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Awesome / Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

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  • Bo-bobo summoning Yugi Mutou from his afro during the fight against Halekulani.
  • Jelly Jiggler, who is the residential Butt-Monkey, reminds everyone why he was A-Block Leader when he curbstomps his lieutenant in the Emperor Playoffs Arc. Beauty and Gasser immediately apologizes to him for Underestimating Badassery.
  • Professional/Super Patch, both versions have acting much seriously than normal, and an utter badass played straight (for the most part) as he dominates his opponents.
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  • The Bobobo vs Battleship fight; involves Earth Space forces, energy draining, cardboard box armor and Nosehair alley, the fact that the animation is smoother than most episodes helps to its favor.
  • Despite having zero combat experience, Beauty refuses to betray her friends, even if that means taking on Blonde Chainey herself.
  • The Don Patch vs Poet fight. Poet has just delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to Jelly Jiggler and Torpedo Girl and is about to kill Beauty. Don Patch jumps in front of and is able to No-Sell the attack because of how stupid he is and then weaponizes his stupidity to make the rest of Poet's attacks totally ineffective.
  • A small one, but Bo-bobo's battle against the Hair Hunt Troop in Episode 13 is surprisingly cool, because there's no real gimmicks at use, just Good Old Fisticuffs (until Bobo-bo unleashes his nose hair), with Wild Challenger playing in the background.

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