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Awesome / Gunslinger Girl

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  • Henrietta's shootout with the FN Herstal P90 from Episode 1, which showcases just what the Cyborgs can do.
  • Triela's fight with Pinocchio. Its a Crowning Moment of Awesome for both characters. Pinocchio manages to match Triela until the very end, and Triela manages to defeat Pinocchio despite him being a Badass Normal.
  • Petrushka and Sandro disarming the nuke and defeating Giacomo's assistant. Sandro manages to talk him down and show off his deduction abilities to the fullest, while Petrushka manages to defeat both the assistant and his guard non-lethally.
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  • Claes standing in front of an Italian Army convoy sent it to take out the SWA. It works when the soldiers refuse to obey orders to shoot everyone in the compound.

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