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     Yusei Fudo 
  • All of Yusei's duels against Officer Trudge definitely count, in the second one he's on a tight time limit to escape the satellite via the sewer pipe to Neo Domino City(as the garbage will start pouring in once the time limit expires) and he narrowly beats Trudge and manages to escape at the last second, resulting in Trudge getting overrun with garbage.
    • In the third duel Yusei managed to break into the impound building to retrieve his duel-runner and Trudge forces him into a duel and prevents him from escaping, Yusei once again defeats him and Blister gets his own CMOA where he slams his own runner into Trudge to stop him from capturing Yusei.
  • Many the fan of the card game had their squee moment when Yusei used cards that were old as dirt but never yet seen on the anime to defeat nosehair-flicking cheattastic Takasu (Armstrong in the dub). Especially awesome is when he used Exiled Force.
    • Given the events of Episode 35, let's hope he didn't give it back...
    • That entire duel was all kinds of awesome: Yusei was facing Takasu with a deck that was little more than a collection of random cards while Takasu was blatantly cheating, and still won.
    • Even better, Yusei's strategy: he knew from the very beginning that his deck was just random cards together with no real consistency of its own (which is actually lampshaded several times during the duels), so he developed a way that required to get most of those cards in the graveyard, and made Armstrong do the dirty work for him. He also outsmarted his cheating, first by correctly guessing Armstrong would use the security cameras to spy his cards, and hiding his trump card from him from the very beginning, and then taking advantage of it by switching his two face downs during a black out, making Armstrong pick the wrong one to destroy.
  • In the first episode, not only does Yusei show that the "card games on motorcycles" idea mocked by The Abridged Series is workable, but when he performs the anime's first Synchro Summon, Junk Warrior's entrance just commands you to cheer.
  • Beating Bolt Tanner using Yanagi's deck without having to attack once.
    • And before the duel sweeping him to the floor effortlessly when he was mocking Yanagi and his deck.
  • In episode 25, demanding to know whats going on once and for all, Yusei decides to confront Godwin, but he's stopped by a couple guards. If this were the previous seasons, the norm would be for him to Duel through them. But since Yusei is older and fitter, he just beats them up and keeps running. The dub attempted to censor the violence with a few white flash frames but the editing is very minimal.
  • Yusei summoning Stardust Dragon during his first duel with Aki/Akiza. The dub especially manages to make it an utterly majestic moment with the music and the MC's narration, to the point where the original Japanese version can seem surprisingly unimpressive. It also marks the turning point in the duel, where it goes from a Curb-Stomp Battle on Akiza's part to one on Yusei's, since Stardust counters Black Rose so well.
  • Yusei confronting Sayer about how he used the Arcadia Movement to manipulate Akiza and others to his own end, and after Sayer brags about how he got rid of Misty's younger brother Topi Yusei reveals that he turned on the live feed of his duel disk, exposing the truth to Misty and leading her to use her Earthbound Immortal to devour Sayer.
  • Yusei pointing out Godwin's hypocrisy then proceeding to summon Savior Star Dragon. The clincher is that he then proceeds not only to take out both Wiraqocha Rasca and the rest of Godwin's Life Points, but then drive Savior Star, powered by the Crimson Dragon, into the King of the Underworld and blasts off its face. Made even more awesome in the flashback in episode 79 which adds Yusei Battle to it.
    • Even the card draw to start the turn was badass. On top of Yusei's cry of "Ore no...TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!", the moment he pulls it, the screen switches to the Speed Counter stats, and show his hitting the maximum of 12. The climax of this battle is put figuratively and literally into overdrive.
  • In the Crash Town arc, Malcolm offers to hire Yusei if he can defeat all three of his thugs in a Duel. Yusei gets pummeled by the thugs' damage effects, but he gets back up and then defeats all of them in a single turn due to Nitro Warrior. An awed Malcolm summarizes the outcome: "One Turn, Three Kill."
  • When Yusei outsmarts Sherry and summons Turbo Warrior, twice.
  • When Yusei proves he can read a card better than Rudger:
    Rudger: Earthbound God Uru has 3000 ATK Points! Stardust Dragon is too weak to beat-
    Rudger: What!?
    Yusei: Earthbound Gods can't be attacked, so I can attack you instead!note 
  • Episode 102: It's been established that Yusei has been struggling to find a way to deal with the Meklords that can absorb Synchro Monsters. This episode is where it seems that he's worked out a solution, using a Fusion Summon to use his own Synchro Monsters to form Draco-Equiste. Not only is it a complete mindblow to everyone in the series and a lot of fans, since nobody ever expected him to do that, but the use of both versions of Yusei Battle (the first when bringing Junk Warrior out, and the 2nd when performing the fusion) is just the cherry on top.
  • In episode 70, Luna is being held hostage inside a house by a ghost who has been making people disappear, and Leo goes to duel this ghost to save his sister. Yusei barely appears at all in the episode, but after hearing about Luna disappearing, he goes to find her. When he arrives in front of the house where Leo and the ghost are dueling, Leo says he will hold the ghost off while Yusei saves his sister. How does Yusei accomplish this? He drives right through the middle of the duel and breaks down the front door with his duel runner.
  • Episode 110, Yusei successfully pulls off Accel Synchro and summons Shooting Star Dragon (to the Awesome Music "Clear Mind" by Masaaki Endoh). He then reveals its effect: he reveals the top five cards of his deck, and Shooting Star Dragon can attack once for each Tuner monster he reveals. Cue the other four members of the main Five-Man Band around the city looking at their glowing Signer marks and cheering Yusei on. Yusei draws, revealing Tuner monsters one by one as the five Signer marks light up in sequence on his back with overlaid shots of his friends. As he draws the fifth Tuner, the lines of the mark's body draw out a circle, and the camera pulls back to reveal the full mark of the Crimson Dragon lit up. Placido has just enough time to go "Oh, Crap!! This Cannot Be!!" before Yusei orders Shooting Star Dragon to attack five times, destroying the Machine Emperor piece by piece and giving Placido a serious case of Critical Existence Failure as his motorcycle blows up underneath him. And while all this is going on, the background music starts out low and quiet and grows faster and louder with every draw.
  • Episode 122 is an even bigger one, where Yusei uses Shooting Star Dragon to beat Sleeping Giant Zushin, a monster said to rival the 3 Egyptian god cards. All with Clear Mind playing in the background a second time.
  • Yusei's victory over Harald of Team Ragnarok. As insurance if Yusei pulls out a comeback, Harald uses a card called "Gjallarhorn", which after three turns destroys all his monsters and inflicts their ATK as damage, a total of 10,800 in this case. On the third turn though, seeing Yusei pull out Shooting Star Dragon from nothing in one turn, he starts worrying Yusei has a Set card that can stop "Gjallarhorn". To make sure of his victory Harald uses "Odin's Eye" to see what Yusei's face-down cards are, but Yusei counters with "Trick Mirror", negating Odin's Eye and keeping his other face-down concealed. Terrified that Yusei really does have something to stop "Gjallarhorn" that he was stopping him from seeing, Harald goes for the attack to end the duel quicker. Turns out Yusei really was bluffing — his face-down card is "Zero Force", which saps the ATK of Harald's monsters to 0. The turn ends, Harald's monsters self-destruct by his own card effect, and thanks to Zero Force their combined ATK that Yusei takes as damage is a whopping 0. On his next turn Yusei's Shooting Star Dragon returns to the field and he attacks for the win.
  • Savior Star and Shooting Star battalions to wipe out multiple cards. The CGI is amazing. Oh. My. GOD.
  • Episode 148: Having received his friends' Signer Dragons, Yusei begins the duel against Zone by summoning Black Feather and Red Demon's right after summoning five monsters in his first turn; with Crow and Jack delivering the Synchro Speech with him. Aki does the same when he pulls out Black Rose. Then he damages Zone and the resulting mood leads to pretty much everyone left in the area chanting his name with the first glimmer of hope that the Ark Cradle may not obliterate them and their city.
  • Episode 150: Just the whole damn thing. Having summoned all of his friends dragons one after another as the above begins and almost falling to his death. Then his father comes back from the dead briefly just to bitchslap Yusei back to his senses. Then Yusei pulls out his biggest CMOA by using Life Stream to summon the other four Signer Dragons that aren't Stardust and ride through the atmosphere, whilst everyone watching calls his name and pours their hearts into what they're watching. He passes through and into freaking space, combines the powers of his friends Birthmarks and turns GOLD. With the five dragons on his field, he uses all five Dragons to form Shooting Quasar Dragon and turns back to confront Zone.
  • Following from the above, the Episode 151 carries on the Hot-Blooded awesomeness; Yusei fights on with Shooting Quasar Dragon, using each of his friends' dragons whenever it's helpful - they chip in when it comes to their turn - to take on Zone's Timelord force. Through Clustering Wishes, he then pours the powers of each dragon into Stardust to whack it up to a massive 23,000 and proceeds to smash Zone's Timelords one by one. After having a montage of everyone whose meeting with him and his friends has affected them in some way, streams of light pour in from across the globe and light up Neo-Domino as Yusei calls out his final attack with Stardust in the most Hot-Blooded scream he has and obliterates the rest of Zone's lifepoints.
  • Episode 153 & 154: Yusei ending the first and last duels of the series with the same monster: Junk Warrior.

     Jack Atlas 
  • Episode 46: Two kids are about to be killed by the Earthbound God. Yusei and Aki are trapped by the flames of the duel. JACK ATLAS comes out of the top of a freaking building with his motorcycle, shouting "You earthbound gods aren't so great!" and then proceeding to save the kids. JACK ATLAS, you are so awesome your name must be typed in all caps.
    • The English dub makes the above event even better with this dialogue.
      Yusei: (thinking to himself) "It'll take a miracle to save them now!"
      (Jack appears)
      Jack: "So who here ordered a miracle?"
  • Episode 76 just might have cemented his status as a Memetic Badass. He saved a guy's life to punch him and proceeded to beat about 20 or 30 people up. The fact that he beat them without any sign of effort means that he previously let them beat him up so he could place a tracking device on one of them JUST SO HE COULD FOLLOW THEM TO THEIR BASE AND FIGHT THE ENTIRE GANG (worth mentioning, he let them hit him on the head in said previous fight, not that it did them any good). Not only that, but he dueled against their leader to the death even though he demonstrated he didn't have to beat him in a duel. He did it all for fun. This leads us to a little bit of Wild Mass Guessing, as to whether JACK ATLAS is actually Batman. Batman is awesome. Therefore, JACK ATLAS is Batman on CRAZY! OF COURSE, it's all clear now!
  • Episode 84 gave him a rematch against his Evil Twin. His doppelganger manages to summon THREE RED DEMONS DRAGONS in one turn. JACK ATLAS one ups him by summoning Savior Demons Dragon and giving it 7000 ATK Points.
  • Rejecting the Lotus-Eater Machine fantasy in Turn 58 with a card called "Change Destiny." So no, it's not better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.
  • Ignoring Godwin's guilt-trip Hannibal Lecture during the Final Battle by playing the Love Redeems card (just an expression).
  • After getting destroyed by Andore, JACK ATLAS, injured and bleeding after taking a brutal fall off his bike, claws with every last ounce of strength in his body to get the Wheel of Fortune to the finish line so he can baton pass to Aki. Stay amazing, Mr. Atlas.
    • He ends up seriously injured because of that, of course. Except that he then ignores his injury during Yusei's duel and shows up saying that if he could endure all that, so could Yusei, basically challenging Yusei to be as badass as he is. And, if you think about it, there's a subtle one: similar injuries have put both Crow and Akiza out of commission, forcing them to skip duels, however Jack Atlas just recovers from that without any lasting consequences. He's just made of Badassium.
  • His duel vs Nicolas is made of win. First of all, he wins in a single turn. Second of all, he endures the pain of the darkness card, and rides a motorcycle out of an explosion while saving his opponent and shouting I, JACK ATLAS, will not lose to the power of darkness. Then just to finish off, he gives off this speech to Nicolas:
    Nicolas: Why did you save me?
    JACK ATLAS: Isn't it obvious? YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE TO DIE. Someone like you who doesn't trust his cards and uses the power of darkness, DOESN'T DESERVE TO DUEL.
  • Episode 113. JACK ATLAS shows the Crimson Devil's familiar that he is capable of other strategies than just brute force and when the Crimson Devil shows itself, he awakens his 'Burning Soul' and seals the Crimson Devil's power to create Scar-Red Nova Dragon. He stole the power of an Earthbound God.
    • The most powerful of them, to boot. Remember, according to its description in 112, the Crimson Devil fought, and nearly defeated, the Crimson Dragon by itself, effectively making it more powerful than all of the other Earthbound Gods combined.
    • Not only does his hand catch fire but when he Synchro Summons Scar-Red Nova Dragon the Tuning Rings catch fire as well!
  • JACK ATLAS beating both Lucciano and Placido in the WRGP. The Machine Emperors kept trying to absorb Scar Red Nova Dragon but it just keeps using its remove from play effect to evade the synchro stealing effect.
  • As shown in the final episode, JACK ATLAS becomes King once again, although this time on a much larger scale.

     Crow Hogan 
  • His D-Wheel has wings. Awesome Establishing Character Moment.
  • Refusing to let Yusei pull This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself shortly after they reunite.
  • Despite not being a Signer and not having a dragon, he doesn't hesitate to challenge a Dark Signer (note, also, that he manages to trick Bommer into the fight, making him believe that his clock alarm is a EMP that will destroy their D-Wheels unless they duel), and wins.
  • Episode 63 when he flies off the Wiraqocha Rasca geoglyph and slams into the monster belonging to Godwin, his former idol and inspiration as the legendary D-Wheeler.
    • Apparently he's awesome enough to be made a Signer, which I suppose is both a testament and a slap to his (former) Bad Ass Normal credentials.
  • His duel with Bolger, whom he just found out is actually the one who murdered his father-figure years ago, is so awesome, it earns him his Signer Dragon.
  • Fighting through the pain of his injured shoulder to utterly pwn Herrman and his Hidden Knight Hook.
  • Turning the duel around against Brave/Broder of Team Ragnarok from what was being constantly out-gambited by his opponent at every turn to forcing a tie with several clever combinations despite having 50 life points left while the other was at slightly over 3000.

     Aki Izayoi 
  • Her debut duel, which makes it clear that she is NOTHING like her predecessors. She remains emotionless and stoic despite her opponent's aggressive tactics from start to finish. Just when it seems like she's about to lose, she brings back Black Rose Dragon and uses its effect to lower her opponent's monster's attack points to zero and she declares battle, still in that same Creepy Monotone. The background music stops playing and we see everyone's Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction before Black Rose Dragon attacks.
  • Using Rose Tentacles on Yusei.
  • Saving Yusei twice in Episodes 71/72, first by using her powers to break him out of the trailer, and then by summoning the real Stardust Dragon to stop them from being crushed to death at the end of the duel with Sherry.
  • Episode 73: A psycho on, for lack of a better description, a giant spiked bulldozer, crashes a party and barrels toward Aki. Yusei panics. Without the slightest trace of flinching, Aki uses her powers to summon Black Rose Dragon and send the guy through a window.
  • Episode 75: Akiza finally gets her Turbo Dueling license, not only does she manage to defeat Trudge, but she also manages to foil some Jerkass students attempt to sabotage her duel-they detonate a bomb that causes pipes to fall onto the track, but Akiza uses the rear-drift maneuver Yusei taught her earlier to avoid crashing, she definitely earned her place on Team 5Ds for sure.
  • Summoning Stardust Dragon to turn the tide of battle against Team Unicorn. Complete with summon speech. Cue collective "Holy Shit" moment by the main cast.
    • Then proceeding to put one over on Team Unicorn by tricking them into wasting 4 Speed Counters and putting the previously-destroyed Stardust Dragon back on the field for Yusei to use (since her paying her last 800 LP meant she was out). Even her opponent respected how awesome that move was.
  • Episode 109: Aki saved that girl Haruka and showed that she doesn't need psychic powers to be a hero.
  • Her Shut Up, Hannibal! attitude during the duel with Sherry in Episode 140.
    • After spending most of the season getting shortchanged in favor of the guys, it's quite refreshing to see her take the lead during that duel, in which she's also teamed up with Crow. Crow actually seems to be wavering in the face of Sherry's We Can Rule Together speech, promising that if he joins them, Z-one will use his Time Master abilities to save the families of the orphans Crow protects, and Aki tells him several times to man up and duel. Her Trap card, which adds Black Rose Dragon's attack points to Black-Winged Dragon's, is also what saves the day in the end, which is translated into the holograms as both dragons attacking together to wipe out Sherry's Life Points.

     Rua & Ruka 
  • Rua, of all people, gets one in the Dark Signer arc as he goes up against one of the Dark Signers with full knowledge of what could happen — Crow was mostly ignorant of the dangers — despite not being a Signer himself. While it's Ruka who deals the finishing blow, it was Rua's setup and deck that pulled it off.
  • He also gets another moment in ep. 78 against Lucciano and his Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity. After Ruka had unknowingly walked right into his plan and practically given him Ancient Fairy Dragon, Rua makes what effectively amounts to the card game equivalent of a Heroic Sacrifice just to get it back for her. Sure, they lose and he just about makes an actual Heroic Sacrifice, but boy does he royally piss Lucciano off in the process!
    Rua: I'll never let you have Ancient Fairy Dragon! I'm not a Signer, but Ruka, who has a Signer birthmark, is my pride and joy! And I'll protect Ancient Fairy Dragon, who is a symbol of that!
  • In episode 138, Ruka jumping from Aki's motorcycle to Yusei's while they were moving at high speed and high up in the sky.
  • Episode 142 sees Rua taking quite a level in badass. He starts by redirecting an attack on Jack's monster to one of his own monsters, triggering effects that weakens Aporia's ace monster, Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk. He continues to taunt Aporia and take all the attacks that Aporia had aimed at Jack. Once his turn comes up, he takes a brave maneuver to Summon his Power Tool Dragon and Ruka's Ancient Fairy Dragon, knowing that Aporia's card will deal lethal damage to him, but his Morphtronic Lantron's ability (with a 50/50 chance) works in his favour and he cheats death. His resolve leads to the Crimson Dragon recognising him as a Signer. Then, shortly afterwards, he uses the newly created Birthmark and his Power Tool Dragon to finally summon the original 5th Dragon, Life Stream Dragon.
    • Life Stream Dragon as a whole ends up being a massive middle finger to Aporia's game plan and mindset. For the former, its effect not only brings everyone back to 2000 Life Points (which has the side effect of rescuing a despairing Ruka from death by heartbreak after Rua's near-death) but also negates effect damage, meaning Aporia's Level Cannon and Asterisk can no longer threaten them. For the latter... well, just look at the summon chant.
      Rua: The courage and power to protect the future of the planet is a Revolution! Synchro Summon! Evolve, Life Stream Dragon!
  • In the Distant Finale, Ruka has been enjoying her normal life, but Rua has become a popular Riding Duelist. In fact, when Crow leaves his team to challenge Jack, his first recommendation is to hire Rua on as his replacement.

  • Episode 29 has Carly assisting Jack in his duel against a brainwashed Trudge. When one of the attacks is about to hit Jack, Carly takes it for him. Take note that this type of duel is one where the attacks are real, and up until that point, Carly was just a dorky clumsy journalist. Yet she tanks the attack meant for Jack Atlas without hesitation! No wonder Jack started warming up to her.
  • The climax of the Dark Signer Arc in Episode 64. Other than one small bit of it, it was a brilliant end to a brilliant season.
  • Misty gets one when she commands her Earthbound Immortal to devour Sayer as revenge for what he did to her younger brother, needless to say he deserved it big time.
  • From 5D's OVA episode, "Evolving Duel! Stardust Vs Red Demons". Both Jack and Yusei have powered up their dragons to their /Buster Modes (/Assault Mode). Several attacks have been made, and both Jack and Yusei have used cards to power up their monsters, leaving the two dragons with equal attack points. What follows this is quite possibly one of the most EPIC clashes in the entire series, as Stardust and Red Demons attack each other, violently clashing as the battle leads them INTO SPACE. And when it's all said and done, the two monsters fall back into the stadium with an earth-shaking explosion to top it all off. But don't just take my word for it, watch it yourself!
    • The part in the duel where Yusei plays the "Jump Guard" card, then literally jumps his bike into the sky, twice.
  • Episode 86: Kiryu makes a reappearance, calmly playing a harmonica, and ready to kick ass and take names again. After trouncing the Giant, it's revealed that he's won 50 consecutive Duels in the interim.
  • Episodes 91 and 92. Yusei and Kiryu beating Lotten's One-Hit Kill again and again, without any Lifepoints at all.
    • Each time Kiryu uses the effect of Infernity Doom Slinger, Lotten would get interrupted with the monster pressing its pistol at his forehead, followed by Kiryu tempting him to play Russian Roulette with his card effects. Kiryu even quotes Dirty Harry whenever it's done.
      "I've honestly forgotten how many Monster Cards are left in my Deck."
    • Yusei and Kiryu are thrown into a tight spot during their duel with Lotten. Guess who shows up? Crow. And how's he known? By throwing one of his cards down, blocking the attack. Before the duo can even celebrate, JACK ATLAS shows up, bringing the police force with him. Finally, the Enforcers all stand together as one. Tell me that's not awesome.
    • After Lotten escapes, Kiryu chases him down to finish the Duel. Again, Infernity Doom Slinger is used to force Lotten to gamble with Kiryu's top card, and a wrong move will mean an instant defeat given their low LP at this point. Lotten remembers that one of Kiryu's card effects forced itself to the top of the Deck, and he accepts the gamble, thinking he'll win because he's guessed right. Kiryu reveals he's activated another monster's effect that placed itself on top of the Deck, outwitting Lotten at the last second. Boom, Headshot!.
    • The dub changes the outcome of the Duel, so instead of Kalin finishing the Duel with Lawton after catching up to him, he simply turns him in to the authorities telling him that he (Lawton) has already forfeited his pride as a duelist by running away and that he doesn't deserve to finish his duel. It was actually awesome in its own way.
  • The opening of Episode 93 serves to show that Sherry is a girl you do not want to mess with. Not because she'll beat you in a duel but because she'll knock all your Mooks unconscious and throw you off a balcony.
  • Andre in Episode 98. He manages to bait Jack into attacking a seemingly empty field, only for that to turn out to be a setup for redirecting Red Demon's Dragon's own ATK back at him, then uses the same card that made his field empty to summon enough monsters to let Voltic Unicorn destroy Red Demon's Dragon!
  • Nearly all of Episode 99, including Jack pushing his busted up D-Wheel back into the pit area with every last bit of strength he has, and Aki summoning Stardust Dragon, summoning speech and all.
  • Episode 100. When Yusei realizes how royally screwed he is, and how Crazy-Prepared Team Unicorn is.
    Andore: The reason we don't care that you managed to destroy Speed Spell-The End Of Storm, is because Breo doesn't need it. Stardust Dragon is no threat to his deck.
    Yusei: Oh, Crap!, Breo's using a Deck Destruction Deck!
    • Also, when Breo resists the temptation to attack with his Voltic Bicorn, like the heroes expect him to do, and instead destroys it himself, activating its powerful effect.
  • Team Unicorn in general is this, full stop. First, there's Andore, more than capable of wiping out teams of opponents on his own, and actually managed to beat JACK and Aki on his own, halving Yusei's life points before losing. Then we have Breo and Jean, two good duelist in their own with impressive skills. But what makes the team truly shine is their perfect teamwork and ability to plan. They are one of the two teams in the whole tournament to really use teamwork to win the duel (in the rare occurrence Andore doesn't just win it on his own, I mean), perfectly executing a strategy that might sacrifice individual success to guarantee a victory in the long run. And, unlike team Tayou, it isn't even a one-trick horse: each of them has a completely unique playstyle that mixes perfectly with the other two, so that they can assist providing each a different threat, and they don't merely repeat the same thing in every situation, they tailor it to their opponent. They also know that mind games aren't limited to the playfield, and effectively start playing team 5Ds days before the actual match. In the end, team 5D couldn't even get a straight win against them, in the final turn Jean would have won just by passing, since Yusei didn't have any card left in his deck, they only lost because they willingly sacrificed a sure victory for a more fun and risky conclusion. Bonus point to Jean, that would have still sacrificed his enjoyment for his teammates and only took the risk after they went out of their way to encourage him to do so. Doubles as heartwarming, showing how much they care for each other. On top of that, they are completely Badass Normal: no dragons, no gods, no powers, even the cards they use are not that rare or unique by themselves, they are just that good with strategy and teamwork.
    • In turn, every time someone manages to take them by surprise is equally awesome. The two most notable cases would be Aki summoning Stardust Dragon and Yusei fusing Stardust Dragon and Junk Warrior.
  • The baddies do it, too. After JACK baits the leader of Team Catastrophe into suiciding himself with one move (see JACK's entry above), Placido pulls Catastrophe (now down to one guy with all the Team's trump cards destroyed) from the tournament and initiates plan B. Cue the second-most horrifying three words ever spoken in the series: Battle Royale Mode, and a flood of Mecha-Mooks tearing apart the stadium and knocking every single competitor out of the tournament.
  • The beginning of Episode 107 with Bruno regaining his memory and transforming into Dark Glass in time to save Yusei from the Diablo. Then with Placido leaping off a building and onto his speeding bike in order to face Yusei personally.
  • Episode 111. Bommer's little bro Max pwns JACK ATLAS!
    • Of course, it gets revealed later that the one fighting JACK ATLAS wasn't his brother but the Crimson Devil, whom JACK ATLAS promptly destroys two episodes later.
  • Whoever hammered out the concept of Riding Duels got a CMoA for making "card games on motorcycles" not only work, but be absolutely sweet.
  • Team Taiyou's on-screen duel cements their status as even bigger Badass Normals than Team Unicorn. They come from the slums with just a janky Duel Runner, a deck full of terrible Normal Monsters and similarly poor Spells and Traps from the game's early days to their name, and on top of that more or less decided to participate on a whim. Yet, they've managed to defeat two teams (admittedly with a Boring, but Practical strategy) to get to square off against the protagonists, and somehow overcome waves of robot Turbo Duelists offscreen albeit with their Duel Runner damaged. While Team 5D's breaks through their stall strategy by destroying Holding-Hands Majin, they unveil their true win condition: to summon Zushin, a feat which (thanks to Zushin's horrible summoning condition of keeping a Level 1 Normal Monster alive for 10 of their turns) had never been done before, ever, despite every man and his mother owning one (Rua notes that he has several). The crowd's attitude takes a full 180, going from booing them for their bland strategy to unanimously cheering for them for making history. With their near-unstoppable true Ace Monster, they manage to back Yusei into a corner such that he's forced to pull out Shooting Star Dragon to clinch victory. To a long-time player, seeing Team Taiyou duel evokes the feeling of taking on an optimized competitive deck using a deck slapped together from stray cards and whatever one can scrounge up... and still performing astoundingly well.
  • Team Ragnarok creating Rainbow Bridge Bifrost to allow Yusei and co. to reach the Ark Cradle. Accompanied by a brand new BGM crowned with awesome.
  • When Jack and Dragan face each other, they realize their hands and deck order to be precisely the same as they were during their last (fixed) match. The Norse Gods, Crimson Dragon or both intervened to make sure the duel was done properly.
    • Team Ragnarok's duel in general was awesome, given that they're the first duelists to use true God cards since the Egyptian Gods. The first time that Thor rises from the Graveyard is incredibly awesome: the sea splits in two and Thor ascends. It's awesome in both versions. Brave/Brodor in particular proves to be Crazy is Cool; first he takes out Scar-Red Nova Dragon by suiciding Thor and reviving it to take Jack out with it's effect. Then he completely reverses all of Crow's moves, including swarming the field with his Blackwings, attempting to return Thor to the extra deck and gain life points equal to its ATK, only for Brave to blow it up again. And then he attempts to use what can only be described as Mirror Force on steroids, only for Brave to reveal that his God can negate the trap.
  • Jose's first (and last) move during his duel against Jack. He starts off by running after Jack's D-Wheel on the track (while this was just to dock with his car-like D-Wheel, it was no less awesome nonetheless), and then he unveils Granel for the first time through a Transformation Sequence of its own, revealing it to be a unique Machine Emperor whose ATK is equal to Jose's Life Points. He then springs the trap that Lucciano and Placido had laid out earlier, by playing a card to absorb all the Life Points that they had put into Infinity Death Machine. Now with both his Life Points and Granel's ATK at 12,000, Jose makes short work of Jack, using Granel's effects to immobilize Scar-Red Nova Dragon, absorb it, and take down all of Jack's Life Points in one move.
  • Aporia’s utter Technology Porn Transformation Sequence as first, Primo, Lester, and Jakob decide enough is enough and combine together into Aporia, their original form. Even their Duel Runners get in on the action and combine together, before Aporia combines with that and proceeds to nearly defeat Yusei and destroy the city with his Meklord Astro Mekanikle. Pure coolness.
  • Antinomy performing a Delta Accel Synchro, causing the nearby star to explode in a supernova.
  • Godwin gets one when he manages to manipulate two gods to bring them on his side, right after losing his duel with the Dark Signers and revealing it was actually his plan from the very beginning. Also, his subsequent duel with Yusei, Jack, and Crow: first, his deck is designed to take advantage of the enormous amount of life points he got, proving it was designed for that three-against-one duel and not the common one-against-one (although it's implied he still would have won against the Dark Signer, but he chose to let his opponent win to further his plan), and then, instead of trying to actually defeating Crow and Jack, just makes them unable to continue by making them fall off the tracks. He still is unable to overcome Yusei's Plot Armor and The Power of Friendship, but it was really impressive.
  • Both awesome and heartwarming, considering the cowardly attitude he displayed earlier, is Yeager choosing to stay behind to coordinate the evacuation while ordering everyone else in the building to evacuate the city themselves. Even in later episodes, while he asks his friends to put their own lives first (the fact that they don't is awesome on its own), he never considers doing that himself, never leaving his place despite facing, for all he knew, certain doom.
  • The MC's actions in episode 148, namely staying behind to provide commentary on the duel between Yusei and Z-one, so everyone who's watching can run while still knowing what's going on. Note that this is putting himself at risk of dying from the incoming Arc Cradle.
  • ZONE's Dying Moment of Awesome when he flings himself into the Momentum core to stop the Ark Cradle.
  • The final Duel between Yusei and Jack for the show's finale. The WHOLE THING was one non-stop CMoA given the sheer nostalgia fuel of seeing some of their oldest cards revived, coupled with the reappearance of many characters, including Yusei's four friends from the first season who got Put on a Bus, and even a trip back into the factory where the very first Duel of 5D's took place. And it even had Yusei avoiding his usual 'Stardust/Savior Star/Shooting Star/Shooting Quasar spam' victory to beat Jack via Junk Warrior, the Synchro he won the very first Duel of 5D's with. It also serves as a Call-Back to the very first opening, where Junk Warrior and Red Demon went head-on. This time, though, Junk Warrior got to pwn Red Demon via The Power of Friendship in its effect.
  • The fact that LittleKuriboh, despite mocking this series as being "Card Games on Motorcycles", actually likes this series. While talking about the highly acclaimed Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, he sincerely praised it as the best since 5D's, and this show is apparently one of his favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! installments.