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Drinking Game / Servamp

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Don't Try This at Home, or only a Servamp will be able to save you. You've been warned.

Take a shot when...
  • Alternate Character Reading is used. Two if the hidden meaning isn't obvious at first.
  • Kuro tries going Cute Kitten on Mahiru.
  • Mahiru befriends someone in no time at all. Two if that person is an enemy, anything but sociable, or comes from a Friendless Background.
  • Somebody mentions the importance of trust (not recommended).
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  • Misono falls asleep mid-sentence.
  • Lily tries to strip.
  • Someone uses their Catchphrase (very much not recommended).
  • Mahiru says the word "simple". (you'll most likely get alcohol poisoning)
  • Tsubaki laughs his Signature Laugh. Two if he doesn't end it with "Boring."
  • Mahiru goes out and immediately runs into a vampire, Eve, or C3.
  • Somebody's Dark and Troubled Past is hinted at. Two when it's finally revealed.
  • Kuro does something nice for Mahiru and immediately covers it up with an excuse.
  • Licht calls himself an angel.
  • Somebody else calls Licht an angel.
  • Mikuni and Tsurugi talk in sync.
  • Mikuni gets overprotective of Abel.
  • Tsurugi calls himself "cute".
  • Tsurugi pokes fun at Yumi, or Tsurugi and Yumi poke fun at Jun.
  • Some mishap befalls Shuuhei and he turns out to have been prepared. Two if that mishap was so unlikely that no sane person could possibly have predicted it would happen.
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  • Somebody calls Misono "Ahoge".
  • Lawless quotes Shakespeare.
  • Licht and Lawless fight.
  • We Used to Be Friends comes into play.
  • The omakes place the cast into an Alternate Universe.
  • Cat!Kuro floats around an illustration despite the fact that Kuro's already in it in his human form.
  • Misono trips, falls over, or has some other accident. Two if he was trying to look cool.
  • Misono or Licht display Mundane Object Amazement.
  • The anime skips a scene or a whole arc.
  • The English translation (manga, sub or dub) makes a situation sound gayer than it was in the original. Two if it was unintentional, three if it was unintentional and happened through an attempt at Totally Radical.
  • A voice in the English dub sounds too deep for the character.


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