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  • Manga only: Mahiru and Kuro saving two of Misono's subclasses from a crumbling pillar.
  • Mahiru's attack on Berukia when the latter injured Ryuusei. He's powerless, he's never fought a vampire before, Kuro's refusing to help him, and he just full-on jumps on Berukia and tries to stop him anyway. And then it just gets even better when Kuro does return and the two of them defeat Berukia together.
  • The escape from C3. They separated Mahiru and Kuro and essentially try to blackmail them into joining forces with them by telling them to either collaborate or stay separated until it kills Mahiru; he decides to Take a Third Option by using his Lead to break through the ceiling and escape.
    • The anime version has Kuro trapped by the Tsurugi trio, and Mahiru rescues him with his broom after escaping from his own imprisonment.
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  • Licht's Rousing Speech to Lawless after hearing the latter's story. He talks him out of his sadness and regrets in one of the most epic speeches ever, and it works. Lawless really does get over Ophelia's death and starts wishing for things again, taking a vow not to let Licht die on him or let go of anything precious to him ever again.
  • Licht and Hyde's fight against Higan. Licht has finally snapped Hyde out of his cynicism and they fight together, working as a team for the first time ever, work out an effective strategy in seconds even though they can't even communicate, Licht delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Higan, and Hyde finally crushes him. All of that while they were at a disadvantage, both of them still injured from the kidnapping.
  • Mahiru and Kuro's epic return after Mahiru snaps Kuro out of his Heroic BSoD. Kuro first reveals his giant, enormous lion form as they crash through the hotel window, rescuing Misono, Lily and Tetsu in the nick of time and defeating all of Tsubaki's subclass in a matter of literal seconds.


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