of poisonous snakes and sleeping gas. By holding his breath. For nine minutes. While carrying his friends.
    • But first he has to get the antidote to the snakes from the guy who put them there (who's sitting in the cave as well and is now dead, half the snakes commanded to guard his corpse) to save Leorio. His solution? Reach in there and get bit by every single snake. Hey, you’re going to need it anyway...
  • Also notable are a few moments from the third part of the Hunter Exams. The heroes face off against a group of former criminals, each of which trying to challenge them in a different way.
    • Kurapika and Killua both curb-stomp their respective opponents.
    • Kurapika's don't-give-a-fuck attitude toward Majitani's Badass Boasts, knowing from the start that he was weak. Then Majitani tries to intimidate Kurapika by showing the spider tattoo that the Phantom Troupe has on his back. He got off lucky.
      Kurapika: Consider this a warning. First, a real Phantom Troupe tattoo has the member's number on his back. Second, they don't bother counting how many they've killed. Third, never mention the troupe again. If you do, I'll kill you.
    • Killua's fight in Trick Tower. Both of these involve a Flash Step that no one can track.
    • Leorio uses his skills as a doctor to force Kurapika's opponent (who was playing dead) to give up.
    • Tonpa gets one for being a bastard full of Schadenfreude and getting away with it. At least up until the next part of the exams.
  • At one point of the Exams, the group, plus Tonpa, get to the final obstacle: choosing between leaving two people behind by taking the short path, or choosing the long path that would allow them to go all of them together. After a very long debate between Leorio and Tonpa (also discovering that Tonpa was planning to wait until all of them would off the others), Gon managed to convince the group to vote for the long way. The solution? They chose the long path and made a hole in the wall to take the shortcut. Even the examinator was impressed.
  • After learning about Illumi forcing Killua to quit the hunter exam and come back home, Gon comes in, grabs Illumi's arm, lifts him off his seat demanding that he apologize to Killua. We later find out that he broke Illumi's arm.

     Heaven's Arena Arc 
  • Gon and Killua curb stomping their way through Heaven's Arena until they get to Hisoka. By pushing their opponents off the ring and knocking them out with a chop respectively.
  • The introduction to Nen (for both Killua and the audience) wasn't shoddy either. Killua was ready to knock Zushi out with one chop, just as he had done with almost all of his arena opponents beforehand. But when he does it, Zushi not only gets back up, but he changes stances to try and use Nen on the offensive. And kept doing it every time he was chopped, even though he was very visibly becoming exhausted and in pain. This utterly baffled Killua— not only is this kid not staying down as intended, but the aura surrounding Zushi threw him off because it reminded him so much of Illumi. The only way Zushi could be put down for the match was when Kil tossed him into the Arena walls.
  • After being tricked by Gido and Riehlvelt at Heaven's Arena, Gon's Tranquil Fury is so laser-focused that he makes short work of them both in subsequent fights on top of the psychological payback he inflicted on both; breaking Gido's prosthetic pogo leg and effectively ruining his capability as a fighter, and outsmarting Riehlvelt before letting him hit the ground foaming at the mouth in sheer terror from Gon threatening to fry him with his own electric whips. (Gon was joking, but he didn't know that.)
  • All of Gon's fight against Hisoka in Heaven's Arena. Especially in the 2011 series, where there's not much in the way of internal dialog, not much talking, no music, no nothing. Just a short, intense fight punctuated by the sound of fists flying through the air, with authentic sports commentary throughout. And then it becomes so, so satisfying when Gon flips the stone tiles of the arena with his bare hands and uses it as cover to finally land that punch to Hisoka's face.

     Yorknew City Arc 
  • Kurapika using his brand new Nen chains to - not deflect or dodge - but CATCH bullets fired at him during his first Hunter assignment.
    • In the original series, the entire scene is made up him swiftly whipping the chain this way and that, skillfully taking the visual badass level up to a gazillion.
  • For a villainous example: Uvogin is paralyzed from the neck down and faced with three of the Shadow Beasts, the super-powered assassins of the Ten Dons. What does he do? He bites a hole in the first Shadow Beast’s head, spits the fragment he bit off with enough force to shoot right through the second assassin’s brain, and then yells so loud the third one just collapses, bleeding from the ears.
    • Before that, Uvogin establishing what a real Nen user can do by slaughtering the mafia and no-selling their weapons.
    • A more subtle example that establishes how much of a Badass Crew the Troupe is: Kurapika notes how the other members of the troupe laid back and played cards while Uvo slaughtered the entirety of the mafia’s forces. The mafia were insects to just one of them, and the Troupe knew that.
  • The entirety of the fight between Kurapika and Uvogin.
    • To clarify, Uvogin, who was established as The Juggernaut for most of his appearance, was practically manhandled and taunted by Kurapika throughout their fight.
      Kurapika: (after Uvogin punched him into a wall) I have another question. Was that punch the best you got?
    • Even though Uvo did end up getting his ass handed to him by Kurapika, the way he went out shows just how badass he is. Even after Kurapika set the Judgement chain on him and asked where the other troupe members are, Uvo merely scoffed and said "You know what you can do with that question, idiot."
    • The English dub gave him the much more blunt "Go to hell, you son of a bitch".
  • During the Troupe's attack at the auction, Zenji antagonizes Kurapika for not partaking in all the action and instead following his boss's orders to get Neon to safety. Kurapika, having other things to worry about, dismisses him with a fist in his face. In both adaptions, the impact puts Zenji on his ass, with a broken nose. In the 1999 adaption, he is sent flying into the wall, spinning no less. He attempts to exact his revenge by thwarting Kurapika's duty to purchase the Scarlet Eyes, but this fails. Then, desperate to one-up the Kurta, already pissed off and depressed because of the events of that night, he intercepts him on the street, preparing to shoot him with a handgun. Once Kurapika lifts his chin, revealing his own blazing scarlet eyes, and gives Zenji a little piece of advice, Zenji drops to his knees in terror.
  • How about Hisoka pulling a Batman Gambit on Chrollo, of all people?
    • Here’s the rundown on that: Chrollo steals Neon’s fortune-telling ability, then proceeds to tell the fortune of every living troupe member. Thanks to a restriction on Neon’s power, Chrollo can’t look at the fortunes directly, but the Troupe reads out each of theirs out loud. Hisoka’s fortune is incredibly damning evidence proving that he is The Mole, but he uses Texture Surprise to literally forge his own fate.
  • Gon calling out the Genei Ryodan on their Moral Myopia and then proceeding to break his chains to show that he and Killua are NOT to be taken lightly.

     Greed Island Arc 
  • Chapter 148: After training on Greed Island, Killua goes back to take the Hunter's Exam. 1,489 people including himself joined that year. The goal of the first trial is to take five tags from five other participants, and present them to the Hunter in charge of the first trial. Within one and a half hours, Killua takes ALL of the tags from every participant, resulting him him passing the Hunter's Exam within record time - and most of that time was spent gathering up the tags after knocking everyone unconscious.
  • Gon, Killua, and Hisoka's entire soccer match against Razer was a CMOA for all of them.
  • Gon's entire fight with Genthru. Not only does he sacrifice his hand and a chunk of his other arm just to get a hit in, causing Genthru to call him the crazy one, but he also manages to still win with a well-executed strategy. And who could forget "First comes rock!"

     Chimera Ant Arc 
  • Silva's Dynamic Entry during the Chimera Ant arc consists of him coming down from the sky with enough force to squash a Cheat, a commander-level Chimera ant, like the insect that he is (was).
    • And before that, Zeno turns his Nen into a dragon to transport Netero and Meruem to a place they can fight uninterrupted.
  • Netero not only displays Nen skills no other Hunter in the series had ever shown before, he also blows himself up in a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION to finish the Chimera Ant King.
  • Phantom Troupe vs the Chimaera Ants in Meteor City. The Chimaera Ants in question are the ones responsible for Ponzu's death and Pokkle's capture earlier in the arc. The Phantom Troupe obliterate them.
    • Bonolenov vs the Gun-toting ant. During the fight, the Gun-Toting Ant (the same one who killed Ponzu) made fun of Bonolenov's people, the Gyudondond, and their music. Bonolenov, insulted by this, then drops a sphere in the shape of Jupiter on top of him, squashing him.
    • Kalluto vs Mantis Ant. Kalluto first imbeds a piece of paper in the ants' left arm. Then he cuts it off along with a rope made of steel the ant was carrying. Then he puts a piece of paper in his right arm and tells him he'll cut it off next with a smirk. Few scenes later, the ant is chopped in half.
    • Shalnark cordially told his opponent he wouldn't lose then activated his Golden Super Mode, immediately felling both the ant that grabbed him and the ant controlling it.
    • Phinks vs A Gorilla Chimaera Ant. The Gorilla taunted Phinks' punches for being weak, and offered to give Phinks a free hit. Fifteen wind ups of his arm later, and Phinks obliterates the Gorilla with Ripper Cyclotron.
    • Shizuku vs Pike. Pike has Shizuku wrapped in his web and is about to take her to Zazan. So Shizuku strips out of her clothes to get out and proceeds to pummel him. Then she uses Deme-Chan to suck out all of the blood in his body from his wounds.
    • Feitan vs Zazan. Four words: Pain Packer - Rising Sun. Don't make Feitan angry, or you will not live past the next minute.
  • Gon's Batman Gambit against Bat and Owl, using their formation to lure Bat to a mountain side before picking up a tree and smash her with a giant gust of wind. Then he knocks the Owl into the sky with Jajanken when he tries to escape.
    Gon: I made sure to knock you west! Go back to NGL!
  • When Gon is finally allowed back into the Chimera Ant fight, Morel remains unconvinced he can be useful, and demands Gon hit him with his best move. Gon's fury-fueled Jajanken is so intense not only does it terrify Morel, who is leagues above him, but also everyone in the vicinity, who are all also way above his power level besides Killua. Gon later remarks that it would have killed Morel had it landed.
  • Palm's Badass Boast after Killua finally helps her regain her memories.
    "My name is Palm Siberia. I am a human. I will never be like you Ants!
  • Gon is tricked by Pitou into thinking that he/she could revive Kite, only to lure him into a position where Pitou could kill him. Pitou soon learns that they had made an absolutely horrible mistake. Gon made a vow to kill Pitou right there and then, activating a dangerous nen ability that turns him into a grown man with extremely long, flowing hair. Pitou speculated that this made Gon as strong as the King. He annihilates Pitou in just two hits.
    • Following that, Gon stabbing through Pitou's torso with his own sliced off arm.
    • And following that, Gon producing a large enough Jajanken with his stump that it produces a DBZ-rivaling blast.
  • Killua has gotten a lot of awesome moments in this arc.
    • Killua freeing himself from Illumi's needle, and then proceeding to kill Rammot very quickly afterwards.
    • Him wiping out most of Leol's army, and while the two of people of that army got away, they quickly realized that they were no match for Killua.
    • Figuring out the strategy that the Ortho Siblings had to kill him and using it against them to defeat them.
    • The first time Killua has ever used Godspeed deserves some mention as he was able to attack a Royal Guard so fast that there was no time for the Royal Guard to avoid any of his attacks. Not to mention before he activated Godspeed, he pulled off a Big Damn Heroes moment that saved the life of Knuckles.
    • Once Pouf was dead set on killing Komugi, Killua planted a circle of lightning around the girl, and once a clone of Pouf came straight towards the circle, his left eye came off of the clone's own body. The look of the real Pouf's face after that moment says it all.
  • It has to be mentioned that Komugi, a frail young girl with no knowledge of the outside world managed to beat Meruem in Gungi, and NEVER ONCE lost. Meruem, able to easily beat national level champions of Chess, Go, and Shogi just from reading their rule books and playing a few matches, lost ALL of the numerous games he played with Komugi.

     Elections Arc 
  • Leorio returning to the spotlight. He publicly calls out Ging for refusing to visit his hospitalized son. Words don't seem to have an effect, so he flips him off and sends him flying with an uppercut, courtesy of his brand new Nen ability. In-universe it's acknowledged as awesome enough for a standing ovation and enough election votes to rocket him from an unknown to third place.

     Dark Continent Arc 
  • Ging's description of Leorio's new Nen ability and his theory for why Leorio created it: as a surgical tool. Leorio can literally punch out cancer. Bonus points to Ging since he copied said power after being hit by it once.
  • Chapter 334 when Pariston explains his and Ging's modus operandi.
  • The moment we've all been waiting for: Hisoka vs Chrollo. In a fight to the death. Chrollo won and killed Hisoka, utterly beat him.
    • Did we mention that Chrollo is a Floor Master now? Just over a few weeks after his Nen exorcism?
    • And the top floors of Heaven's Arena, witness to probably some of the best fights in Hx H universe, couldn't survive their fight. Think about it again.
    • Hisoka however planned for this and used his Bungee Gum to revive himself. He's essentially a zombie at this point. He then proceeds to kill Kortopi and Shalnark.