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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Twilight's rampage against Edgar for kidnapping Anya.
  • Despite being a child, and thus the physically weakest part of the family, Anya is probably the most awesome out of any of them.
    • Despite her lack of book smarts, she can often show an uncanny talent for manipulating events in the family's favor, either by making observations that lead her family towards their goals, saying things to clear up misunderstandings while still coming across as an oblivious child, and throwing herself into the fray in order to manipulate Yor into indirectly helping Loid without either of them realizing that the other is an assassin or spy respectively. This has not only helped out innocent bystanders, but also led to Loid and Yor's fake marriage in the first place.
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    • One particularly great instance of this is when she reads the mind of a gang member who avoided assassination by Yor seeking revenge. When he plans to use a suicide bomb to kill her, Anya slips him up, makes a non-lethal version of the bomb he was going to use by reading his mind, and threatens him to the point where he abandons his crusade against Yor.
    • In Mission #16, after a cavalcade of failures in finding a way to earn a Stella, Anya hears a boy's mind crying out for help as he drowns in a hospital pool. She immediately excuses herself from Loid's presence, books it to the pool, and dives in to save him even though she can't lift him out. However, her presence leads Loid to the both of them, saving the child's life. This act of bravery earns her the first Stella in her entire grade, and makes her realize that she does truly have a talent.
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    • Anya defending Damian from George's attempt to frame him for smoking and attacking him. Even after how badly he's treated her she still comes to his defense. It's also implied she did this out of her own volition then her previous attempts to befriend him for the sake of Twilight's mission.
  • Yor's Mama Bear tendencies kick in hard at the end of Mission #19 when she jump-kicks a terrorist trying to kill Anya and sends him pinballing through the alleyway. He hits the walls three times before one last impact with the ground. Don't mess with Yor!
    • An earlier instance has Yor utterly obliterating a handful of thugs who attempt to kidnap Anya for ransom due to the girl wearing her school uniform; she carves through a pumpkin lobbed at her with her bare hands and seems utterly furious about the assumption she's just Anya's nanny.
  • After one of the terrorists says that he wants a war, the Handler responds with a fantastic speech, tearing apart his position by emphasizing that War Is Hell.
    The Handler: Did you learn NOTHING about war at your university?
  • Mission #22 has a pair for Loid and Yor:
    • Loid follows through on his apology to Keith's remaining dog, shooting its bomb vest off and tossing the explosive into the river despite getting bitten anyway. After everything, just his silhouette alone is enough to intimidate Keith into speeding away in terror.
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    • Yor, from a bridge, spots the fleeing Keith in his car and recognizes him from their earlier confrontation. This being Yor, she leaps off the bridge to land in the street, then kicks the oncoming car so hard that Keith crashes into a pole. Just like that, the case is closed.
  • Missions 32-33 have Twilight and Nightfall participating in a tennis tournament. Specifically a tennis tournament where their opponents have rocket-powered rackets, snipers, wind and even dividing the court itself into 36 segments that can be manipulated on the sidelines. Despite all of that, the two spies continue to adapt their play styles to every new trick they face and eventually win the tournament. The only reason they lost the first set was because they had been drugged in their waiting room and they still made a comeback.
    • The reason why they were playing in a tournament in the first place was to secure a painting with valuable intel on it. But before they can do so, the SSS call Campbell and expressly forbid him from handing away the paining. It's a minor hiccup in Twilight's plan as he disguises himself and swaps the painting with a forgery that he brought along just in case.
  • Mission #34 has one for Yor. After Nightfall challenges Yor to a tennis match, Yor swings her racket so hard that it slices the ball to pieces. On her second attempt to serve it, she sends the ball flying at Nightfall, who smashes her racket trying to send it back. Causing Nightfall to run away crying.
  • Mission 46 has one for Yor's elderly boss. He is able to disarm an assassin, interrogate him and then dispose of him without drawing any attention to himself on a crowded cruise.
  • Mission 47 is one long run of reminding the audience that yes, quirky and lovable as she is, Yor is a killing machine.
    • During the attack on their room Yor is instantly able to recognize the sound of a gun cocking and in a split second gets everyone in the room out of the line of fire. She then sends a large dagger through a closed door, into a man's head, and pins the man's head into a wall.
    • Later Yor is in a crowded ballroom filled with masked guests. In an instant she is able to detect where an assassin is, then throw a button hard enough to knock the guy out and without raising anyone's attention. A second very muscular assassin arrives and Yor grabs the man two times her size by the hands and while pretending to dance leads him away from his target. The man is completely unable to free himself from Yor's grip. Once in a safe spot she crushes the man's hands and then knocks him out before he can scream in pain.
  • Mission #58 is a two-parter focusing on Loid and Bond. The two of them end up working together to save a puppy from a burning building and foil a serial arsonist.