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  • Episode 2: While it leads to Yuzu getting expelled momentarily, Yuzu outing Amemiya for his treachery is a truly awesome scene. Later on, Yuzu calls for the police to rescue her step-grandfather even after he expelled her. Not only does this show how much of a caring person Yuzu can be, this also earns her the Chairman's respect, and after consulting it over with Mei, he reinstates her in the academy.
  • Episode 6: The scene in which Mei and Yuzu are racing towards the airport is both stunning because of the sheer determination Yuzu possesses, as well as the scenery. This culminates in The Big Damn Kiss between the stepsisters, marking the exact moment that Mei began to fall for Yuzu.
  • Episode 8: Mei kissing Matsuri — while leading to her being blackmailed — is her way of declaring that Matsuri has no ownership over Yuzu. The English dub makes it better by having Mei declare ownership over the kiss that Matsuri had stolen from Yuzu.
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  • Episode 9: Yuzu headbutting Matsuri when she was ranting about how she had one upped Mei. Yuzu forces her to realize that relationships aren't games, which eventually leads to some character development for Matsuri.
  • Chapter 39: Yuzu confesses to her mother and stepfather that she was deeply in love with Mei...and they accept it wholeheartedly, noting that they had suspected that there was something more between the two girls.

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